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  1. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    Name calling is not pretty...you are better than that Ray...no reason to call the man a Shrew 😎
  2. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    You lit a fire under me 59th street...I just called customer service at WOW and the young lady told me there was no change in premium at this time to add the Marquess of Queensberry network. Hopefully it stays that way. Hell I would prefer a discount for having another channel that I have to actively avoid.
  3. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    Since it is news to me as of today, I do not know yet. I will look into it with them and see if I will be getting charged extra. I have a pretty basic package currently and sometimes they just add channels without charging extra ie. they added BBC America last year but my bill did not change. When I know more about this changing my bill, I will get back.
  4. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    Crap...thanks for the bad news Moan. Yet they still won't carry TruTv so I miss some 1st round March Madness...but I digress. Any news on them signing Kaplan? 😁
  5. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    I actually had forgotten the Cubbies signed David Ross as manager until I saw the other day that he had the flu. I had a nice chuckle remembering that move. If they finish in 3rd or 4th in the division this year, I am sure the Cubbie fans will lose thier love for old pappa Ross.
  6. wegner

    Reinsdorf makes money off Cubs network

    I have WOW cable and they currently are not carrying the Marquee Network...please let that continue and as a bonus, I would appreciate the Marquee Network signing Dave Kaplan so that I can truly avoid him in the future. Thanks, I'll hang up and listen.
  7. wegner

    Sox @ Royals | 2:05 PM CT | KTXR 1660

    Engel is a former AFL MVP if I am remembering correctly?
  8. wegner

    Sox @ Royals | 2:05 PM CT | KTXR 1660

    He will struggle 6/14/2020 when he hears before the game that his dog, Loki is sick...Loki will recover....Andrew goes 2-3 the next day with 2 walks a double and 3 run homer. But that is mere speculation on my part.
  9. Robert took off like a rocket out of the box...that speed, power combo is gonna be fun to watch!!!
  10. wegner

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    I think I'll stay away from the gamethread....on second thought, it might be very entertaining...fire away boys!!
  11. wegner

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Lock up Moncada and the Abreu deal looks better and better....Thanks Jose!!
  12. wegner

    Sox add 2021 option on Leury’s deal

    Anyone else looking for an extension? Rick Hahn will be in his office until 3:00 today. After hours, please leave message.
  13. wegner

    Most Memorable Sox Game You've Attended?

    White Sox vs Red Sox marathon game where we tied it with a run in the 9th...tied it again with 2 in the 11th...and won it in the 19th inning. The most memorable thing about that game is that I was there with a huge Red Sox fan who was supposed to meet his family at a block party afterwards. His daughter had asked him when he would be there and he actually told her he didn't know because the great thing about baseball is that it never ends in a tie and it will keep going until someone wins....and he stayed the whole game 😁
  14. Time to pump the breaks on Robert being on the opening day roster...."In Center Field and leading off....Gorkys Hernandez!!!"