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  1. Sleepy Harold

    6/29 Games

    Walk off 2R HR by Carlos Perez
  2. Sleepy Harold

    Moncada Reinstated, Sosa Optioned to AAA

    It's just so dumb, like I understand that if Lenyn is going to be riding the bench for worse players, then yeah he needs to go back down to keep playing. But if this was the plan all along, why not just promote Yolbert when you needed an INF?
  3. Sleepy Harold

    Moncada Reinstated, Sosa Optioned to AAA

    Gotta make sure TLR can fit Leury's -1 WAR and 28 wRC+ into the lineup, NOBODY PUTS LEURY IN A CORNER!
  4. Sleepy Harold

    6.25 games

    They needed a body really, nothing more than that.
  5. Sleepy Harold

    2022 Promotions

    He's getting the early Mendick treatment
  6. Sleepy Harold

    Petition for New Banner

    Banish the Leury banner to Siberia
  7. Sleepy Harold

    LH Bat Trade Options

    I'd bet that none of the other 29 teams would regularly start Vaughn in the OF bc he's a bad OFer. Why keep putting him in position to negate what he provides on offense? He needs to man 1B/DH, MAYBE cover the OF like once a week if necessary. Coming into tonight, he's a -4 DRS in LF in 138.1 innings and a -4 in 130 innings in RF. Meanwhile, he's a 1 DRS in 51 innings at 1B (yes, sss). We need to stop jamming a square peg in a round hole.
  8. Sleepy Harold

    6/21 Games

    Ohhh that's nice
  9. Sleepy Harold

    6/22 Games

    Although not confirmed, this is the same person who had the Mena promotion
  10. Sleepy Harold

    6/22 Games

    Sosa not in the lineup for the Barons seems like peculiar timing
  11. Sleepy Harold

    2022 Promotions

    Possibly, he's just recently surpasses 400 PAs and has 370+ ABs for the barons over the last two years, so maybe they were waiting out a benchmark before a promotion. There's no real reason at this point that Ryder Jones/Laz Rivera/Zach Remillard should be an "obstacle" for much longer.
  12. Sleepy Harold

    2022 Promotions

    I'm still patiently awaiting Lenyn's promotion to Charlotte. Feels long overdue despite it not being a perfect fit at the moment.
  13. Sleepy Harold

    A Guy The Sox Should Sign IMO

    Nothing will ever top that, biggest banger in Soxtalk history IMO.