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  1. I'd have to agree that Bevington was the worst. However,and I was young at the time and could be wrong but I seem to remember that Larry Doby gave the impression of not doing much but I'm not sure he really wanted the job....kinda like Ventura now that I think about it.
  2. Unfortunately I rarely get to sit down and watch an entire Sox game but I did today...also unfortunately. I come to Soxtalk to occasionally gripe if something ticks me off because there are others here that care about the Sox and otherwise I'm just talking to my couch.
  3. That is why I posted earlier that I would like them to move on from Alonso and bring up Collins to take his lumps...let's see what we've got with him at DH/1b and an occasional start at C. I want to see what the young guys have, that is the excitement of a rebuild.
  4. I agree there. I always thought Moncada was exciting to watch even when he struggled but many were harsh last year calling him a bust. Once Eloy starts laying off the breaking stuff, he is going to be a beast.
  5. I think any and all b****ing is justified today
  6. To be fair to Banuelos, it is awfully tough that all 5 of those runs are earned....doesn't help when you have a clown car defense out there
  7. I'd rather see Collins up here even if he struggles. I don't see the point of the veteran presence of Alonso much longer.
  8. Yonder and Yolmer back to back is tough to watch
  9. Nice at bat by Yonder... unfortunately Yolmer was up next
  10. 1st inning...Twins RF makes a diving catch to save runs.. Sox RF misjudges a can of corn
  11. What the hell Charlie...we do not need that kinda shit.
  12. wegner

    That's a big ol' CGSO winner!

    Giolito showing why patience is a virtue especially during a rebuild. In that regard, imho there are too many people on this board already writing off Madrigal as a bust. It is far too early to do that just like it was way too early writing off Giolito and Moncada like some were doing last year. Like I said in our situation, patience is a virtue and could pay off big time in the long run.
  13. wegner

    McCann Extension

    Not so fast...I hear the Yomiyuri Giants are looking for a catcher
  14. wegner

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    A problem is that there is very little middle ground with this team. Some nights they look quite good, and are fun to watch especially when the young core guys are getting it done. But often they are grossly overmatched and I do not mean only by good teams like the Astros. That being said, a good game from Giolito and a split in Houston would be a very nice. It would be great to have some confidence going into Minnesota.
  15. wegner

    And That's a White Sox Triple Play and Granny Winner !!

    Tilson seems like another nice guy to root for. As a lifelong Sox fan, I just love hearing a post game interview with a local guy who says being traded here was one of the best days of his life. Are they going to go with a platoon of Tilson and Cordell for the foreseeable future?
  16. wegner

    McCann Extension

    I don't know about any hurry in giving him an extension since he is arbitration eligible next year so let's see what a full season looks like from him. But just from a defensive standpoint and how he works with the pitchers, he absolutely should be the #1 catcher on this team right now getting most of the starts behind the plate.
  17. wegner

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Would have been nice to not have had to use Colome but a great win!!!
  18. wegner

    Sox @ Astros 5/22 Gamethread

    Just checked the box score and I see Tilson is having his typical all or nothing game...2 strikeouts and a home run 😎
  19. wegner

    Minnie Minoso for Hall of Fame

    Not long enough...that was awesome.
  20. wegner

    Minnie Minoso for Hall of Fame

    Billy Pierce was absolutely my late father's favorite all time player so he holds a special place in my heart. Minnie Minoso was one of the greatest ambassadors for baseball and life that this city has ever seen. He once came to the downtown office where my wife was working and he gave her a signed autograph that she gave to her lucky fiancé as I was at the time. She said he was the nicest man.