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  1. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Quick question for you, Caulfield: Where do you fall on the political spectrum? Are you a Bernie Bro, Center-left, Cemter-Right, or a fox news kool-ader? (Once you answer that, THEN feel free to comment on the following.) You are a good poster, with much to add here. But your suppositions about the VP pick, particularly vis a vis Warren are YOUR opinions posed as fact. You seem to be able to cite links for everything except your opinion on the VP pick. (You strangely have no links when you pimp Warren's chances, yet you have links for everything else you post.) Warren would be a craptastic and moronic pick for Biden, IMO. For a variety of reasons, she would be terrible. For as much as you (and others) b**** about Biden's self-pwnage over the past few days, so too has Warren self-pwned herself as well. That said, this crisis means we need a fvkxing grownup to fvkxing run this country. We're reopening this country, yet I think scant attention is paid to how to prevent a recurrence of outbreaks.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Holy fucking shit. So, Harris having won statewide office in a state that's bigger than most countries doesnt count as qualified? Having won a Senate seat from that same state doesnt count as qualified? Having been a major party candidate for POTUS doesnt count as "qualified?" Greg, i understand that you, like all of us have PREFERENCES. Your preferences =/= "qualified." (I keep expecting more from greg, but I keep ending up disappointed.)
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I keep falling for your shitposting and trolling, but I'll bite: Exactly what stupid shit did you watch on Fox that convinced you that Harris is not qualified? Also, what do you consider to be "qualified?" I'm eager to read what you come up with.
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Greg, I dont want to pick on you. But once again, you're full of shit. First, I've worked with Alzheimers patients in a previous career. Biden does not have any of the behaviors of someone with Alzheimers. It is impossibly moronic on your part to associate Biden with Alzheimers. It is also incredibly insensitive to families that have an Alzheimers sufferer in their family. Second, Biden has been a gaffe machine. Partly because of his history with a stammer. We have had previous gaffe machines as president; Bush the younger comes immediately to mind. There is nothing about Bidens gaffes that are more alarming than others who have held this office. So, once again, I'm not picking on you greg. But, once again, you're completely talking out of your asshole, and you would be better to stfu on this.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Without trivializing the cruelty of rape, could it be that the ever-changing nature of the accusation, coupled with an abject lack of corroborating accusers means that that accusation is BS? Hell, the NYT, who made as much hay as possible out of Clinton's emails, reviewed the allegation, and found no evidence of sexual misconduct. Ronan Farrow looked into this, and found nothing. The Me Too folks have found nothing. And, the dirty-digging machinery of #45 decided that an impeachable Ukrainian allegation was a better bet than this allegation. On balance, I'd say that this allegation seems to be BS. I'm open to have my mind changed, but this one hasn't passed muster as yet.
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I could be inclined to agree with you, IF this is what occurred with Greg. Instead, his "fee-fees" hurted him, so it's a fucking sacrifice, right? Wrong. Being uncomfortable AINT a fucking sacrifice. Sorry.
  7. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Couple things: When you refer to yourself in the 3rd person, you come off as a turd, an ass, and a POS. In general, you'll get more empathy if you avoid turd-like language. The other piece of this is that there are folks out there that ACTUALLY suffer from ACTUAL mental illnesses. Its incredibly tone-deaf and turd-like to complain about your "mental health," particularly in the 3rd person. Lastly (and this is fucking important), you having to stay inside AINT a fucking sacrifice. It's an inconvenience. All those people working in the ER, in the ICU, the Marine out on patrol, the cop on the beat, the social worker in the shitty neighborhood, and MANY OTHERS are actually sacrificing. Not you missing out on your Panera.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Two questions, Greg: 1. Do you have any diagnosed mental illness conditions? 2. I'm a veteran. I havent left body parts behind on a foreign battlefield, and I havent suffered any ill long term physical or mental issues from having served. My 2nd question to you is this: What do YOU consider a reasonable degree of service/sacrifice from an average American? Thanks, Greg. I KNOW you can find these answers, then go back to handling Greg's well-being.
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Offseason Moves - Grade em'

