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  1. OmarComing25

    Arizona Fall League - Running Thread - Opens 10/9

    He was facing Whitley today too.
  2. OmarComing25

    Cubs Open to Trading Kris Bryant

    Title of the article seems very clickbaity, all Theo said was that he doesn't believe any player should be untouchable if the right deal comes along, which makes sense. That doesn't mean he wants to trade Bryant.
  3. OmarComing25

    James Shields

    Its main purpose is to avoid having your backend starters facing the top of the lineup a third time through the order when they're probably going to get hammered.
  4. OmarComing25

    9/21- Cubs vs Sox, 3:10

    Bringing the heat that inning.
  5. https://www.fangraphs.com/scoutboard.aspx?draft=2018updated&type=0&pos=all&team=all&page=1_100 Eloy - #3 Madrigal - #19 Kopech - #24 Robert - #27 Collins - #66 Basabe - #83 Adolfo - #87 Cease - #95 Dunning - #96 Burdi - #116 Hansen - #130
  6. OmarComing25

    Hahn confirmed: No Eloy in '18

    It seems like the Sox are taking more heat for keeping down Eloy than the Blue Jays are for keeping down Vlad, or does it just seem that way because of local coverage?
  7. OmarComing25

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I honestly think the vast majority of players take the $350 million offer, $20 million is still a lot of money to turn down.
  8. OmarComing25

    8/30 GT - BOS @ CHW; Porcello vs. Giolito 7:10pm

    The Red Sox fans were gushing over Gio’s 2 seamer in that gamethread. It’s also amusing seeing all the usual negative gamethread comments you see here even for a team that is 50 games over .500.
  9. OmarComing25

    8/30 GT - BOS @ CHW; Porcello vs. Giolito 7:10pm

    Giolito looked as good as I’ve ever seen him that inning against three great hitters.
  10. Statcast supports this too. He’s 4th among all OF this year in Outs Above Average and was third last year. Statcast doesn’t account for the arm though, and it’s clearly a big weakness.
  11. OmarComing25

    Giolito is saving his season

    To further bring home the point, only 4 teams have a 5th starter in that range, and 2 of them (Red Sox and Cardinals) should barely count because they haven't had a dedicated 5th starter all year, it's a spot that has been shared by various guys throughout the season. Also Eduardo Rodriguez hasn't pitched in nearly 2 months and Porcello's ERA is just barely in that range so I'm hesitant to even include them. Very few teams are even going to end up with a 5th starter pitching over 100 innings.
  12. OmarComing25

    Giolito is saving his season

    That would make him a top 60 starting pitcher going by the 2018 season. Might be a bit much of an ask for the 5th starter.
  13. Outliers go in both directions. Also it’s not like there’s only a couple really bad hitters significantly dragging down the averages. The true outliers aren’t affecting the average as much as you think.
  14. For your average baseline you can’t just ignore everyone at the bottom, then it’s no longer an average.
  15. That doesn’t make sense. You’re separating relief pitchers and starters when their jobs are FAR more similar than position players’ are. The job of a catcher or SS is significantly different than a 1B or LF. You also continue to argue against yourself. You admitted yourself that good hitting middle IF or catchers are very rare. Good hitting first basemen are a dime a dozen. Hence the big difference in value.