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  1. wegner

    Sox vs. Arizona March 20th 2019

    Just to refresh my memory... Alex Avila did suck in a White Sox uniform, right?
  2. I kind of like the stadium in Charlotte so I don't mind
  3. wegner

    Optimistic Fan Thread

  4. I hope that fans do not get on him if he struggles a bit at first. Congrats to Eloy...now just have some fun crushing the hell out of baseballs on the South Side for years to come.
  5. wegner

    Optimistic Fan Thread

    That giveaway sweatshirt Steve Stone was sporting during last night's broadcast looked quality...yes I did watch much more of a preseason game than I probably should have...I did enjoy seeing Leury Garcia run all the way from Center to catch a ball in Left right in front of Rondon (it reminded me of the guy in the original Bad News Bears that would catch everything in the outfield)
  6. wegner

    Kimbrel in discussions with Brewers

    Yep, they seem to make good moves with the talent that they have...free agent wise and through trades
  7. wegner

    Kimbrel in discussions with Brewers

    Ok, you have the choice to trade for the Brewers front office or the Brewers owner...which do you choose?
  8. wegner

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    I guess Rick and Kenny can stop scouting Trout's relatives and friends.
  9. Does Eloy have another little brother that we can sign? That seemed to placate him a little when he wasn't called up at the end of last season. 😁
  10. wegner

    Have we hit bottom?

    I am not counting Jay and McCann as players to target when you are serious about being competitive. Nova should be a decent innings eater and veteran presence. It seems that you do have to overpay to get good bullpen arms. Listen, I wish the Sox would be in on the bigger free agents but clearly they will not be and I am done with hoping that they will. I am not going to start rooting for another club so I just hope that a strategy of targeting the right guys to work with a younger core that is going to need to be good works. I do agree with you that this was a crappy offseason.
  11. wegner

    Mlb experimenting with rule changes in independent league

    I think if they are going to use a robo ump it should be Bender from Futurama...that would be entertaining as hell. Maybe R2D2 on Star Wars night.
  12. wegner

    Have we hit bottom?

    I think this season's record will be better just because the pen is improved. I do not expect them to be much better than a .500 club in 2020 and then vying for the playoffs in 2021. I do not expect the Sox to be players for any of the big free agents but I do expect them to be in the hunt for the next level down players that can help fill out a nice roster. I hope if that is the route they take that they will be aggressive early in the free agent season with a little more than market value approach to sign them quickly before other teams start heavily bidding on them. The less than stellar free agents are getting shorter term deals these days and that is right in the Sox wheel house...unfortunately.
  13. wegner

    Sox Claim Josh Osich

    I don't want to hear anyone on this site complain about attendance again...our AAA affiliate draws great and those players will be here someday and bring their fans with them
  14. wegner

    Sox Therapy Thread-Enter at your own risk

    Fornication Night?!? That might be one that The Hawk would come back to call..."You know who was the best fornicator I ever played with Stoney?"...