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  1. Two-Gun Pete

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    The short nature of the season, and the extremely reduced travel (especially for ALW division teams) makes that hard to gauge. Especially for relief pitchers, IMO. Would Hendriks have continued on that pace, or would he shit his pants later in the season, as he's done here? Who knows? We DO know that Oakland (based on the book Moneyball) does not stupidly squander resources on acquiring a closer. Yet, they seem to routinely have good ones. Given that Hendriks was about to be a FA, Oakland likely rode him like a rented mule in 2020, knowing that any overuse issues would be someone else's problems. At the same time, dumber FOs squander resources (high draft picks and FA dollars) on closers, when their teams have other needs.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    Yes, we already know this. Hendriks has still only been above average for fWAR for closers once in his career. He has not regularly been above average over the course of his career, so one wonders if this was yet again this FO buying high on a FA.
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    Sox vs Indians - Tuesday, April 13th, 710pm

    Like Pvt Pyle, we as SOX fans have been living in a world of shit, as far as lineups go.
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    1. Hendriks has had fWAR that exceeded the league average for closers once in his career. The league average is ~1.8; he had 3.8 in 2019 in pitching-friendly Oakland in 2019. [I draw no conclusions about the anomalous 2020 season.] But we've seen this movie before where the SOX stoopidly acquire a closer from Oakland, only for that closer to immediately shit his pants and fuck over the SOX. I'm not convinced that Hendriks is a premier closer any more, or if he benefitted from having pitched in a pitcher's paradise in Oakland. I also don't know that he was the best use of funds, since we're a SP injury or SP bout of ineffectiveness away from having both Cease and Lopez walking the yard 2 days out of 5. There is/was some surplus inventory in the BP. There isn't much surplus in the rotation, IMO. 2. I don't/didn't view the budget decision as "Colome or Eaton," since they are differing components of the roster. Rather, I viewed it as: "Hendriks or Colome, PLUS another FA SP, PLUS a FA reliever, PLUS Cease unfucking himself in Charlotte, PLUS being able to play the service time or extension game with Crochet." Or, "Hendriks vs Colome, + extra money to blow at the TDL or waiver deadline." Regardless, Hendriks hasn't lived up to his obese contract thus far, and I didn't like the idea of using such a large portion of the budget on a closer. He certainly hasn't proven to be three times the pitcher that Colome is, regardless of how one rates Colome.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    We Thought We Have A Good Bullpen?

