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  1. reiks12

    Rays to Sign Avi

    If the Rays are after a player it means something. Watch Avi turn into the player we all thought he could be.
  2. Posted 7 minutes after Rosenthal. Was he your source?
  3. reiks12

    One more reason to dislike Trevor Bauer

    Anyone find it funny that she didn't even know who Bauer was? Typical Astros bandwagon fan 😂
  4. I actually strongly believe the reddit user hidinginyourmomsbasement to be either katyperybootyhole or wetbutt23. I just have the feeling. This is it boys, strap in! its happening tomorrow!
  5. reiks12

    Vegas has '19 Sox at 74.5 wins

    vegas knows we are getting one of the 2
  6. If 7 for 200 million is the best offer then why offer more? He can wait all he wants for 300 million he wont get it if its not even close to being offered.
  7. Everything he said was the truth, just read this tread
  8. Are we really giving that tweet any thought? Really?
  9. Yaaaaawn can this end already
  10. If the nationals story is true he would have signed by now
  11. reiks12

    Sox still in the running for Harper/Machado

    There needs to be a FA deadline, this is brutal
  12. reiks12

    Building a 2005 World Series Champion

    if our pitching didnt shit the bed in '06 we would have won 100+ games that year
  13. reiks12

    Let's buy a contract (Ideas)

    If we fail on Machado I would be happy if we went after Seager. I think last year was a fluke for him edit: didnt think his 2017 was bad but thats when he started to decline.. still would like him if the trade is right