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    Gomez: Sox, Eloy nearing $100 million extension

    I just read that thread and damn you're right there were a lot of horrible takes there. I can't believe so many people are putting so much stock in 26 Spring Training plate appearances, such a stupid argument.
  2. OmarComing25

    Personal opinions on Sox rebuild pieces.

    Even including the other rounds he's still probably top 5 from that draft.
  3. OmarComing25

    Personal opinions on Sox rebuild pieces.

    Round 4, pick 124
  4. OmarComing25

    KW: "It's a shame" the Sox are being portrayed as cheap

    Really feels like the only reason I’m still a Sox fan right now is because of Stockholm Syndrome.
  5. OmarComing25

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Machado supposedly didn't want to play on the West Coast until the Padres offer was clearly the best. I think it's the same for Harper and Philly. He just hasn't gotten the offer he wants yet, IMO it's that simple. He'll go to the top bidder unless the offers are very close.
  6. OmarComing25

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    I feel they would almost certainly lose to a grievance claim if they did that, there's absolutely no way they could possibly justify keeping him down another season. Plus it's just a really scummy thing to do. Keeping him down this long already feels wrong. But this would be on another level. Are there any precedents of teams keeping guys down for two seasons after they're clearly ready?
  7. OmarComing25

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    I have a bad feeling that we'll end up throwing a lot of money at an already declining Bumgarner next year, I want no part of him.
  8. OmarComing25

    Nolan Arenado to sign extension with the Rockies

    It seems there's too strong a bias against Coors in HOF voting, just look at Larry Walker. His HOF chances were probably better if he went elsewhere and showed he could still hit. Really happy for the Rockies though, it's cool when stars stay.
  9. OmarComing25

    2/25 CWS vs. SFG

    What is he usually at? 89-90?
  10. OmarComing25

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Hard pass on Sale next year. He already tends to break down/tire out at the end of the year, do you want to bet on that improving into his 30s for the money he'll command?
  11. OmarComing25

    Let's talk about player development

    This makes me wonder about Flowers. He improved his framing drastically while he was here. Was it due to anything the White Sox did or was it more Flowers doing it himself?
  12. OmarComing25

    Hahn on 670 Tonight

    He was at least right that the Sox don't need to overpay to bring in FA, 10/300 for Machado is not an overpay in the slightest and got it done. The big problem is that the FO somehow thinks it's outlandish.
  13. OmarComing25

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    Sadly probably 2006.
  14. OmarComing25

    Moustakas to Milwaukee

    This is why I don't like bWAR and prefer fWAR. By fWAR Moustakas was nearly a win better. DRS just gets too funky at the extremes.
  15. OmarComing25

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    I'm pretty "meh" on the Narvaez trade myself, but at the end of the day we're talking about a guy who had the same xwOBA in 2018 as Aaron Altherr and who despite having a 122 wRC+ at a position that is starved for offense was so bad at framing that BP thought he was replacement level.
  16. He's at worst the 2nd best, Grandal is the only one who really has an argument over him, and that depends on how valuable you think framing is.
  17. OmarComing25

    PECOTA: 70-92

    PECOTA has the Cubs at 82-80... Really?
  18. OmarComing25

    **2019 Water-cooler Thread**

    I've been watching a bunch of Spanish/Mexican shows on Netflix to practice my Spanish, one show I found really fun is Club de Cuervos. It's about a wealthy family that owns a soccer team in Mexico, one of the better sports TV shows I've seen. It's got a lot of good acting, drama and humor (I particularly like the main character Chava). 4th and final season just dropped last weekend.
  19. OmarComing25

    Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil

    2018: xwOBA of .387 and wOBA of .376 2017: xwOBA of .395 and wOBA of .416 2016: xwOBA of .353 and wOBA of .343 2015: xwOBA of .415 and wOBA of .461 His "unlucky" seasons weren't actually that unlucky. His 2017 and 2015 seasons were relatively much more lucky.
  20. The drop in innings isn't just about saving their arm, it's because a fresh reliever is more effective in the later innings than a tired starter. Also back in the 80s only a handful of relievers threw really hard, but now every team has multiple guys throwing high 90s that they can turn to. So it's not just trying to keep the arm fresh you can also blame analytics.
  21. Both of these statements are wrong. Last year our position players didn't crack 10 WAR. Steamer also currently projects 16 WAR from our position players without Machado. With Machado it'd be ~20. Add in Joc and it's ~22.
  22. OmarComing25

    Dodgers Sign AJ Pollock, 4 years $55 million

    Good deal but not sure I'd call it a huge steal, Pollock is 31, can't stay healthy and outside of one season has been more OK than great.
  23. That is my point. Their playoff roster was far from being a super team yet they still came within a couple plays of winning the World Series.
  24. I'm just talking about the 2016 playoff iteration of the Indians though. That version of the team was hardly a force. They weren't any better than Oakland last year.