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  1. Sleepy Harold

    7/31 Sox vs Royals GT

    Tonmy John is Aldi brand version of TJ.
  2. Sleepy Harold

    16 added to Schaumburg squad

    That week in Schaumburg apparently did a number for his development.
  3. Sleepy Harold

    7/28 Sox/Indians Double Header thread

  4. Sleepy Harold

    Ozzie calling out Ricky's lineups

    You took the bait.
  5. Sleepy Harold

    Tigers Claim Fulmer off waivers

    You'd rather have kept Fulmer over a pitcher that was actually good last year?
  6. Sleepy Harold

    Cool/Not Cool?

    They cost $50 per so "only" a 5k donation on his behalf. It blows for other people that may have been on the fence and didn't get one, but as the old saying goes, you snooze you lose.
  7. Sleepy Harold

    Trade Activity

    Here's one.
  8. Sleepy Harold

    "Attend" a Sox game

    I can't wait to see my dog (in cutout form) at a game.
  9. Sleepy Harold

    UDFA Tracker - Signing Period has begun

    Yeah it definitely seems like they were made by the same person.
  10. Sleepy Harold

    UDFA Tracker - Signing Period has begun

    They could use some work on their photoshop skills.
  11. Sleepy Harold

    Where is Jake Burger?

    This is the first video in a series of them on Jake's twitter account (just click the tweet to see more), but it's nice to see him running (and hitting) again.
  12. Sleepy Harold

    White Sox select LHP Garrett Crochet at #11, also, he signed

    Full slot for those that may be wondering.
  13. Sleepy Harold

    Amateur Draft Signings

    Are you talking about signing the recent draft picks or players that went undrafted?