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  1. wegner

    "Attend" a Sox game

    If I pay $149, can you put my cutout in RF for an inning?....I'm sure Robert can cover that ground for 3 outs
  2. 1984...Scott Fletcher has an awful game I am attending where he fails at the plate more than once and commits an error to blow the game and generally ruin my evening....I hate him to this day!!!
  3. Well, teams often like to make a few changes after a World Series victory so I expect the White Sox to make some moves to go for the back to back championships in 2020-2021.
  4. wegner

    2020 Schedule

    The leaked Cubs schedule shows the Cubs playing the Sox the last 3 games of the regular season. How great will that series be if both teams are in the playoff hunt!!! 🍻
  5. wegner

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Maybe the Sox will put a picture of the Windy City Limo guy wearing his M&M jacket in his regular seat.
  6. wegner

    Masur to replace Ed Farmer in booth

    Welcome. I love that 76 logo!! ps....Is this Andy?
  7. I see your point but I really want them to go all in this season....my nephew bought me a White Sox win the 2020 World Series betting slip last Christmas and I'm Greedy!!!
  8. Bring him up. Immediate dividends. I love it!!
  9. wegner

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Any timeline for when the schedule will be announced?
  10. wegner

    Sox planning on having fans present in small amounts

    Would we be able to tailgate on the concourse? While socially distancing of course.
  11. wegner

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Just my 2 cents here on the resuming of baseball. I have been conversing with a good friend of mine who lives in North Carolina. We are are on opposite ends of the spectrum politically plus he's a huge Cubs fan but we both love the grand old game. I had told him how excited I was for the season and that Summer without baseball just did not feel right. He responded that he agreed and although he usually tried to avoid cliches, he thought we NEEDED baseball right now. So imho cue the James Earl Jones "people will come" speech from Field of Dreams and let's get this season going!!
  12. wegner

    Masur to replace Ed Farmer in booth

    I would love to have Wills back to call Sox games. He was the best post game host imho. That being said, Masur has been good when he has filled in so I have no problem with the move. Speaking of Dave Wills, I looked up his info and saw in college that he also worked for SportsPhone, a call-in service that provided one minute of sports scores and updates for Chicago. Haha, I had totally forgot about Sportsphone until I read that and said "Oh Yeah, I remember calling into that to get scores." Times sure have changed since my first flip phone.
  13. wegner

    Sox planning on having fans present in small amounts

    Save me a seat in the upper corner of the upper deck. Think any beer vendors will head my way?
  14. wegner

    2020 60 game sprint to the finish

    Yes, I was thinking more about moving a guy down in the lineup, not necessarily benching them. Unless we have someone putting up Chris Davis-like 0-fer numbers.