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  1. wegner

    7/18 Games

    It's interesting that they called him a 1B in that article. I figured he was always an OF.
  2. wegner

    7/18 Games

    I was actually thinking about him earlier today and wondering why the Sox did not take him especially with their past history of drafting relatIves of staff members.
  3. wegner

    7/18 Games

    Oh no, are we gonna see his "no warming up" ass on the South Side again this year?
  4. We want to give Cordell an extended look so it wouldn't be fair to bring up Robert now.
  5. wegner

    7/18 Games

    I expect him to be a doubles machine when he takes over in RF in 2021. He will be able to spray the ball around the field and also turn on some balls for HR. He might just not have the power many want in a RF but I'm looking for a 1-9 lineup that puts the pressure on opposing pitchers with no let up.
  6. wegner

    7/18 Games

    Anybody else wanna get on my Steele Walker bandwagon? There's plenty of room for more!!
  7. wegner

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    25th+ guy...he will probably be back in the show when someone gets hurt to fill in. I like him, probably because he's a lifelong Sox fan, but he is what he is and not more. I hope he likes Charlotte or Omaha or whatever AAA affiliate he plays for the majority of the rest of his career. Then let him come home when he retires and take over for Mike Huff at the Bulls/Sox academy.
  8. You know what, I get wanting the extra service time out of Robert and keeping him down because if he does what he can, you are looking at superstar money that the Sox will probably not pay. Plus, money wise he does not really have a complaint with the bonus he was paid. But Madrigal will not get superstar money, so let's bring him up now and get him acclimated to the Major Leagues. His glove will play now, he would be something to watch the rest of the year, and Yolmer can watch over the Gatorade jug just in case we win another game.
  9. wegner

    Charlie Tilson Optioned to Charlotte

    Someone saw him at O'Hare and Charlie said "how the hell did I get here?"
  10. wegner

    Tilson optioned

    Engel might get another Gold Glove nomination with all the homers he gets to rob with this pitching staff.
  11. wegner

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    "Jicama, huh. That's an interesting choice from the root vegetable family. You ever have a Jicama, Stoney?"
  12. wegner

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    I just want to say something positive, so I think the Sox still win this one!!!
  13. wegner

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    I seem to remember if we won out our last 4 games before the break, we would have the same record as the Cubbies....I dreamt that right?!??
  14. wegner

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    I don't deny that, but you have to admit that the offense has been pretty craptastic since the All Star break as well.
  15. wegner

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    Until we start hitting, maybe it should not be called the heart of the order....maybe the spleen or the appendix?