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  1. reiks12

    Engel hurt again, Tepera progressing

    Man of Glass
  2. reiks12

    White Sox playoff position tracker

    Very good chance the Astros overtake the Rays for the 1 seed.. Who would you guys prefer?
  3. reiks12


    Congrats to the guys, they fought through some terrible injuries.
  4. reiks12

    What will it take to wake this team up?

    I would like to see a playoff lineup on the field for the remaining games to get in a groove. I just looked over at the Astros games and see their guys consistently in the lineup and they have been mashing the ball.
  5. reiks12

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    2021 isnt over yet
  6. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    According to this stat page: https://www.teamrankings.com/mlb/stat/last-3-innings-runs-per-game We are the 3rd worst team when it comes to scoring from the 7th-9th inning. We average only 1.09 runs
  7. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

  8. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    Just saying this team hasnt shown the ability to fight back, be it bullpen or offense. I really wish I had the record im sure someone can provide it. Only the Diamondbacks are worse from what I remember
  9. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    Whats our record after trailing from the 6th inning on? I think we have 1 win, maybe 2.
  10. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    If I was an Astros fan I would be very very happy right now
  11. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    0 focus on this team, so infuriating
  12. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    Now he brings in Bummer, what great managing
  13. reiks12

    GT 9/21: SOX @ DET, 12:10

    maybe TLR should just forfeit the remaining schedule since winning isnt important to the team
  14. The Cubs got their revenge.
  15. reiks12

    9/20/21 White Sox @ Tigers 5:40pm

    19 IP for Kimbrel this year, 12 ER