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  1. wegner

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    I did the same thing last year with Brian vs James last off season
  2. wegner

    White Sox sign Andrew Romine

    This is obviously just a ploy to lure Austin Romine here when McCann leaves...I am so sick of the front office playing these games 😁
  3. wegner

    Twins Sign Donaldson

    Get your whistle ready Darryl....screw Donaldson
  4. wegner

    Frank Thomas; Baseball's 74th greatest player (The Athletic)

    At least they didn't call him The Big Hunk
  5. wegner

    Tigers Sign Ivan Nova - 1/$1.5M + incentives

    I would've taken him at that price to just start against the Cubbies twice. I was at that Eloy game at Wrigley that Nova started so I am a big small fan...eh he was good that day so thanks Ivan
  6. wegner


    Thanks for that awesome game in Boston where you out dueled our old friend, Chris Sale. If he clears waivers and ends up in Charlotte, fine. If not, good luck to you sir.
  7. Hopefully we will all be able to pour our hearts out here again in the not too distant future...of course I am not sure if it will equal the pure joy of 2005 after waiting for so long. Speaking of fond little memories...we had just moved into our house in Morgan Park in 2005 and someone in the neighborhood would set off some fireworks after every Sox playoff win that year. I waited for it after the marathon extra inning win but no fireworks...but I stayed up watching the postgame even though I had to work in the morning. Lo and behold after about 20 minutes of post game, I hear the fireworks and thought "there he is" and turned off the tv and went to bed.
  8. wegner

    MLB cheating scandal

    Together we can defeat the negativity of Jack Parkman....no offense Jack, I know you love the Palehose as much as anyone here
  9. wegner

    MLB cheating scandal

    The Yankees can beat up on the Twinkees all they want...they have no idea what is coming their way with the juggernaut that will be the Chicago White Sox!!!
  10. I was on the street outside Midway when the Sox got back to town and Freddy was hanging out of the top of his limo trying to spray the crowd with Champagne...haha good times!!!
  11. wegner

    MLB cheating scandal

    I think of the Yankees as paper people
  12. I hope it goes on long enough to read some of those
  13. One of the things I will never forget...I was using public transportation at the time and was at the end of the Midway Orange line waiting for the train to leave when the Red Sox loaded the bases with nobody out. I was using my walkman radio and could not stand it just sitting there so I got off of the train and just paced back and forth in the terminal with my headphones on. Listening to El Duque get out of that inning was unbelievable...I am getting goosebumps now remembering how awesome that was. From the "wake me up when September ends" almost nightmare when the Indians almost caught us to 1-0 final game against the Astros...what a ride. If I am not mistaken for the last month of baseball season, the Sox only lost the one game to Angels in the postseason...they won all the rest of the games in that 30 day period.
  14. I don't disagree with your points but then I have to remind myself that a Ned Yost managed team won a World Series.
  15. wegner

    Offseason 2019-2020 MLB Catch All Thread

    I would not be surprised if Ozuna will need to do a Keuchel like contract from last season