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  1. OnlyGillis

    NCAA basketball thread 2016-17

    QUOTE (Chisoxfn @ Feb 27, 2017 -> 11:39 AM) This Iowa team has been bumpy, but man they have surprised me. Huge win against the Terps and while they have had their losing streaks, including getting swept by the Illini, they continue to respond. The young freshmen came up huge against Maryland. I love their freshmen and sophs. They played really well when Jok was hurt so I wouldn't be surprised if they contend for first next year.
  2. OnlyGillis

    Sox vs Cubs ST game thread

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Feb 27, 2017 -> 03:32 PM) And moncada goes down swinging at three pitches. He's picked right up where he left off in September. I'd love to know what he hit against curve balls in AA as a lefty since that is supposed to be his strong side..
  3. OnlyGillis

    2016-17 NHL Thread

    Minnesota has a decent amount of games in hand but 3 games in the next 4 days. Nice travel schedule.
  4. OnlyGillis

    NCAA basketball thread 2016-17

    QUOTE (SoxPride18 @ Feb 26, 2017 -> 11:01 PM) Illinois has Michigan State at home and Rutgers on the road left. If they can win those 2 games, that puts them at 19-12 and 9-9 in conference. If they can win 1 in the BTT, they could very well get in the tourney I don't think they'll take 8 from the Big 10 even though 8 or 9 are good enough to go. Illinois is in the high 50s right now. If they win the last 2, they'll probably be in the 8-9 game and a win won't buy them much there.
  5. OnlyGillis

    Sammy Sosa still has an uncontrollable ego

    QUOTE (SoxAce @ Feb 21, 2017 -> 12:49 PM) http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/1873295...rn-chicago-cubs PEDs, lying to Congress, and now comparing his situation to one that Christ encountered. The man is an embarrassment.
  6. OnlyGillis

    Teams have upped their offers in Q derby in the last week

    QUOTE (heirdog @ Feb 21, 2017 -> 03:00 PM) Charlene Tilton?!? Lucy Ewing of Dallas fame? Be still my heart.
  7. OnlyGillis

    No more 4 pitch intentional walk

    Now the game will be over at 10:23 instead of 10:24. I feel much relieved.
  8. OnlyGillis

    Sox taking it slow with Rodon during ST

    QUOTE (chitownsportsfan @ Feb 17, 2017 -> 02:20 PM) This thread is pathetic. So much idle speculation.
  9. OnlyGillis

    Spring Training notes thread

    QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Feb 17, 2017 -> 02:24 PM) You're right in that regard, but Schwarber looks like he has a clue as to what he's doing out there, even if there are severe athletic limitations. Garcia is as lost as anyone could ever be, other than maybe Lastings Milledge. He has yet to pull a Canseco and bounce a ball off his head for a HR.
  10. OnlyGillis

    Predict Thy Numbers: Alec Hansen

    Which one of you guys went to see her ....
  11. OnlyGillis

    "How the White Sox win the World Series"

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 16, 2017 -> 08:41 AM) Just send me your $20. I'll take better care of it. I hope your printer works.
  12. OnlyGillis

    Spring Training notes thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 16, 2017 -> 02:56 PM) Dan Hayes ‏@CSNHayes 44m44 minutes ago Don Cooper hopes last season was an aberration for James Shields: "He still has the stuff he needs." #WhiteSox
  13. OnlyGillis

    Spring Training notes thread

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Feb 16, 2017 -> 11:02 AM) Now if they honored him and gave him one of those jersey's with his number on it... With half of his number cut out?
  14. OnlyGillis

    Spring Training notes thread

    QUOTE (miracleon35th @ Feb 16, 2017 -> 12:29 AM) Cubs are planning on using Schwarber in LF (LOL) and as an emergency catcher behind Contreras and Montero. I don't think the Cubs need to make any trades but after seeing Schwarber boot some balls in ST they might conclude that the best thing for Schwarber's career is to trade him to an AL club. I'd like to see the Sox make a pitch for him if things turn in that direction. Never trade with Epstein. It seems like he always gets more than he gives up.
  15. OnlyGillis

    "How the White Sox win the World Series"

    I wasn't sure if I was reading a story about 300-1 odds or a story with 300 "ifs", but if I was driving through Vegas, I'd lay $20 just for the heck of it. Leicester City won the EPL at 5000-1 odds last year so 300-1 is no big deal.