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  1. wegner

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Any hate stems from that love my friend. And by hate I mean frustration. I hope to have much less frustration this off season.
  2. wegner

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    I always enjoy your enthusiasm Poppy. 1-9 a great combination of obp, speed and power should be coming our way soon. Now go sign some pitching Rick!!
  3. wegner

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Bat Madrigal #2. Robert will hit so many lead off homers that Madrigal can still bat with nobody on and nobody out anyway. 😁
  4. wegner

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    And those kind of stupid games has me skeptical about this upcoming off season....but I'll hope for the best.
  5. wegner

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    MLB.com had a little story today listing the longest homers hit by each team since 2015. Avi Garcia was the owner of that for the White Sox and Rays. So I wondered again why did the Sox not offer him a 1 yr deal to play RF. They sure as hell weren't interested in pursuing Harper. Did they really think Jon "running in quicksand" Jay was a better option?!? I guess my point of saying this is that i do not have the confidence that the "money will be spent" until I see it and get the taste out of my mouth from the clown show from last off season. Use that damn "unprecedented financial flexibility" and shut me up and I'll be happy.
  6. 1st game of many where Eloy, Yoan and Engel all homer in a game....wait there's something wrong with that I'm just not sure what
  7. Is Steve Stone Yolmer's agent?
  8. I love Eloy...."the game is over there." 😄
  9. wegner

    2020 RF options

    Thanks. I did not see the play. But I did see the game last night and honestly the way Leury was playing the OF he might have done the same thing. I'm sure Goins feels pretty bad about it. Reminds me of my little league career...I was a 3rd baseman but sometimes they would throw me in the outfield and I once came in on a fly ball that was actually a home run.
  10. wegner

    2020 RF options

    I missed today's game, but I'm thinking Ryan Goins is not a good option for RF next year?
  11. wegner

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    They had that coming. That September was almost a horrific nightmare, but turned into a glorious October!!
  12. wegner

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    Playing spoiler for the Tribe...me likey.
  13. wegner

    9/5 Sox@Indians gamethread

    I see he isn't in the lineup....good