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    3/23 Sox - Dodgers

    Albeit a small sample size Yoan is striking out about the same as his career averages all through the minors. However, his walks were way up as was his average. Again, not sure if it will carry over but 11 walks and 45 ABs is good compared to ST 2 years ago with 3 walks, 39ABs. Historically he has been 1 walk to every 6-8ABs so if that improves you have a much higher OBP which will lead to more runs and he has speed on the basepaths to have his SBs go up to 25-30,
  2. There you go thinking the Sox wont screw up a first round draft pick. I have no faith in our drafting whether its top 5 or #20.
  3. I say the sox sign Adam Jones, Keuchel and Kimbrel and see what happens. They are never going to shell out for a major star. You would have a great bullpen, decent starters and a young offense. Sign Jones for 1 year, keuchel for 2 or 3 and same with Kimbrel. You still dont have a huge payroll, in the low 100 millions and you could trade some guys off later to cut payroll. It bridges the gap for the younger guys to develop and come up when ready and you can be competitive in a weak division. Its not like we need to save 30million per year for a Trout type player because we will never sign them.
  4. pmb0928

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I feel like Phil Connors in Groundhog Day every day when I come to this board.
  5. pmb0928

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    When my son who was 10 at the time went to a sox series with me all the way from NC there were 3 guys who really stood out. Adam Laroche stopped his truck and signed for my son and another boy. Tyler Flowers stopped his car and waited for the kids to come all the way down past the fence, opened up his door and signed around 1AM after an extra inning game. And my son had a Alexei pick to click sign and Alexei saw it and stopped his ridiculous sports car and rolled down the window and pointed to him to get him the ball. He got the parking attendant to get it to him. It was really cool. Abreu just ignored us for 20 minutes while he talked and then left. Adam Eaton sped as fast as he could past the kids as did Melky. There were only 2 or 3 kids there so they would not have had to spend much time. But honestly I cant say they were bad people. I am sure they have signed for many. Only guy was Abreu who stood 10 feet from all the kids and then just left. Would have taken him 1 minute.
  6. pmb0928

    What is the ceiling for Manny Banuelos?

    Michael Jordan, a noted white sox fan was asked about what Manny's ceiling was and he offered his thoughts.
  7. pmb0928

    Sox Sign Chris Johnson to MiLB Deal

    Not sure how 1600 all purpose yards and 12 touchdowns is a trash year. Maybe when compared to the greatest RB all purpose year ever, But he was still a top 5 fantasy back that year. And avoiding contact was pretty smart, he stayed healthy for 7 straight years and didn't miss a game.
  8. pmb0928

    The Future of First Base

    Sheets is such a big guy its strange about his power. It took him 21 games this year to hit a HR, then he hit HRs in back to back games, then another 25 games or so and he hit 2 in a game. Then another 40 games until he hit another. I sat right behind the on deck circle for a game agains the Down East Wood Ducks and couldnt believe he had so few HRs with that size. He did become a favorite of mine as a friend said "Wake Forest sucks" to him and he turned around and said "Guess you couldnt get in there." With a big smile on his face. He got my friend laughing pretty good. He had a great personality so I am pulling for him. Maybe it will click. He hit 21 his last year at Wake.
  9. pmb0928

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    Im going with page 376
  10. pmb0928

    Sox trade for Yonder Alonso; Alex Call to CLE

    Dont overlook the importance of this. Machada is known to be an avid reader. A lover of the classics.
  11. pmb0928


    Don't forget all the money we haven't had to spend on replacing throwback jerseys.
  12. I was at the game last night and he hit a HR that just cleared the fence in left center. He has a long way to go but definitely should get to AA the end of the year or beginning of next. He has mendick above him in AA who is having an OK year. Jose Rondon in AAA
  13. pmb0928

    Yermin Mercedes

    Saw him play tonight and he is a big boy. Hit a no doubt HR to LF where the left fielder didnt even move. His 10th of th year. Not sure why he hasnt moved up.
  14. pmb0928

    8/4 Games

    I attended the winston salem game tonight in Kinston, NC. Got to see Madrigal. Madrigal is small, but he is so quick with the bat. Nobody stuck out tonight, Gavin Sheets is a big boy and was fun to talk to. Had box seats right at the on deck circle. My buddy said Wake Forest sucks and Gavin turned around and said, "You couldnt get in there could you." He was a good sport. Didnt hit worth a darn. Has a slow swing in my opinion. Robert, Adolpho not playing. Rutherford looks like he is getting bigger compared to last year when I saw him. Has 6 HRs now and you could possibly see some power coming from him with his body type. Lincoln Henzman pitched well but must have been on a pitch count or something. Seems to throw 3 innings per game and Pulled in the 3rd despite only letting up 1 run.
  15. pmb0928

    FS: Draft Prospect Profile - 3B Alec Bohm

    I saw this kid in person this year and he is a big tall boy with some room to fill out. He stood out physically as a man amongst boys and I saw him jack a HR against ECU. Looks to have all the tools offensively and he is just a big solid guy. Wouldnt mind getting him but I am no scout.