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  1. wegner

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    Katz fixes them both and we go to a 6 man rotation to keep everyone fresh for the playoffs 😎
  2. wegner

    Luery Garcia

    Unfortunately that someone is often Leury if my memory serves me correctly. Don't get me wrong, he is infinitely more valuable than he looked to be for a couple of years after getting him from Texas.
  3. The White Sox have had so many awesome hat designs. My wife thinks I own too many of them....I think she's wrong. 😎 Big fan of '47 brand caps these days.
  4. wegner

    2021 Most likely to...

    Eloy... Anderson....Moncada
  5. Just turned on the game to see a couple of shitty at bats by Burger and Adolfo...and a plethora of paper cut jokes....but glad baseball is back 😁
  6. wegner

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    The $ will be spent....in San Diego
  7. wegner

    2005 World Series Memorabilia

    Fell in love with that Jacket when I saw Ozzie wearing it at the parade...and the love of my life bought it for me that Christmas....she's the bess!!!
  8. Thanks...Someone appreciated it....that's good enough for me. 👍
  9. I expect Jose to get to that 1.8 WAR based on his games at Wrigley alone this year
  10. Hard Carl might lose $$ on this deal in that case 😎
  11. Does this include a bonus if he retires any batters in the post season?
  12. wegner

    La Stella to the Giants

    Agreed....I might need to call it a night though with talk of Mazara again....what fresh hell is this?!?
  13. wegner

    La Stella to the Giants

    I am excited to see what Katz can do but would certainly like more options. I know it's not gonna happen but I keep hoping for a short term deal with Bauer....it would make us a team to beat.