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  1. reiks12

    Great Expectations

    Is it luck if it involves the same injuries and for multiple years?
  2. reiks12

    Great Expectations

    They really need to retool. Tell TLR he is going to call it quits after this season. Find a manager from outside the org, maybe the AA or AAA coach in the Astros system. Something like that. Get a hitting director to find an analytical approach that can be taught at all levels of the minors. Do the same for pitching. Replace all the "stats are for nerds" FO guys with analytical ones. Replace Getz with someone who understands both. Fire Duncan for someone who actually took a math class before. Trade Abreu, Pollock at the deadline. Get what you can. Listen on offers for Giolito. Assess the trainers, what the fuck are they doing? Not doing? Fire Menechino twice and Howie yesterday. Take a pillow and smother Jerry while hes sleeping. Call it a natural death. See if Cuban wants to own a baseball club. 2023 would look bright if the above happened.
  3. He wanted to keep Leury fresh for when hes up in a big spot in the postseason.
  4. If this is true i nominate it for the post of the gamethread.
  5. reiks12

    Oscar Colas Story (Is this true?)

    Could this just be the pains of minor league life and being away from home for what, 4 years? Id feel like a damn slave too living like that
  6. reiks12

    Shane Riordan's interview with Rick Hahn

    He lurks here 100%
  7. reiks12

    Sox trying to get Moncada more aggressive

    If its a physical issue then hopefully with rest and the right conditioning he can get back to that. Hes what, 27? I really hope thats the case because the dude should be in his absolute prime
  8. reiks12

    Offensive Stats Update

    If it isn't important then why are top analytics teams trying to steal away the Astros minor league hitting coaches? Why do the Twins have multiple hitting coaches? Why is big money being spent by the Yankees, Dodgers, Astros, Giants, Braves, Cardinals, Red Sox (perennial contenders) on guys who can coach hitters to follow an organizational hitting philosophy?
  9. ouch, hes just not who you want up in these situations i guess
  10. we shut them down after a good offensive inning! WE ARE BACK
  11. Love how the Japanese adverts come up when Ohtani steps in