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  1. They're nice guys in person, but they seem to always find something to be up in arms about.
  2. There's now this from the Phillies Athletic guy. Says Philly is willing to wait it out, says they waited to meet with Harper since they weren't sure he'd be interested.
  3. Sleepy Harold

    FS Podcast: JJ Cooper of Baseball America on the ChiSox system

    Or make some big splashes this year in the INTL period since the cap will be off in tandem with the #3 pick. That should at least help matters some (hopefully).
  4. If you do it every day you're bound to be right eventually.
  5. Sleepy Harold

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Yeah I thought it was pretty high too when I first saw it, and it makes sense since it looks like it isn't real.
  6. Sleepy Harold

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Or maybe not I guess?
  7. Wait, so he doesn't have a source or he doesn't have the right q score?
  8. Oh for sure, that's why I think that one stood out to me so much since he was pretty forward about it.
  9. I wanna say when the Eaton trade went down Merk was the first one running with it that it was close to completion.