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  1. qmoe1020

    Renteria Coaches

    QUOTE (Chet Kincaid @ Oct 4, 2016 -> 04:14 PM) I heard Bonds was pretty motivated in the beginning, but as the season progressed his commitment waned and he was hardly ever there. I think Barry probably got bored. I think Bonds was only committed to one thing. That what made his head literally and figuratively bigger, and the "records" that followed.
  2. qmoe1020

    Renteria Coaches

    Cooper is the only lock, I'm sure, and I could see McEwing on the bench also. I'm not sold on Steverson- too many bad approaches at the plate!
  3. qmoe1020

    Adam Eaton "Racial" Tweet Controversy

    "The absence of a political statement is --itself-- a political statement." Worst grasping at straws for no reason line ever.
  4. qmoe1020

    USA Today 2016 season predicitions

    I like it! So will any other frequent traveler Sox fan that only enjoys the USA Today in a Marriott Courtyard whilst waiting for the airport shuttle.Who cares if the colored ink fumes got to their head? Diggin' the optimism!!!
  5. qmoe1020

    Cleto - Rejoining the Sox for a 3rd time

    QUOTE (Jose Abreu @ Jan 28, 2016 -> 02:24 PM) Round 2? I thought this is our 3rd time signing him I see that it is his third. A charm, maybe?
  6. qmoe1020

    Cleto - Rejoining the Sox for a 3rd time

    He's got a live arm. Maybe Coop can fix him this time around. Nice insurance policy, I concur.
  7. For what it's worth......per a friend in the biz, we just agreed to terms with Maikel Cleto. No details, but assuming a minor league deal.
  8. qmoe1020

    Cespedes Re-signs with the Mets

    And Heyman just dropped the ol' #mysteryteam. No mention of the Sox at all.
  9. qmoe1020

    Alexei Bell

    Looks older than Julio Franco.
  10. qmoe1020

    Dexter Fowler as a secondary option

    QUOTE (bear_brian @ Jan 14, 2016 -> 02:04 PM) Although Fowler has his warts, he does bring a high OBP, speed, switch hitting (would be the 4th for the Sox), and some ability (certainly more than Garcia) to play adequate defense in any OF position. It really huts to be giving up a pick for him, but if they could combine a Fowler acquisition with a RH starter, then we would be substantially better than last year, and would certainly be able to contend within the division. Maybe I am just rationalizing at this point ... I'm with you on this one. Fowler, a RH starter, and wait to see how the Cespedes/Upton (i prefer Yo) market plays out in the next few weeks given all the OF trade talk. If Cespedes' camp accepts a 3/4 year deal, perhaps we can get both and still only give up that comp pick. Not bad.
  11. qmoe1020

    The Decline of Carlos Gonzalez

    QUOTE (Steve9347 @ Jan 13, 2016 -> 02:32 PM) The decline of a guy who hit 40 bombs last year? Ok. True, 40 bombs is still labelled an impact bat, but his splits vs LHP are scary and his decline is across the board, including defense. IMO the Rockies are probably stuck with him, realizing that they can get more value out of moving Blackmon or Dickerson.
  12. qmoe1020

    Jason Benetti, new Sox home PxP

    I'm glad we scooped up Jason before someone else did. He's an up and comer. Great hire! Friends at ESPN can't say enough good things about him.
  13. qmoe1020

    Wilmer Flores

    http://www.rightrelevance.com/search/artic...t=chiwhitesoxrr First mention of him that I know of.....
  14. qmoe1020

    Nice 1972 photo and interview with Glen Rosenbaum

    QUOTE (InTheDriversSeat @ Jan 11, 2016 -> 03:57 PM) Glen Rosenbaum was recently interviewed by the Post-Tribune of Northwest Indiana. Nice photo of the Sox 1972 coaching staff with the old scoreboard in the background. http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/post...1218-story.html Glen pitched 11 seasons in the minors 1955-1965 prior to joining the Sox coaching staff and front office. http://www.baseball-reference.com/register...id=rosenb001gle . Thanks for posting this! Rosie is a good guy. My Dad is in the pic, lower left, a coach on Tanner's squad. We used to go to Rosie's farm for a huge team party every year. BBQ and horseshoes with some of the Sox players like Pat Kelly, Bill Melton, Carlos May, to name a few. Great times, great memories!
  15. qmoe1020

    Alex Gordon Thread

    QUOTE (LDF @ Dec 28, 2015 -> 10:03 AM) and as much as you make a great point, i really do not want that run away train of great expectations to happen, as it did last yr. nice post. I hope the thought process is for a Central title, as I feel it is our best shot at the playoffs. Early projections have only 1 team (Cle) above .500- a much easier path, IMO, than to be playing worse odds for a WC berth. I don't think any team "plays" for a WC berth- if you fall short of your respective division and happen to be in the thick of it-great. I'd rather try and outplay 4 teams that I play 19 times each than the rest of the league.