    Far be it for me to come between you two in a lovers' quarrel. But, xFIP isn't park-adjusted, and has it's limitations insofar as HR/FB% being "normalized" to league average. For a pitcher like Colome, who has a career HR/FB% at 9.1%, his xFIP will always be higher than his FIP. Over his career, his xFIP has been > FIP to the tune of some ~0.5-ish, BECAUSE his HR/FB% is < the league average. Colome also doesn't miss bats as much as other closers, so he'll again be underrated in today's day and age, where strikeout pitchers are all the rage. More cogently, to the opinion that Hendriks is "far far far better reliever than Colome?" I'm not so sure. Perhaps "better," but "far far far better?" I think that could be a bit subjective. Maybe "far better," or "far far better," but then subtract the difference in contract size/length, so it goes back to "better?" I'm not so sure that a guy on the wrong side of 30, coming from an INSANELY pitching-friendly environment was what this team needed this past offseason. I'm not sure that buying a guy who had only 1 season of fWAR > the league average closer [a shortened 2020 aside] isn't "buying high." I'm not sure that a team that ALREADY HAD Heuer, Bummer, Crochet, Kopech, Foster, plus Fry and Burdi really NEEDED to blow their FA wad on a closer, when there are/were more pressing needs. I think that asking if "Hendriks is a better pitcher than Colome" isn't the right question to ask, when you're dealing with an org that has self-imposed salary restrictions. I think the better questions could have been: 1. Is Hendriks THREE TIMES the pitcher that Colome is, based on salary, AND YEARS? [If this is what Hendriks is today, what will he be in 3 years from now?!? 😱] 2. Is the future closer already in-house, and at a lower salary? [BTW, did the 2005 SOX break camp with Jenks as the closer? Just askin'....] 3. Could we use the difference in Hendrik's salary/years and Colome's salary/years, and then asset allocate into another area of need? [Rotational depth, utility depth since this org doesn't believe in making versatile players, etc...] For my money, I would have preferred to commit less salary, and fewer years to Colome than what they ultimately paid to Hendriks. I would have preferred that, knowing that I've got PILES of young relievers in the org who might be able to get the closers' job done at a fraction of Hendrik's price/years. [And knowing that Colome's salary would not have handcuffed the org going forward.] I would have then bought another SP in FA, because I think that Cease has sucked out loud at baseball so far. Not because I'm "pining for Colome," so much as I thought/think that the money could have been invested more wisely in this roster.. YMMV, and please, carry on, you two.
  6. Sure, we're all irritated that the (snicker) "Hall of Fame Baseball Person" can't get his shit sorted. Im equally irritated that this incompetent FO couldn't figure out how to make a more competent utility player than Leury. (Note how many exposures Mendick has to playing in the OF, then recognize why Leury is currently ahead of him in the depth chart.) But all that shit should have been worked out well before this season started; there ain't much that can be done about those things right now.. With Cease, he's mostly been a disaster since being called up, and sure, they could/should have gotten someone more competent than he this past offseason. But he's here now, and supposedly, Katz was supposed to "fix him." So, let's see it. Let's see him get his BB/9 low enough for him to contribute positive WAR to this team. Its all right in front of him to do.
  7. Meh, I'm not all that worried about the lineup. This game, and this season rests largely on the ability for Cease to throw strikes, and consume innings, full stop. Its set up nicely for him today against this particular opponent. Here's your chance to rise above your heretofore career of mediocrity, Dylan. And heres hoping that Cease can deliver the goods today.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    Contract extension for Yermin?

    Unless someone else can show us otherwise, Yermin Mercedes is controllable for 6 years, according to this link. As I understand stand it, he would be under pre-arbitration control for 3 years (perhaps 2 years, if he becomes a "super 2"). Thereafter, he would be salary arbitration eligible for the next 3 years. Then, after 6 years' service on a MLB roster, Yermin Mercedes, at 34 years old, would be eligible to be a free agent. Therefore, as I understand it, this thread, and the thought of "extending Yermin" is a complete and total non-starter. (Even setting aside that the league has yet to get a good scouting report on him and adjust their approach to him, therefore making it premature to assume that this is what Mercedes will be going forward.) If anyone can show us differently about Mercedes' path to free agency to a significant degree from what I understand, I'd welcome their input. Thanks in advance.
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Contract extension for Yermin?

    Yeah, this is pretty much a non-starter. Yermin's 28 years old. In six years from now, He'll be 34. At which point, it won't be worthwhile to re-sign him. So why bother?
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    Tim Anderson to 10 day IL, retroactive to April 5

    I didn't like the Lynn acquisition, because Lynn is a fat fuck on the wrong side of 33, AND [more importantly, IMO] he's a rental. I would rather that the FO go get their rentals at the TDL than in the offseason; I would have rather used mid-level FA to fill the middle/back end of the rotation, and then make a trade mid-season, if needed. That said, for 2021 [and for 2021 ONLY], at least the Lynn acquisition is defendable. The 2021 team is/was actually in their competitive window, vis a vis having a sufficient "critical mass" of good players to put themselves into position to compete. The Shields and Samardzjia trades were idiotic, moronic, dumb, and each fireable offenses for how fucking stoopid they were. While the Swisher trades were dumb, they weren't in the same zip code of dumb as the Shields and Samardzjia trades. At least it was defendable that the 2008 team finished 1st in the division with Swisher, but even a blind, drunk spider monkey who took a few hits of acid could have seen that the 2014-16 teams DESPERATELY needed to rebuild; neither mediocre SP in Shields nor Samardzjia could have miracled those craptacular teams into the post season.
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    Dane Dunning Thread

