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  1. CubKilla

    No Obama for Opener

    Good. Who needs the headaches.
  2. CubKilla

    Staples, What's It Like to Have Them Removed?

    QUOTE (Texsox @ Mar 16, 2009 -> 10:43 PM) I have 13 of them holding my midsection together and as I approach the time when they are to be removed, I am starting to get worried. Anyone have staples instead of stitches and how do they compare? Doesn't hurt at all. Bulk of the pain might be a slight pinch.
  3. CubKilla

    Illinois Income Tax to Jump 50 Percent?

    QUOTE (mr_genius @ Mar 16, 2009 -> 08:19 PM) Cook county is kind of the same. relatively low property tax..... You're joking right?
  4. CubKilla

    Tax Private Health Benefits?

    QUOTE (kapkomet @ Mar 15, 2009 -> 02:03 PM) This right here proves that Obama doesn't give ONE S-H-I-T about the American people. That's not true. ".....Obama doesn't give ONE S-H-I-T about the....." TAXPAYING, HONEST American people.
  5. CubKilla

    Brian Anderson as a power hitter?

    QUOTE (wilmot825 @ Mar 14, 2009 -> 10:30 PM) For example: If Anderson was in center on Gavin Floyd's near no-hitter vs. the Twins, that ball hit by Mauer would have been caught. But anyways, does anyone else see him as a solid future power hitter on this club? Anderson catching that ball off mauer's bat is highly debatable even with his range. It wasn't a gimme by far. I was at that game, in LF, and that ball was slicing towards LF and away from CF big time and we all know the LF (Quentin ? ) had no chance. As is stands right now, and before ST even began, I'd like to see Brian Anderson as the White Sox Opening Day CF
  6. CubKilla

    Illinois Income Tax to Jump 50 Percent?

    QUOTE (Cknolls @ Mar 13, 2009 -> 09:23 AM) Oh maybe cut some dead weight from the state payroll, and have some pension reform with gov't employees. 1. Increase workers contributions to their pension plans. 2. Decrease workers benefits from their pension plans. 3. Increase (if they pay any) premiums for health insurance. 4. Increase state income taxes. As a State employee, I feel it important to let you know that..... 1. I am maxed out by FEDERAL LAW with what I pay into the pension plan from the last contract I worked under and my contributions come out of both my pay and OT pay checks. Further, to max me out FEDERALLY during my last contract, my raises were often not in my pocket but were sent right to the State's pension chest to shore up the State's pension system and to max me out. 2. Like with most pensions/SS, etc., most of the contributor's are living beyond in years what they contributed into the pension/SS, etc. But is the REAL problem? Could it be the State borrowing against the pension plan to pay for even more social programs and, furthermore, NOT paying their share into the pension system even after the borrowing? I'd say the borrowing and not paying their fair share has made the pension problems what they are today. No State employee has ever missed their pension deduction from their pay check. 3. My health insurance has been scaled back and I'm paying for more but less and, under the current contract I am now working under, the State can go back to the negotiating table after the 2nd year of a 4-year contract to "renegotiate" our current health insurance contributions. 4. You can only tax those that have to give MORE breaks to those who don't do a god damn thing for so long before those that have say enough's enough. I'm doing more than my part as a State employee. As someone stated earlier, I'd like a Ferrari, but I can only afford a Kia. Time for the State to adopt a similar fiscal approach because those that the government are going to further tax are those that are already being taxed too much. Oh yeah, and I hope your employer cuts your pay, asks you to pay more in medical, and tells you to start planning for your own retirement..... your's is costing him way too much after 12+ years of service to the company.
  7. CubKilla

    Illinois Driving Record

    QUOTE (Flash Tizzle @ Feb 2, 2009 -> 12:47 PM) I'm curious how long ago were those hires involving suspended licenses and a DUI? I wouldn't expect you to list the exact departments, but were they ones where conditions/pay are terrible, such as Markham, Robbins, Harvey, etc. I'd be shocked if a well-to-do suburban police department hired someone under those conditions unless they had some "juice" You'd probably be surprised but, as you stated, they may have an in. And it's also true that with the possiblility of more applicants, a dept may be able to become more selective. But it has been my experience that an oral interview is quite later in the hiring process. If you made it that far, there's probably a real desire to hire you. Just remember, if they ask, they know.
  8. CubKilla

