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  1. pmb0928

    UDFA dreamin'

    Cross Gavin Williams from ECU. He said he is going back to ECU. Came off Tommy John and only had 3 innings this year, throws 98 with a ton of upside. Seen him pitch dozens of times, can be a 1st rounder next year.
  2. I think you keep Collins at AAA and if he continues to improve then he becomes a more valuable trade piece, especially as a catcher. If he becomes so good you have a good problem on your hands. You can keep him or trade Mccann for some help. No reason to rush, its not like he tore it up yet and is some rising prospect. I think you would sell on the cheap now with minimal bargaining power since teams know we are just dumping him.
  3. pmb0928

    Rebuild: Phase 3 has officially begun

    I was thinking exactly the same thing. HAHA
  4. pmb0928

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Or has someone banging a trashcan behind the dugout to let him know what pitch is coming
  5. pmb0928

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Its crazy to think we are arguing about possibly acquiring too many talented players that we need to get playing time. We should be embracing this as it gives our prospects time to actually be ready to be in the majors and not rushed. It makes us competitive and actually having a shot at the playoffs. And it gives us some options come the trade deadline if we need to make a final push. For the last 14 years we have been selling off scraps for the future because we were out of it. We have been playing the coveys, saladinos, tilson's every day. This is a great change. Go out and get all the talent you can get and actually attempt to play for now and not the future.
  6. pmb0928

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    Someone wake up Hahn from his coma
  7. pmb0928

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    I have learned to never count on Carlos Rodon. Maybe Giolitto has spent the offseason learning to be ambidextrous and will hold down 2 of the 5 spots. One day he is a LHP, the other a RHP. Better option than Covey. Seriously we should take a flyer on a fizzled prospect who was just in a bad situation. Jeff Hoffman for instance. Was going to be the #1 pick until TJ surgery at end of Jr year in college. Comes back and goes fairly quick through the minors and gets traded to the Rockies. Awful for any pitcher. He is up and down so many times he needs a change. He would be up 2 or so starts, then sent down, then in the bullpen, then back down. I know he was not happy the way he was handled and would love to get out of there. He would cost next to nothing. He can hit 98, has some control issues but the raw talent is there, just needs to learn how to pitch. Could be an Arrietta type.
  8. pmb0928

    Sox acquire Nomar Mazara for Steele Walker

    Castellanos who many on here love was a .6 WAR through his 24 year old season. Calhoun had 25 ABs in the majors through his 24 year old season. Ozuna 5.8 WAR through his 24 year old season. 4.4 of that was in 1 year at the age of 23. His 24 year old season was .5 WAR, worse than Mazara's Mazara is 1.8 WAR through his 24 year old season. It is pretty reasonable to think that Mazara will improve on that number. I like the trade because you didn't give up much at all. Steele Walker is not going to be any better than a 4th outfielder most likely. He is doing OK at 1 year younger than Mazara and he was still a few years away. He is not that big so he wont have big power either. Now the Sox still need to make some moves for a SP and RPs. If they don't then this trade doesn't matter anyway.
  9. pmb0928

    How to Handle Kopech in 2020

    If stupid parents and youth coaches would quit letting their kids pitch all summer we would have players that didn't have arms destroyed so young in their career. I run a PT and OT clinic in a outpatient hospital. These kids go year round now and its abuse. But that summer travel ball championship is important.
  10. pmb0928

    Anderson leaves game with apparent injury

    Palka is doing very well at AAA with a good OBP. Watched Mendick struggle at the plate when I saw him this week but he made some ridiculous plays at 2nd base defensively. He had 3 or 4 over the 2 day series. Kid can play some defense. Your other options are Escobar and Goins who are both hitting well at Charlotte.
  11. pmb0928

    Jacob Scavuzza

    I saw where the sox signed him after being released by the Padres. He was with charlotte and saw him play monday and tuesday. He is still young at 25 and hits a ton of HRs but seems to strike out a lot and not walk. He has 14 hrs this year already, had 26 last year. If he could only learn to not strike out so much he has a powerful swing.
  12. pmb0928

    Favorite Personal White Sox Player Interaction

    I will second Tyler Flowers. My son who was 10 at the time and I flew to chicago to catch 2 games. They had a extra inning game and Flowers was the last guy to leave. He saw my son at the fence leaving the parking lot in his car. He motioned to go to the end of the barricade and meet him there. He pulled over his car, opened the door and signed for 2 little kids. He looked beat but he still took the time to talk to them for a minute. Also, that same trip Alexei Ramirez was pulling out in his ferrari or something, saw my son with his sign for him, stopped his car and motioned for the attendant to bring him the ball. Opened up his window and pointed to the sign with a big smile. Adam Laroche stopped also. Eaton and Abreu and Melky flew right on by. The best in the minors was Carson Fulmer, he was great, spoke for a few minutes and took a few pictures. Also, this week it was Thyago Vierra who was so personable.
  13. pmb0928

    Sox sign Hector Santiago

    Went to see the Knights play the Bulls last night and today for a father son trip. Met a lot of players, had a great time but we lost both. However, Santiago looked very good today. Went I think 5 innings with 1 run and only let up a 3hits. He was 91-94 the whole time and had good control with 1 walk and 7 k's. Looked a lot better than the garbage we roll out now at the major league level. Detwiler threw on Monday but was pulled after 2, didnt look very good out there honestly. He would be more garbage.
  14. pmb0928

    Collins getting called up

    The real question is Can he pitch?
  15. pmb0928

    Yankees vs White Sox Father's Day Gamethread

    Never thought I would say this but.. I can't wait for Dylan covey to come back. It's that bad