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  1. OmarComing25


    So in the season series against teams with winning records the Sox have now won 4 (Red Sox, Athletics, Blue Jays, Cardinals), tied 3 (Rays, Mariners, Reds), and lost 3 (Yankees, Astros, Brewers). Not too bad all things considered.
  2. OmarComing25

    8/27 Chicago Cubs @ Chicago White Sox 7:10 PM CDT

    The posts from earlier in this thread look pretty funny now that it looks like the Sox are going to be back up to a 10 game lead after tonight.
  3. OmarComing25

    Sox @ Royals 7/28, 7:10

    Whose offensive performance specifically is smoke and mirrors? The Sox don't even really have any overperforming offensive players outside of maybe Engel and Sheets and they've had a fraction of the total PA of the team this season.
  4. OmarComing25

    7/20 Gamethread: Keuchel vs. Ober

    Would have preferred to just bring in Hendriks to face Donaldson in the 8th, and then if he has an easy inning let him go 2.
  5. OmarComing25

    And that's a well pitched f*** the 'Stros 4-0 White Sox Winner!

    This series showed why its critical not to step off the gas despite the big lead in the division. The Sox haven't played so well against good teams on the road, but have won series against Toronto, Tampa and Houston at home. Hanging on to that #1 seed could end up being the difference in the playoffs.
  6. It seems like front offices believe this too, as even the highest paid managers barely make more than a bench player.
  7. OmarComing25

    GT 7/1 Twins @ White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Ah hadn't realized they'd clawed their way back into contention.
  8. OmarComing25

    GT 7/1 Twins @ White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Another OF option on a blazing hot streak right now is Schwarber. Also has a 140 wRC+ and would cost less as an impending free agent.
  9. OmarComing25

    GT 7/1 Twins @ White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    Prime Adam Dunn at the plate with Gallo's defense is an elite player. That'll more than do.
  10. OmarComing25

    GT 7/1 Twins @ White Sox 1:10 PM CDT

    He has a .388 OBP, nearly 3 WAR and a 140 wRC+.
  11. OmarComing25

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!

    Also #1 by a decent margin in SIERA. Despite the hiccups it’s clear this bullpen has still been very good.
  12. OmarComing25

    6/15 Rays @ Sox, 7:10 CT

    Leury actually has a 100 wRC+ going back to the start of May and a 131 wRC+ in June.
  13. OmarComing25

    Rays @ Sox, 6/14 7:10 ct

    Lol, you are easily the most reactionary poster on this site and that's saying something.
  14. OmarComing25

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    Those are definite concerns but they apply equally to if not more to all of the other AL contenders. No one on Tampa, Toronto, Boston, Cleveland, New York (sans Cole), Oakland, or Houston (sans Greinke and maybe McCullers) has that dependable history where you can be very confident about them in the playoffs. And I'd argue we're still in better shape in regards to this than most or maybe all of the contenders in the AL.
  15. OmarComing25

    The Makings of a Juggernaut?

    The Fangraphs odds have the Dodgers at the highest chance at 16%. The Mets are 2nd at 12% and the White Sox are third at 11%. The Astros and the Padres are the only other teams in double digits at 10.5% and 10%. That seems about right to me.