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  1. reiks12

    8/15 Games

    no video of Roberts bomb?
  2. reiks12

    8/15- Sox at Angels, 9:07, NBCSC

    having to watch mlb.tv is brutal right now. Its a whole game of Benetti making wise crack jokes. The worst part is you can't hear Ozzie during this inning and its him just being awkward not even talking about the game. Christ..
  3. reiks12

    The rumors were (partially) true: Collins to AAA

    i have a bad feeling Collins will be traded this offseason
  4. reiks12

    Noisy Ballparks

    Live? Give me some beer and im good. Tv? Not a fan
  5. reiks12

    7/21 Games

    I wonder what his struggles at A+ were all about
  6. reiks12

    7/21 Games

    Promote the man!
  7. reiks12

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    this team is dog shit right now, wow.
  8. reiks12

    Sox @ Royals - 715pm CT

    little league team
  9. reiks12

    7/17 Games

    Why is Robert getting a day off? They just had a break.. and he has only played in what, 4 games? Is there a reason why they are coddling him like this? Is he banged up?
  10. Its the Cooper effect, have your pitchers throw 5mph slower than what they are capable of
  11. reiks12


    Serious question, why doesnt he steal more? I thought he was a 40sb type of threat?
  12. reiks12

    Luis Robert

    It would make more sense to bring him up soon to learn at the mlb level so that he van go into the offseason with fixing tweaks in mind. I get the year of control argument, but we have a chance to make some serious noise next year. If this was last year I wiuld be for holding him down, but meaningful baseball is soon, very soon.
  13. reiks12

    7/12 Games

    Id love to see the ev of that hit
  14. reiks12

    Luis Robert kills it in his first game in AAA

    If he dominates July just call him up in August. I think having 2 months of MLB experience will do wonders for next season when we are a legitimate dark horse for the AL central and/or wildcard.
  15. reiks12

    7/11 Games

    Give Robert two weeks at AAA and if he does well call him up.