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  1. Hamhock

    Sox Pride Club discontinued for 2018

    Several MLB teams have reduced or eliminated their online fan clubs over the past 5-6 seasons.
  2. Hamhock

    JR now on MLB executive council

    Considering the JR's original objection to Manfred being Commissioner was that he didn't think Manfred was hard enough on the MLBPA during previous CBA negotiations, what do you think?
  3. Hamhock

    SoxFest First Time---What to Expect?

    QUOTE (Springfield SoxFan @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 09:44 AM) Anyone know of the secondary market sells passes for tonight or anyway to get a pass for tonight? To my knowledge, there is no Friday-only pass - it's only as part of the Weekend Pass, which is reserved for hotel package buyers.
  4. Hamhock

    National Anthem

  5. Hamhock


    Second inning, usually.
  6. Hamhock

    Sox Pride Membership

    You get a member email sent to you every month that contains the list of games for the following month (which you choose on the usual Single Game tickets page on whitesox.com) and your membership code number that you enter on Ticketmaster to get your discounted Lower Box offer.
  7. Hamhock

    Will Brett Lawrie be Non-Tendered?

    He just tweeted again: So my guesses are either he's attending terrible positive-image seminars, or that he's in the midst of a peyote-fueled vision quest.
  8. Hamhock

    Logo changes...

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Sep 29, 2016 -> 08:11 PM) The Sox invited me to Guaranteed Rate Field for an NIU game via advertisement at the Sox game the other day. The sign had the downward arrow on it. Did the logo itself have "Guaranteed Rate Field" in it, or was it just the Guaranteed Rate logo?
  9. Hamhock

    White Sox Listening on Sale

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Aug 1, 2016 -> 11:20 AM) George Ofman ‏@georgeofman 6m6 minutes ago Chicago, IL It appears there will be no deal for Sale between Sox and Sox. Things though, could change. That is the most worthless tweet.... two simultaneous bet-hedges.
  10. Hamhock

    Chance The Rapper +8 others concert @USCF

    QUOTE (soxfan18 @ Jul 26, 2016 -> 04:06 PM) Did anyone get the Black List code? Didn't see it in my Inbox. Email goes out tomorrow morning, I heard...
  11. Hamhock

    SoxFest Event Thread

    QUOTE (Buehrle>Wood @ Jan 28, 2016 -> 02:28 PM) Is there Friday single day passes? No; Friday is reserved for hotel/weekend package buyers.
  12. Hamhock

    Soxfest Updates

    QUOTE (lasttriptotulsa @ Jan 12, 2016 -> 08:42 AM) You are reading way too much into a couple of random tweets in which he is obviously being sarcastic. I'm sure one of two things has happened. Either they simply forgot to add his name to the list or he has yet to commit 100% to attending. There is no logical reason to not let him attend. Agreed; if anything they'd be delighted to have more team members who interact with the fans there like Eaton does.
  13. Hamhock

    Abreu Contract Status

    Ryan Howard is an interesting example for comparison purposes. In his first year of arbitration in 2008, he won and got $10 million (the Phillies offered $7 million), up from $900,000 in 2007. In 2009, they were about to go to arbitration again (Howard's bid was $18 million and the Phillies was $14 million) before the Phillies blinked and signed him to a 3-year $54 million deal.
  14. Hamhock

    Domonic Brown?

    QUOTE (Eminor3rd @ Oct 20, 2015 -> 11:26 AM) That correlation won't hold up in court, my friend. Luckily, it doesn't need to!
  15. Hamhock

    Domonic Brown?

    I'll say this much about Dominic; his one very good season (2013) directly coincided with Wally Joyner being the Phillies assistant hitting coach, and Wally worked extensively with him throughout that year. When Wally left the Phillies at the end of 2013, so did Dominic's production.