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  1. Imagine Eloy making an impossible surprise return on Memorial Day Weekend, complete with Cena entrance theme music and the crowd shouting "APPLE JUICE!" or whatever.
  2. He stumbled rounding second and staggered forward from there, and still nearly beat the throw.
  3. I think only once the Rays and A's are settled as to their stadium futures will we then see an expansion to 32.
  4. Hamhock

    Engel agrees to deal

    Don’t overlook Eaton’s other potential use, which is to passive-aggressively lecture the clubhouse about “what Skipper wants/says”, while shaking his head, folding his arms and staring at the floor.
  5. Hamhock

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Missing the space between “La” and “Russa”, too...
  6. It being his second DUI negates that defense; though it's past the threshhold of use in determining sentence, it's still relevant to display a pattern of negligence.
  7. I'll assume neither, and go with "advisory at the beginning of the call, asking for scope of questions to be limited to Abreu's season".
  8. Hamhock

    Robert Gold Glove

    Not to tamp down the LOLz, but it’s Rawlings’ decision/fault, not MLB.
  9. Hamhock

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Yes - this is absolutely what happens; you prep a bunch of free agent possibilities Photoshopped into your uniform, or make graphics celebrating titles you don't win, players you might draft but don't, etc. Bad timing and fortune, but nothing nefarious.
  10. Rawlings announced the nominees for the 2020 Gold Gloves; amongst them were these: Yasmani Grandal C James McCann C Danny Mendick 2B Yoan Moncada 3B Luis Robert CF Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 3 at 6pm CT on ESPN.
  11. Hamhock

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Joke prediction: La Russa gets hired; Stone then tweets: "As you may recall, Tony managed the Cardinals against the Astros during the 2005 NLCS."
  12. Hamhock

    Nick Madrigal

    Nick is British slang for jail/prison. Madrigal is a specific type of song. Jailhouse Song.
  13. Hamhock

    White Sox @ Royals - 9/6/20 - 1:05 CT

    An easy half- measure would be to play an echoey Hawk recording over the stadium P.A. system when there’s a home run, like the Phillies do with a recording of Harry Kalas’s “Outta Here!”
  14. Hamhock

    Yolmer back!

    As long as he's not hitting anywhere above 8th in the batting order. In 2018 he hit 2nd 96 times, and led off 15 times. Fortunately in 2019, he most commonly batted 8th.
  15. Hamhock

    Yolmer back!

    My only concerns are more general in nature, and not necessarily specific to Yolmer: A tendency to return to what's familiar over trying something new/different; Carrying too many of these types of players on a roster; The person filling out the lineup card who reflexively keeps playing them, or worse, batting them high in the lineup