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    7/11 Games

    Spencer's last 8 starts 54 IP 38 H 11 BB 51 K's 2.96 ERA Hard to say I like his BB/9 going up, but I'm glad he isn't "pounding the zone" as much. He gave up lots of 0-2, 1-2 hits last year and early this season. Kid is rolling!!!
  2. Just thinking, the Sox have a great balance of hard throwing, high ceiling guys that my not have the best control and several others that have better control, less velocity and slightly lower ceilings. Lets call them 1's (hard throwers) and 2's. Which type of pitcher helps the big club most often? 1's-- How often do the 1's develop control and become the type of starting pitcher they were drafted to be? Being a Braves fan, John Smoltz comes to mind. He was pretty wild when he came to the braves, but turned it around and became a HOF type pitcher. Randy Johnson comes to mind also. But how often does this happen? By this, I don't mean become a HOF pitcher, just be a 2 or 3 starter with enough control. 2's--The inning eaters that seem to be the 3, 4, and 5 starters most often, but can develop into 1 or 2 type starters. Wainwright, Maddux, Glavine come to mind. These seem to become very good pitchers when they develop "that" pitch. A Dave Duncan cutter if you will. I know everyone likes the 1's, the Sale--12K's per 9 types, but which pans out the most often?
  3. Rduff12000

    Adams SL POTW

    Yes sir!!! Hope Spence keeps it going. He's been solid the last 4 starts.
  4. Rduff12000

    Made it to the Knights game

    Saturday night at Coolray Field (Gwinnett Braves Park). Nice to see some of the guys you read about, actually play. The game was a nice pitchers duel until Giolito ran into trouble in the 7th. Giolito sat at 91-92 (according to stadium gun). That surprised me. I thought he threw harder than that. He only got a couple of fastballs by hitters. Did not have the best command during this outing. He did have a sharp breaking slider (87-88) that got a lot of called strikes. Not sure if he was throwing a curve or a change or both, but one of those pitches was coming in at 78-80. He did have a tendency to slow his arm action every 3-4 off speed pitches. I really felt like he didn't have his best stuff on Friday, yet I looked at the board and he had only allowed 1 hit thru 5 innings. Moncada didn't do a lot (2 walks), but he just flat out looks like a baseball player. I was wishing Sims would groove one, but he was on top of his game and didn't want any part of Moncada. Delmonico was 0-4, but is a big guy with a nice swing. I could see him on a ML roster. Anyway, that's my take. Thought I would share.
  5. Rduff12000

    7/28 Games

    QUOTE (Feeky Magee @ Jul 28, 2016 -> 07:49 PM) Spencer Adams getting knocked around. What a ridiculous promotion. I'm probably alone, but I like the promotion. Take that back, I like him being with another team/coach. Not at all saying the coaches are bad at WS. I think Batista was trying to make him into a type pitcher he isn't. I just don't see him being a total pitch to contact type. Plus his delivery looks totally different. Completely. Idk, maybe that's not a bad thing??? I know he really like Perdew while he was at WS last year. I think his #'s will slowly improve. Especially the K's. JMO, we'll see
  6. Rduff12000

    Adams to Birmingham

    That's the word. Thought he would stay @ WS all season. Congrats Spence!
  7. Rduff12000

    7/6 Games

    Word on Adams is a sprain (ankle)
  8. Rduff12000

    2016 Minor League Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Mar 31, 2016 -> 09:23 PM) OD starter at W-S, I assume? Yes
  9. Rduff12000

    2016 Minor League Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Mar 29, 2016 -> 12:15 PM) Nice. Welcome to SoxTalk and we'd appreciate more updates. Yes sir. Joined last year. Enjoy the site very much. Spencer worked hard and put on 20 lbs during the off season. Named opening day starter. Look forward to following Spence and the entire Sox farm system this season.
  10. Rduff12000

    2016 Minor League Catch-All thread

    QUOTE (raBBit @ Mar 28, 2016 -> 08:25 PM) You got the hookup on Adams' brother? hah A friend of Spencer's family
  11. Rduff12000

    2016 Minor League Catch-All thread

    From Spencer's brother: Adams against Mariners high-A yesterday: 5ip 4h 1er 0bb 7k Hitting 95-96
  12. Rduff12000

    8/12 Games

    Several teams sorry they passed him by last summer :booty
  13. Rduff12000

    8.6 games

    QUOTE (southside hitman @ Aug 7, 2015 -> 09:51 AM) http://www.chicagonow.com/future-sox/2015/...-straight-time/ Recap posted. Suck it Kolek :lolhitting
  14. Rduff12000

    8/1 Games

    QUOTE (southside hitman @ Aug 2, 2015 -> 01:00 PM) Fun stat about Spencer Adams, he has five walks over his last 57.2 innings and has just 15 walks over his 135.2 professional innings. Unbelievable command for a high schooler. In comparison, Tyler Kolek had five walks over two innings last night against Kannapolis. Yes he does. Almost to a fault sometimes. I noticed he gave up an 0-2 homer this game. I would like to know what Spencers era is with 0-2 and 1-2 counts. Seems every run he gives up, he is ahead in the count. Someone will fix that along the way and he will blossom.
  15. Rduff12000

    6/30 Games

    QUOTE (NorthSideSox72 @ Jul 1, 2015 -> 09:49 AM) It's not black and white. There are reasons for it (velo drop, K loss) that can be fine - the fact that he's young and getting stretched out full-season, and the fact that Bautista is working with Adams on significant changes to his delivery. Then again maybe he lacks the strength to maintain, which is not great but seems workable. I'd call it a concern, but not a reason to jump off a cliff by any means. Just my thinking and watching Spencer pitch during school. I think he will have a solid 2nd half. He seems to always come on later in the season. He was touching 95-96 during his last couple games as a high schooler. Something he hadn't done all season. With his body, there is no reason he shouldn't gain speed or at least sit 93-94 as he grows. In a game early this season, reports was he sat at 89-90. The next game he was at 94 and had no idea why. Has to be something with his delivery or delivery in progress. Listening to the games, he seems to be working on a breaking ball. He throws it a lot with 2 strikes. Many, many of the hits he as given up has came on 0-2, 1-2 counts, so he needs to develop a knock out pitch other than his slider and that seems to be what he is working on. But, thats JMO