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  1. The Phillies front office is obviously much better than ours but I have a feeling they lose out on Harper. Not to the Sox but someone that will make us all say "The Sox should have done that!"
  2. And that would be amazing and I guarantee you the fans would quickly forget about Machado whether it was bs or not
  3. Awesome point. Not once but reportedly twice.
  4. I just have a feeling that once the off season is finished we find out that the Sox valued Harper more from the start. Just a suspicion. There was a point a couple of months ago when I thought Harper was the guy. They met twice. The leaked UC photos.
  5. Orlando

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    No lol but if everything goes wrong for them and the Sox pull a miracle.
  6. So I guess Rosenthal said on MLBN that if Harper is "priced above Philly's valuation of him" they will walk away. Could be posturing but if they get cute like the Sox did, maybe we can pull a Padres.
  7. Orlando

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    The thing that sucks is even if the White Sox go on a miracle run and take a weak central, anything short of a World Series is going to have people saying "If we would have had Machado.."
  8. The Sox really messed up. They may have saved Cleveland from having to trade Kluber. They missed on Machado. They need to sign Harper, so of course they wont.
  9. The Sox have more to lose in my opinion. I have no faith that they will make this right but at least Philly has had a phenomenal off season. Segura, Realmuto, Cutch, and locking up Nola makes it a good off season. They can always say they spread their money around. The Sox on the other hand are arguably worse than last year.