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  1. The petty bullshit that is this thread never would have started if the sox hired cheaters cora or hinch and they blew a 0.09. This is petty bullshit from posters who were already against TLR.
  2. ChiSox1917

    German Marquez: Trade Target

    Vaughn straight up. Do it rick!
  3. From what i read it was .09 at the scene (update said he blew at the scene) and then the blood test actually came in higher at .095. Either way, its the equivalent to me of someone driving 15-20mph over the speed limit.
  4. ChiSox1917

    MLB Award Week

    Was really surprised williams won the NL roy. Just such a small sample size for a reliever only playing 60 games
  5. Hes 100% guillty. But at the same time he blew a 0.09. Shouldve got a cab, but i think some context matters here. imagine how many people leaving guaranteed rate after a game and driving home would blow a 0.09 if pulled over.
  6. Shouldve gotten an uber. But the fanbases reaction (the vocal part of it at least) is overboard.
  7. didnt really express an opinion one way or the other, just expressed the questions the situation creates. Did state that he likes to judge someones character through his own interactions and wasnt one to jump into the online lynch mobs. bauer is a very cerebral guy. Really hope he comes here. Hed be a fantastic mentor for some of the younger guys
  8. Why? According to most posters here there wont be fans in the stands anyway.
  9. How is ironic unless capital g is TLR??? keep grinding that axe
  10. Lmao. No. ive always wondered who these people are that spend their free time contacting advertisers.
  11. ChiSox1917

    Tony La Russa 40 years ago

    No hes racist. And old.
  12. ChiSox1917

    Experience and Managing

  13. ChiSox1917

    Experience and Managing

    The veiled racism and ageism in this post is pretty gross. the insinuation that TLR is racist and influenced by “the jim crow south” is at best ignorant of a guy who grew up in ybor of all places. The claim that hes mentally failing is absurd and is only being parroted by losers like you looking for excuses to be against the hire.
  14. ChiSox1917

    Taijuan Walker, worth a gamble or is Jake Odorizzi

    Walker is a good back end of the rotation guy to target as long as hes healthy