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  1. mharkins

    Tim Anderson Batting Average

    Tim Anderson is obviously having a breakout offensive season, while routine execution and situational awareness seem to allude him, often (seemingly) at the worst possible times. That said, it is incumbent upon us to (not excuse, but at least, minimally) account for how (comparatively) late Timmy is to baseball. How soon we forget... Remember, TA7 was a gifted high school (HS) basketball player who only “Began” playing baseball as a HS junior. Conversely, his (baseball lifer) international and US contemporaries had already been fully immersed (often from time they could walk), in all aspects of baseball (including the rules and culture), for 10 years (or longer) than he had when first taking up the sport. Given his extraordinary athleticism and work ethic. I have no doubt that TA7 can (and will) continue to refine (and neutralize) the remaining weaknesses in his game. I (for one) am excited (and intrigued) to witness TA7 as he emerges, from this offseason, even if only slightly better at; limiting his aggressive plate approach to pitches in the strike zone, willingness to accept a few more BBs, establishing the correct arm slot (and rhythm) for more consistently executing routine throws to 1B, improved situational on base (and hitting) awareness and execution, etc. TA7 is neither a typical; 26 yr old baseball player nor a textbook (late blooming) MLB all-star. He is an exciting work in progress, with extraordinary upside in all facets of his game (even as he presently continues to make White Sox games more exciting and as TA7 battles for the AL Batting Title.)
  2. Introducing Billy “New Juice” Hamilton.. chemically enhanced for expanded production.
  3. It’s time to send Herrera to the IL. He is obviously far too (adversely) affected by his back strain to be effective, at this point in time. After this appearance, in eight (8) May outings, Herrera’s ERA is 17.05 in 6.1 IP, with 12 ER, 15 H, 6 BB, 5 K, 3 HR and a 3.32 WHIP. This move should be a no brainer.
  4. Moncada crushed the ball with an exit velocity of 104 mph. I would consider that as having more than “no chance”
  5. mharkins

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Any minor asset that management hoped they would secure, from potentially trading Castillo by the deadline for a (stab in the dark, lottery pick) prospect, is moot at this point. He is impeding critical White Sox pitcher development, each day he remains on this team.
  6. mharkins

    Sox @ Twins 5/24 Gamethread

    Without his juice enhanced offense, Welington Castillo not only becomes worthless, but is actually a detriment, to the young White Sox pitching staff. Let’s face it, James McCann is the antithesis of Castillo in virtually every way possible. Tall, fit and athletic vs. short and stocky, with slow reflexes. One works tirelessly on flights (studying opposing hitters for the next series and prepping well thought out game plans)... while the other has a seemingly generic, mindless approach, intended to minimize his need to move behind the plate. McCann has decent but improving framing skills vs Castillo’s framing mindset that seems to revolve around a “less (movement) is more, framing is optional” approach. Please Allow me to be extreme in this vent: Beef is a toxic (rotting carcass of a) catcher... poisoning the team as he stunts the critical development of the young Sox pitching staff. Thanks for indulging me.💫
  7. mharkins

    April 10 Gamethread 1:10pm first pitch

    The (age old, time proven) concept of coming out of the shoot (1st inning) with the game plan of keeping opposing hitters off balance seems to be a foreign concept to Lopez (and, as the one calling the game, Castillo... and by extension Rentaria/ Cooper). Changing; eye angle, speed, and ball movement is far more important than repeatedly attempting to throw the fastball at maximum speed. MLB hitters feast on a steady diet of 95-97 MPH fastballs. Compare and Contrast Glasnow’s approach vs. Lopez’. It’s like night and day.
  8. mharkins

    2/23 ST Games, split vs. LAD and OAK

    Moncada is 2 for 3 with an RBI. Nice first ST game so far.
  9. mharkins

    What to do at the Trade Deadline

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jul 17, 2016 -> 04:00 PM) If anyone answers stand pat... I am giving a "qualified" sell vote. On the surface (and in a vacuum), selling players with the most potential to deliver the best possible return seems like the only reasonable approach for the front office to take. That said, given their track record of targeting athletic, but fundamentally flawed, position players (possessing 1-2 above average and 2-3 substandard tools), I don't have much faith in the White Sox organization's ability to secure and develope young mlb (or near MLB) ready position playing talent.