    Yeah, I'm bored. So, I thought I'd bump this thread, so that we can have on record what I thought about the offseason moves. As I look back on the major moves of this offseason, I wanted to let them “breathe” for a few weeks before I chimed in on this thread. This allows all the initial exuberance to wane a bit, so that I could try to take a more nuanced view. Given that NONE of the realistically “acquirable players” were without flaws, I try to look at the upside potential of the player, AND his downside risk(s); I know that some here overrate the downside of some players moreso than others. I also look at where this team is in it’s competitive window, as well as the “fit” for the player in the roster, WITHIN that window. In any case, here’s what I think. Where I wanted a different player, I’ll state it: Pitching Acquisitions I thought that this team DESPERATELY needed hedges against the clear and present danger of all the injury risks for a number of the rotation members. If memory serves, Giolito, Cease, Kopech, Dunning, and Rodon all had/have TJS. The other dire need was to have a few more SPs that could be counted on to provide 5-6 IP/start, to ease the burden on the bullpen, IMO. I also thought that this staff needed veteran leadership, and if possible, a LHSP, because the 3 out rule will make LOOGYS less prevalent in MLB. Dallas Keuchel: B Gio Gonzalez: C Cishek signing: B Instead of Keuchel, I wanted Wheeler, but I won’t beat that dead horse any more. I “thought” we could end up with MadBum, only because I doubted this FO’s ability to work with Borasshole, and I didn’t want to hear the scrubs-centric media beating the cheating scandal to death all year long. That said, Keuchel’s a LHSP who should give this rotation 170+ IP/~4.3-ish FIP over a full season, and his playoff experience should help this staff as it learns how to win. He's also proved his leadership bonafides since he's arrived here, IMO. Instead of Gonzalez, I wanted Porcello, as I believe that Porcello has more “upside” as a SP, and that he has a CYA, and that he has a WS ring, and that he speaks Spanish. But, having thought about it, Gonzalez’s versatility, in terms of him having experience in BOTH the BP and in starting, I think Gonzalez is a better “fit” for this year while we wait for Kopech/Rodon/Dunning to arrive. Cishek is exactly the kind of BP arm this team needs, IMO. We have to hope that RR doesn’t overuse him. Major Re-Signings Abreu: C- Moncada: A+ Robert: A+ Bummer: C I think most here are in agreement on these re-signings. Abreu’s contract is too long, and I’d like some conversation between the team and some of the major SP pieces to begin at some point this season. Major Position Player Acquisitions Grandal signing: A Mazara: D- Encarnacion: D+ I recognize the upside potential on both Mazara and Encarnacion. But, I think that KenHahn fell in love with Mazara and his “amazing” 19 HR in 2019, the year of “The Super Happy Fun Juiced Ball.” I think they saw him POUND shitty White Sox pitching in 2019, and got all hot and bothered. But, the man can’t hit v. LHP, which limits him to ~120 games, at best. Also, he’s as mobile as a drunk Paul Konerko coming off an ankle sprain, so he’ll hurt the team on the basepaths, and every hit that goes into Right-Center Field will go for XBHs. Oh yeah, the rookie in CF will have to bust his ass more on defense [some guy named “Robert”], which will make his transition into being the OF captain and MLB player all that more difficult. Mazara’s abject lack of range, coupled with the butchery of Jimenez in LF all but guarantees that noted AAAA OF Adam Engel will be in the team, rather than in Charlotte. [Where he could have properly prepared for his future baseball career in Asia or Mexico.] Because Mazara can’t defend because he can't move his feet, and can’t hit LHP, we’ll all get to feast our eyes on ~300 PA of Engel futility at the dish this year. I don’t outright “hate” this move, but it’s pretty close. On Encarnacion, I get that he’s hit a lot of HR over the past few years. But, he’s a geezing geezer, and Father Time is undefeated. I mean, he’s 37 fucking years old! At some point, his bat will slow, his power will fade, his contact abilities will be robbed from him, and his hand-eye coordination will be sub-MLB caliber. Whether that happens in 2020, or 2021, who knows? But it WILL happen, right in the middle of the likely competitive window. Since I believe 2021 could/should be the year for this team to compete for the division, I will have even less confidence in a then-38 year old geezing geezer. Add into it the presence of Abreu/Collins/ Vaughn in 2021, and KenHahn look to have over-staffed the 1B/DH roles, IMO. As such, I don’t really like the fit for a 37 year old Encarnacion. And honestly, what was the market for a DH-only geezer? I wanted Puig instead of Mazara, despite all the group-think on these boards that somehow made Puig out to being worse than Hitler. I think were he here, you’d have to trust the leadership in the clubhouse, AND a man’s natural maturation to bridge some of these [IMO grossly overstated] “issues.” Instead of a geezing geezer in Encarnacion, I wanted a more youthful Tsutsugo, who was signed by a better and smarter Tampa FO. There’s also the outside chance, however slight, that Tsutsugo could play either a corner IF or corner OF spot in a pinch, while “re-opening” the Japanese market to the SOX for future acquisitions. Hell, even RF-Puig/DH-Mazara would have been better than RF Statue-Mazara/DH Fossil-Encarnacion, because Mazara’s crippling lack of footspeed wouldn’t hurt the OF defense as often if he were the DH/Puig asshole insurance/backup RF. Overall Offseason Grade: C+/B- For my money, an “A Offseason” would have had to include the acquisition of an MVP candidate, or a Cy Young candidate. An “A+ Offseason” would have also addressed some of the organizational shortcomings as well. Credit the FO for stepping outside their “safety zone,” and actually helping JR find his checkbook. While they missed out on Wheeler, simply having fewer Detwiller/Covey/Banuelos starts should be a big help to the rotation and bullpen. They addressed the need for an impact LHB in Grandal, and invested in extending the keystone player to this team’s future in Robert. However, I really think they screwed the pooch with the Mazara/Encarnacion acquisitions. I believe that for this team to compete, one or both of these two players will need to be replaced by better/more complete/younger options by OD 2021. I’m still pleased with the offseason, as I’d become accustomed to “F” and “D” offseasons. We should be better, but I don’t see us as a playoff team in 2020. We’ll see.
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I can't believe that anyone who claims to be from the Southwest Side is so mentally weak and self-serving. I mean, if you can read English, you can tell what will be open, and what won't be open. There are and will be ways to take care of the day-to-day needs.
  11. Between Mazara's poor record v. LHP, Mazara's utter lack of range in the OF, and EE's 37 years of age, I would have preferred another solution. I would have rather that they kept the AAAA Engel in Charlotte, and had a corner OF/DH type to compliment Mazara and Eloy. I would have also made the DH role available for Abreu, Grandal, Mazara, Jimenez, and others to use as an occasional day off from playing the field. That said, here's hoping that Mazara and EE do well enough for this team this year.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    Is EE toast?

