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  1. This team is legitimately capable of losing 120 games.
  2. aryzner

    Sox at Oakland 2:35 CDT: Fulmer versus Triggs

    Holy s***, a run scoring single.
  3. aryzner

    4/16 Sox at A’s

    Aaaaand time to go to bed. Goodnight.
  4. aryzner

    4/16 Sox at A’s

    This is so White Sox of them to do nothing against a guy who's been knocked around by every other team he's faced this season so far. This literally happens every year. It is a constant.
  5. aryzner

    Rays @ White Sox 4/11/18 1:10 PM

  6. aryzner

    Rays @ White Sox 4/11/18 1:10 PM

    How stupid can this team get? Seriously.
  7. aryzner

    Rays @ White Sox 4/11/18 1:10 PM

    Same s***, different year.
  8. QUOTE (harkness @ Apr 5, 2018 -> 10:26 PM) yolmer has 3 good games and all the sudden according to Hawk he is the next ian kinsler... and people falling for it. Hey maybe he has got it figured out.. but.. yeah its like waay to early for all of this. I mean he did have a -0.1 War last year... 3.5 bWAR last year -0.1 in 2016
  9. aryzner

    **Game 2 of 162: Sox at KC Thread**

    QUOTE (Jake @ Mar 31, 2018 -> 06:44 PM) The WGN strike zone graphic is ludicrously wrong. They must have known it, too, because it's gone now.
  10. aryzner

    Esteban Loaiza arrested (Drug Kingpin?)

    I look forward to the rosin bags being tested for their integrity all season long.
  11. aryzner

    2017 All-Soccer Thread

    4-time World Cup Champions Italy have just missed out on the World Cup. Sweden going, Italy out. If USMNT players think American criticism is bad, that's nothing compared to what these Italian players will get from their media.
  12. aryzner

    NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers

    Zachary Kram‏ @zachkram 7m7 minutes ago More Darvish is the first pitcher to draw a bases-loaded walk in the playoffs since 1977, and only the 7th ever. https://twitter.com/zachkram/status/920486838787174400
  13. aryzner

    NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers

    Just about every Justin Turner AB this series has been really impressive. Man, what a tough out he is.
  14. aryzner

    NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers

    Some people are angry at Puig for having fun. Then he tweets this: https://twitter.com/YasielPuig/status/919418124692209664 LOL