    Illinois Driving Record

    QUOTE (Flash Tizzle @ Feb 1, 2009 -> 09:09 PM) I haven't had much respect for speed limits in my life. Not that I'm consistently driving 30 above, but at the minimum 10 over. Atleast I haven't until now. And I know the question is "how can you expect to enforce speeding violations as a police officer when you speed yourself." The obvious answer would be because on duty it's a different mindset. It's not as if I'd say "oh, well I speed so you can go free!" Of course, I'd never say that during an oral interview. That's the truth, though. I'd probably say I would enforce speeding violations as I would expect any officer to do the same to me. I figure, if worst comes to worst and I'm disqualified because of my driving record it's not anything that will affect me forever. I'm confident about everything else as an applicant aside from this. All I would need is space between my last ticket and whatever department I apply for afterwords. I'm graduating with a masters in Criminology next fall, so if I go until then without a citation of any kind then I'll be in a better position to convince someone I've learned from my mistakes. Also, listen to this logic -- the following offenses can be expunged and sealed from your record: -possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, prostitution, Uninsured motor vehicle, Suspended registration for non-insurance, Display of false insurance, Reckless driving, Retail theft .....yet simple speeding tickets aren't included. It's ridiculous to think someone with a clean driving record, yet guilty of any of the above can be in a better position than me if they have had their record expunged. Eh, nothing I can really do but drive safe from here on out. I know it's my fault in every instance, but it's never encouraging to know there is nothing you can do about something that happened in the past. Just be honest. If they ask, they know. Lying will be what would disqualify you. If they're interviewing you in person, they have an interest in hiring you and they want to see if you have integrity. Police department's aren't looking for perfection. I know a few that were hired with suspended licenses and a DUI.
  9. CubKilla

    Illinois Driving Record

    QUOTE (3E8 @ Feb 1, 2009 -> 10:44 AM) Can a police officer from one state scan a license from another state and get the information? Yes. Cops will always have access to your license status in all 50 States. Court will have a copy of the drivers abstract from the State of licensing if he/she requests a court date with most if not all or more of the info I outlined above.
  10. CubKilla

    Illinois Driving Record

    QUOTE (DrunkBomber @ Feb 1, 2009 -> 12:52 AM) It depends on a lot of things. If you get supervision they might get dropped even if you get ticketed again depending on the situation. However, if a police department wanted to they can see what youve gotten. Or I would look into getting any older violations expunged at your county courthouse. You are correct. When a police officer runs your drivers license information, all that he is privy to is drivers license status, convictions on your driving record, the date of the conviction, and any citations or written warnings issued to you over the past 1-2 years. An abstract from the Secretary of State's Office will show every ticket you ever received over the past 5 years and/or every suspension/revocation/cancellation on your drivers license, the date of the ticket, subsequent court ruling/conviction, any pending traffic citations not yet ruled upon by court, and possible suspensions pending. Traffic citations are a petty offense unless they're misdemeanors/felonies (DUI, suspended/revoked DL, Speeding over 40 MPH, etc.) No expungment needed in simple traffic. You're either convicted or not and the only way to overturn a conviction is an appeal or, after supervision, it is stricken from your driving record after 5 years and not applicable in other traffic court offenses
  11. CubKilla

    The President of the US is a White Sox Fan

    Who cares? You probably won't see Obama more than once or twice wearing a Sox hat in the next 4 years anyway.
  12. CubKilla

    Sox close to signing 2 pitchers??

    Lyon was absolutely dreadful the 2nd half of 2008.
  13. CubKilla

    The Dark Knight

    QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jan 2, 2009 -> 07:40 PM) Nothing I minded, but I did feel like I was looking at 2 different cities between BB and TDK. I'm not sure how deliberate that was, but the city in TDK just seemed a lot more modern and vibrant than the city we saw in BB. I think that was quite deliberate. I think Nolan wanted to show the difference Batman's presence made early on bridging the end of Batman Begins up to the mafioso hiring the Joker. As the movie progressed, the majority of scenes from the funeral procession on (exception: Lamborghini Chase and Gotham General) were generally at night or in the very early dawn.
  14. CubKilla

    The Dark Knight

    QUOTE (kjshoe04 @ Dec 30, 2008 -> 03:28 PM) Am I the only one that doesn't like the "dark" batman. I like my comic book movies lighthearted. I've really disliked almost every recent comic book movie with the exception of the Spiderman movies. Yes. I just saw Spiderman 3 a few days ago and I got douche-chills. The original Spiderman and Spiderman 2 were very good, but I can see where the Spiderman fans would have problems with the 3rd. The marching band playing the "Amazing Spiderman" cartoon theme, the reactions of the people in New York, Tobey Maguire being a "bad-ass" wearing the Venom suit, ugh..... I felt sorry for Spiderman fans. Comic book movies are at their best when a director takes the subject matter seriously. Having said that, any superhero dealing with crime and criminals should have a dark undertone to the subject matter for obvious reasons. Nothing's light-hearted about crime.
  15. CubKilla

    The Dark Knight

    QUOTE (Jenksismyb**** @ Dec 30, 2008 -> 12:10 PM) I got this for xmas and I gotta say, Bale's Batman is so unnervingly annoying it was really difficult not to burst out laughing. I said it before when it was out in theaters, but that deep voice he tries to pull off is just so distracting. Anytime he says more than 5 words it sounds like he's running out of breath. It was the one terrible part about this otherwise fantastic movie. I thought it sounded worse at the movie theater. I have the DVD and a surround sound system and I thought it was much more clearer than at the movies. Having said that, when you go with Nolan's "reality" take, BW would have to do some serious alteration to his voice so as not to be recognized being a Billionaire playboy. As Falcone said in Batman Begins, "you'd have to go 1500 miles..... to run into..... someone that didn't know Bruce Wayne." And Dent/Two-Face is definitely dead. Nolan said so in an interview and so has Eckhardt recently.