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    04-17 Games (Beck, Adams, Flores, and Henzman)

    QUOTE (KrankinSox @ Apr 17, 2018 -> 09:13 PM) I'm not sure who I'm more excited about right now between Adolfo and Basabe but it's a good dilemma. Both guys look great so far in 2018. Went to the WS game tonight. Stayed through the 7th inning. Flores had 1 really bad inning where he let up 4 runs. Overall, he has potential. Adolpho is huge. Didnt have a hit tonight but he looks the part at the plate, cant believe how big he is, the guys I was there with thought he looked like a tight end for an NFL team. Rutherford had a hard grounder down the third base line for a double. Basabe hit a bomb to right center for a HR and he looks bigger this year and he hit the ball hard. Yermin Mercedes hit a blast to left for a HR, nobody even moved after he hit it. It was an absolute shot. That guy looks like a fire hydrant, biggest quads I have ever seen on a player.
  2. pmb0928

    04-17 Games (Beck, Adams, Flores, and Henzman)

    Ill be at the winston salem game tonight vs the rangers affiliate Down East Wood Ducks. Got box seats. I will give an update late tonight.
  3. pmb0928

    2018 MLB Draft

    QUOTE (fathom @ Apr 13, 2018 -> 09:22 PM) McClanahan with a very rough start. Seems like his velocity was down. As for Bohm, he continues to rake. One thing to keep an eye on is he seems to be making a lot of errors of late. I wanted to go to that game, I have season tickets to ECU but had practice for my 12 year old AAU basketball team tonight. ECU roughed him up bigtime. 3 inn 6 ERs Chris Holba pitched against him for ECU and is rising up the charts for the draft. 8-0 with a 1.52 ERA right now. 46 Ks in 53 innings. Scouts are at all his starts now. One other ECU player for the 2019 draft is Bryant Packard. He is hitting .414 with 9HRs so far this year as a sophomore. 23-43 since he came back from a back injury with 7HRs. I have never seen a guy so dialed in. 6'3" and 210 lbs so he has good size already.
  4. pmb0928

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 20, 2018 -> 02:59 PM) No, that is for teams that exceed the luxury cap. They also lose $1 million in their international bonus pool. Our payroll is at 65million, at some point we might have to sign somebody. This could be a good price, its not like it takes away our financial flexibility over the next few years.
  5. pmb0928

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Feb 20, 2018 -> 02:14 PM) I think they definitely would if they think there is a legit chance of being contenders in 2019. Completely agree with you. If you think you have a chance you go for it, you don't worry about a 45th pick. Realistically what are the chances of that pick being a better player than Moustakas? Pretty slim. And if you keep the pick you have a few more years to potentially get the player into the majors if at all. Everyone loves draft picks but if you lose a pick in order to potentially compete for a championship then you do it every time. The Astros didn't worry about picks and prospects when they went after Verlander because they knew it could win them a world series. You have to have some balls once in a while.
  6. pmb0928

    Indians removing Chief Wahoo

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Jan 29, 2018 -> 01:55 PM) Like everybody said they had to get rid of the logo. They ought to change the name of the team. Times change and unfortunately for them it's very offensive to many. It is just not worth the headache to them. Reality is people choose to be offended by everything. You choose to be offended by words, cartoons, books, tv shows, jokes, other people, etc. And then you have nothing better to do than make sure the world knows you are offended. As a Satan worshipper that loves the color red, I think its about time someone did something about Duke University.
  7. QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Jan 26, 2018 -> 12:16 PM) I feel like they need 2. Yep, Brewers need James Shields. That will put them over the top. Make the call Hahn
  8. pmb0928

    Brewers nearing trade

    QUOTE (wrathofhahn @ Jan 22, 2018 -> 05:52 PM) Yeah, I just checked Braun contract and he has a no trade. He is someone who could actually play LF this year before transitioning to DH but it's hard to see him accepting that role moving from a contending team to a rebuilding club. I could see Braun wanting to come to the white sox. He is under contract til 2020. Do the brewers have a better chance at winning the world series in that time or do the white sox? There is also a mutual option for 2021 which if he is playing well he might want to stay and the sox would want to keep him. He would have a few years in our window. It depends on how he views the situation. Honestly, do we want him as he had a very average year last year.
  9. pmb0928

    Winter Meetings 2017

    Prediction: Charlie Tilson injures himself stepping up on a curb. He retires and goes down as our Moonlight Graham with just a couple more at bats.
  10. pmb0928

    Welington Castillo to White Sox

    He threw out 49% of attempted basestealers last year, tops in the AL.
  11. pmb0928

    Sox vs KC 9/24

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Sep 24, 2017 -> 06:24 PM) Very happy you are not the Sox GM Agree completely. So many top 50 prospects amount to nothing, every year it happens. You have a all star who is a solid teammate who is going into his prime right now. Why in the world would you trade him? You need a few veterans to help these young guys.
  12. pmb0928

    Yoan just hit a homer!

    QUOTE (soxforlife05 @ Sep 14, 2017 -> 04:59 PM) I think Carson Kelly is doable. Hasn't set the world on fire with his call up. You mean you dont want to trade a 26 y.o. All Star OF going into the prime of their career for a career .250 minor league hitter who has 9 MLB hits so far and is only 3 years younger. Not to mention Avi is a good teammate. Lets put it into perspective. Today Avi got 55% of the total hits that Kelly has in his MLB career. Seems like a really good trade idea. What we need to do is give Avi a decent 4-5 year deal and wrap him up for the prime of his career.
  13. pmb0928

    08/23 Games

    QUOTE (fathom @ Aug 23, 2017 -> 08:57 PM) Good end to the night for Yoan and Timmy Louie Lechich is having another nice season since being converted to a pitcher. 2.10 ERA in High A ball with a 1.1 ratio.
  14. pmb0928

    Uh, there's a game going on: Twinkies @ Sox 8/23

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Aug 23, 2017 -> 09:18 PM) Leury had a terrific, all around game. If there is 1 guy that has just shocked the hell out of me this year and who I want the Sox to keep around it is Leury. I honestly thought he would never stick on a ML team. He hit .200 over 3 seasons had 2 HRs and 16 RBIs prior to this year in over 300 ABs. It is awesome what he is doing this year, add in the fact he plays excellent defense at multiple positions.
  15. pmb0928

    8/21/2017 Twins @ White Sox

    Mike Trouth hit .220 in his first year which was 40 games and had a .281 OBP.Trout was 20 years old at the time. Yoan is 22. Still very young. Trout struck out 1 of every 4 ABs Yoan is at .182 with a K about every 2.2 ABs. But his OBP is around .325