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  1. reiks12

    Tony or Ricky

    picked TLR since he has been able to see what has been going on in front offices. Maybe he is more convinced on analytics. Still dont want either of these two.
  2. reiks12

    Offseason Targets

    The Yankees are reportedly cutting payroll, this is going to be a brutal offseason for free agents.
  3. reiks12

    Managerial Candidates List

    I would bet my house on TLR not becoming manager, this is absurd
  4. reiks12

    Managerial Candidates List

    Stone is pushing hard for Hinch on Twitter
  5. reiks12

    madrigal has shoulder surgery

    i obviously meant after his comeback... he must have hurt it again no?
  6. reiks12

    madrigal has shoulder surgery

    I wonder when he got hurt conisdering he had a great season
  7. reiks12

    Cooper also out

    Doesnt even look like the same pitcher, delivery, breaking stuff, pop... so happy cooper is gone
  8. reiks12

    Managerial Candidates List

    Hinch would be great with us, i dont care if the cheating in houston went under his nose it wouldnt be happening here
  9. reiks12

    Crochet's arm fine

    I wonder if that was just due to the nature of his warmup that game
  10. reiks12

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    true that
  11. reiks12

    Don Cooper appreciation thread

    I will always be thankful for what he did for the bullpen, quintana, and the 2005 crew. Everything else, not so much.
  12. hopefully moving on from cooper and renteria and towards a coaching staff that embraces analytics and new age shit
  13. reiks12

    An honest question about Vaughn

    Abreu will likely get an extension in a couple years
  14. reiks12

    Crochet's arm fine

    It IS good news that its taking this long for an announcement because they announced Kopech's the next morning I believe. This makes me feel they are just monitoring his arm. In any case there is no difference if they wait until spring training for the surgery since it will still result in a lost year anyway.
  15. Sox have to be the best looking team in MLB