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  1. wegner

    MLB caught Cano. Why can't it catch Nelson Cruz

    This is the same kind of baseless rumor that used to be leveled against the East German Olympic track and swimming teams. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  2. wegner

    Yonder Alonso Retires

    I bet mid life crisis swoops in at the last minute and grabs him instead.
  3. wegner

    Sox hire Cairo as bench coach

    Will you be Hankerin' for Hoerner then?
  4. wegner

    2020 NBA Offseason Thread

    Toppin goes 8th to the Knicks...boy I sure would have loved to see if my alma mater could have made a run with him during March Madness...alas 2020 had other plans for us all.
  5. wegner

    Soxtalk Trade Value Poll

    I voted Kopech as most willing to trade, and was surprised to find 5 others (at the time) that also made that choice.
  6. wegner

    White Sox Radio Headed to ESPN 1000

    It was so frustrating to adjust the antenna to just when I got a good reception, then it would all go to crap as soon as I took my hand away from the antenna.
  7. wegner

    Jose Abreu wins 2020 AL MVP

    Celebrate Abreu's Amigos...Enjoy!!!
  8. wegner

    Offseason Targets

  9. wegner

    Offseason Targets

    I endorse this message....as long as there is $$ left over to sign Bauer
  10. wegner

    Sox hire Ethan Katz per WSD

    To be honest, I kinda thought it was some kind of joke that Giolito was fixed by his high school coach. I didn't realize he was actually a bonified mlb qualified pitching coach. My bad. With that being said, if more knowledgeable folks around here say it is a good hire, terrific. Now go sign that guy that just won the NL Cy Young award.
  11. wegner

    Offseason Targets

    Used to love the way Harry Carey would pronounce Rod Carrrrewww!!!
  12. wegner

    Robert Gold Glove

    One of the best catches I have ever seen...it made that Saturday night for me.
  13. wegner

    Poll: Rate How You Feel About TLR

    Always look on the bright side of life...
  14. No, I think they will hold on to Delmonico for minor league depth.