    Nah, its not the 15 ABs. It's the 37 years of age. But you read that in my post you quoted, right? (Nah, you didn't.)
  13. Two-Gun Pete

    Is EE toast?

    I don't know if EE is "toast" or not, but I reserve the right to doubt a 37 year old until he proves otherwise. I also reserve the right to doubt this FO's signings of DH and 1B types, thanks to their rich history with Dunn, Laroche, and Alonso. For these reasons, I think its a fair question to ask about EE, although I also think its fair to call these concerns a bit premature. I get that EE has been a strong producer in recent years. But Father Time is invincible, and at some point, he will come and take away EE's abilities as a hitter.
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    KW says "no Puig"

    I don't agree that they're "similar enough," in all honesty. I actually wanted Puig and a LH corner OF/DH, rather than Encarnacion. Mazara would have been a good pairing with Puig and Jimenez, IMO. Or Tsutsugo. Just to have another DH option that isn't solely a DH or 1B. [EDIT] I also don't like having BOTH corner OFers being below average defenders, forcing a larger role onto a AAAA type like Engel; I think Leury is adequate in a reserve role for CF and IF, but doesn't provide enough offense for a corner OFer. Let's hope that they've made the right choice.
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    KW says "no Puig"

    Disagreed. Look at the DRS numbers between the two. Puig was 0, and +6 in the past 2 years. Mazara was -4, & -5 over the past 2 years. What's more, is that since Mazara can only play vs RHP, he accumulated the - DRS in far fewer games. This means that were he to play MORE games, his DRS would be even MORE negative.