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  1. reiks12

    When people say the Sox deserve no credit for trading stars....

    That Chris Archer trade looks like an absolute turd. It would have been amazing if we gave them Rodon for those two.
  2. reiks12

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    I took that as back to twitter, not the club
  3. Had to take a breather after typing that rant out. Im good now
  4. reiks12

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

    He is becoming the best announcer in baseball. I know some people here disagree with that but if you go over to /r/baseball and mention him you will have tons of people from other teams comment about how good he is.
  5. How are the defensive coaches still here? Capra (I think) has been working with Anderson and made him worse. During the season he was having him practice acrobatic throws, jump throws, and throws from sitting down. What Anderson wasn't working on was developing a solid fundamental base. The result was a putrid defensive season. Going back to the Semien discussion, the A's actually employed a defensive guru in Washington. Look what that did for Semien's performance and development! To those that say coaches don't matter I would suggest you look up what Ron Washington has done for his teams defensively. It is also so worrying how this organization discredits analytics. We could amass all the talent in the world but until we learn how to properly develop players and coach from rookie league to MLB we will ALWAYS be behind teams like the Astros, Yankees, Rays, A's, and Twins. They will supplement their teams on a yearly basis. Cooper needs to go as well but we all know that. Honestly it wouldn't matter who they replaced him with because its a rotten system. Hearing Cole and Verlander rave about how the Astros had them change their pitching just makes me so jealous because we are stuck with this org and outdated philosophy. Our ace pitcher had to return to his HIGH SCHOOL COACH to reach his full potential. How can we compete with teams that are in 2019 when we are stuck in 1985?
  6. reiks12

    2019 ZiPS Projections

    Zips BTFO
  7. reiks12

    Hahn SOTU

    it hurts, it hurts so bad
  8. reiks12


    we need Leury and his 688 OPS in the leadoff spot getting the most atbats possible.
  9. reiks12

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Vaughn for Pederson? Who hurt you?
  10. reiks12

    Cause for concern on offense?

    Im more alarmed thisbis the norm in the minors. So so SO worried.
  11. Does he have a HS pitching coach he can go back to?
  12. reiks12

    9/22/2019 White Sox v. Tigers

    Can someone tell Cordero he looks like a tool with his sleeve tucked in?
  13. reiks12

    9/22/2019 White Sox v. Tigers

    Just another passed ball by Castillo, teehee
  14. reiks12

    9/22/2019 White Sox v. Tigers

    Lopez looks terrible