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  1. ChiSox1917

    Rangers might trade lefthanded hitter/outfielder

    Yes He's basically Todd Frazier.
  2. ChiSox1917

    Rangers might trade lefthanded hitter/outfielder

    He's also been an extremely lucky hitter. A lot of guys begin to trend downward after 30, especially catchers. Add the general trend to the fact his numbers are inflated due to luck, and he's the prime candidate of all the FA's this offseason to get a massive overpay.
  3. ChiSox1917

    Rangers might trade lefthanded hitter/outfielder

    No, not when he's on the wrong side of 30. I expect major regression in his numbers the next few years.
  4. ChiSox1917

    Rangers might trade lefthanded hitter/outfielder

    Grandal is a terrible idea. Average defensive catcher on the wrong side of 30 who has had two lucky offensive seasons and is more likely to hit .220 than .250. Hard Pass. Ozuna or bust this offseason. If the Sox did that, the front office should be absolutely crucified. That's the worst trade I've ever seen.
  5. ChiSox1917

    A Realistic Offseason

    I want zero part of either of these guys. JDM is a DH only. He is atrocious defensively. You get better value going after Ozuna, and it's not even close. Grandal has also been one of the luckiest hitters the last two years and I'd expect major regression in his batting average going forward. He is a .220/.230 hitter who got a little lucky the last two years hitting close to .250. He's a decent framer, but also can't stop a running game having one of the worst pop times in the game. He screams regression from a free agent standpoint. Funny. I am good with the pitchers named, but not a big fan of the hitters.
  6. Ok so that's 80 wins, but assumes no one get's hurt. That's just not likely. For the most part I agree that they are in the 78-82 win realm for next year if they just stand pat. But I don't see them getting to 90 wins with just one player. Mookie get's them to mid 80's. That's not worth giving up prospects for. They're better off getting Marcell Ozuna and keeping their prospects.
  7. You're assuming 3 rookies will put up all star caliber seasons all in the same year to get anywhere close to 85 wins.
  8. How on earth are you getting to 85 wins without Betts and no other additions? They're MAYBE at 85 wins with Betts and no other additions.
  9. ChiSox1917

    White Sox Outright Charlie Tilson

    Oakland really has a history of fleecing this front office
  10. ChiSox1917

    A Realistic Offseason

    As for what the WSox should do this offseason: RF: Ozuna, for what I posted above. He has the best tools of any RF FA on the market and is 28 years old. He should hit much closer to .300 next year based on his barrel rate and hard hit %. C - Resign James McCann and buy out Beef. Sign Travis D'Arnaud or Yan Gomes on a 1 year deal or 1 yr + 1yr club option deal. If can't get either of those two, run with McCann and Collins as the two main catchers next year, and possibly try to sign Austin Romine as the third catcher on the team. I don't ever see Collins as anything more than a platoon guy hitting against righties. He can't and I don't think he ever will be able to hit a lefty pitcher. SP: Obviously need to entertain going after Cole. But if he won't bite on a $200 million deal, then need to pick up Wheeler, who they should be able to get for maybe half that, and for close to 80% of the value. I'd resign Nova to get some depth in the rotation, and then run with a staff of 1) Cole/Wheeler, 2) Gio, 3) Cease, 4) Reylo, 5) Nova with Kopech and Rodon eventually moving Nova to the bullpen. BP: I'd entertain going after Will Smith or Will Harris, but not if either is going to be more than $8 mil/yr. I'd also pursue Collin McHugh as a long reliever/spot starter, just because you can never have enough innings eaters. I don't view the bullpen as a major priority, but if you can find some value cheap, they should jump on it.
  11. ChiSox1917

    A Realistic Offseason

    Ozuna's the safest outfield bet. Guy had a very unlucky season this year with a BABIP of .259. He's in the 90% percentile + for hard hit%, xba, and exit velocity. He also isn't a strikeout machine and has good plate discipline. He's a perfect guy to target for a 5 year deal right around $90 mil.
  12. ChiSox1917

    Will anyone fall on the sword for another awful year?

    How exactly was this a terrible year? The team is going to finish with winning 2-3 games more than what was expected and about 10 games better than last year
  13. ChiSox1917

    2019 ZiPS Projections

    He's at 4.0bWAR and 4.4fWAR
  14. ChiSox1917

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    $4M is cheap as fuk for a guy that gives you Gold Glove caliber defense and versatility in a utility role
  15. ChiSox1917

    Yolmer contemplates not being on the Sox

    It's funny to me the Mendick love on here. Guy has done nothing, is a worse hitter in the minors than Yolmer was, and is not even close to as good defensively. Yet people are clamoring for him to replace Yolmer. Makes no sense.