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  1. 3rd time a charm with bases loaded?
  2. Single to right, 1 out, moncada jogs to 3rd. No chance to send him. We then don't score.
  3. Bases loaded 1 out. 25% chance of score
  4. 2 on, 1 out. 20% chance we score
  5. Cut moncada, guy plays with zero desire. No drive, no emotion. Goes through the motions. Bench him a week and send a message
  6. How bad of a managed team are you that you give teams third base so they won't steal your signs. Tony is damn useless. Maybe change your signs up
  7. pmb0928

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    Zavala please. Seen enough of Grandal
  8. pmb0928

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    We have dumb players. If we are patient Valdez might not even start next inning. We bail him out.
  9. Maybe if our guys were not a threat to go on the DL every time they sprint to first we would be ok. Eloy runs hard 1x and he was close to coming out of the game. How can pro athletes not be able to sprint 90 ft? Can you please condition yourself to run the bases?
  10. Why not bunt? He cant hit. And bregman was so deep with shift in
  11. First game back from injury also. TLR is a old fool
  12. pmb0928

    Flying in for a couple games, need info

    Well we picked the right game for her first game. On our way to Chicago. Verlander vs Cease. Picked up 2 tickets right next to sox dugout, 8th row. Tickets were going on stubhub the last 2 days so should be great crowd. Some of you mentioned skylark which sounds good. How close is that to the stadium? Walking or uber? Taking red line in early. And when do gates open for sox games? Thanks for all the advice, staying in mag mile area.
  13. Sox are good at arguing strikes that they dont think are strikes even though the computer shows them to be strikes.
  14. Not really, down 3 runs a SF does nothing