    1. If you can already tell that Dunning is a pedestrian pitcher this early into his career, I congratulate you for your all-seeing ability. That aside, he's still somehow been able to produce more fWAR than the awesome walk machine Dylan Cease over the course of their careers. 2. Holy shit, Chris Bassitt, he of the 1.5 fWAR before TJS, and 4.0 fWAR SINCE TJS [at the league minimum salary] could have PREVENTED the As from making the post-season? Marcus Semien, and his 17.9 fWAR he produced while in Oakland [prior to FA] would have PREVENTED the As from making the post-season?!? Exactly how? Say BTW, what Golden God did those geniuses in the SOX FO get in exchange for giving up ~20 or so fWAR between Bassitt/Semien/Phegley? Did the SOX make the post-season, or did the As make the post-season after that genius move? Did the As end up "mired in mediocrity," or did they laugh their ASSES OFF at the SOX FO? After all, Bassitt [at the league minimum], Semien [at pre-FA prices], and Phegley really fucked the As over, amirite? ...just askin'
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    Tim Anderson to 10 day IL, retroactive to April 5

    1. It isn't just the well-moneyed orgs that do this. Supposedly cash-poor Tampa build depth and versatility into their rosters, which lead to more cost effective teams that punch well above their weight. And this is in the traditionally-tough AL East! On the other end of the spectrum, the defending WS Champs didn't rest on their laurels this offseason. They didn't assume that everyone in their roster would be back, and that everyone would perform to their expectations. They went out and added the premier SP in FA, to extend their competitive advantage over their peers. By contrast, what did KW/RH/JR do, after a whimpering elimination to the first postseason in years? Did they really correct their lack of depth? Did they fix what needed to be fixed? Did they put themselves in position to take advantage of/EXTEND this competitive window? I'm not too sure, just yet. 2. I like your turn of phrase in the bolded. It isn't just "wish casting good health" from your best players. It's also "wish casting" that your players will all perform. Or "wish casting" that Cease/Lopez/Rodon/Kopech/Crochet will all perform, AND improve, AND stay healthy. So let's blow a pile of cash on a luxury purchase in the bullpen, instead, right? And this is something that this FO has been doing for years, wish casting that those shitty teams under Ventura could compete, IF ONLY they added Samardzjia or James Shields, for example. I feel like this is how this org got mired in mediocrity in the first place, and I wonder if they've learned anything over the years or not. 3. I know we're all excited about Rodon's performance last night. But, after half a decade of mediocrity and injury, I reserve the right to doubt him going forward. And after years of bringing up young SPs who then can't hit the broad side of a barn with their FBs, I reserve the right to doubt Cease. So, I remain cautious in my outlook for this season, because of the reality of needing depth, and the lack of this team having any. In any case, to the point of this thread, here's hoping TA gets back in the lineup soon, and starts putting up the numbers we've come to expect from him.
  13. Two-Gun Pete

    Twins/White Sox in similar positions...

    Yes. In a 60 game season in 2020. Because of the yawning volume of innings to be pitched in a 162 game marathon, even Tampa has recognized the need for some length in starts. Ill agree that no one is going back to the days of Lasorda running up 150+ pitch counts any more. But only getting 4IP out of your SPs will lead to ineffectiveness, injury in your bullpen, and mounting losses. Even in today's MLB.
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    4-5 GT: CWS @ SEA (9:10 PM CT)

    Sure. But if you're going to waste your FA wad on a closer, you'd better be sure your rotation is solid, and that you've got some depth to fall back on. Otherwise, you look stoopid when you as a FO have to resort to the likes of Hamilton for significant playing time in a supposedly "contending year." I fucking HATED the signing, not because I think Hendriks sucks or anything like that. I hated it because it was a dumb buy, based on the glaring holes in the roster. (And, as you said, the financial constraints with this org.) One would have assumed that after moronic acquisitions of closers in the past that didn't work out, that this FO would learn their lessons. Neither Billy Koch, nor David Robertson led this team to contending. Here's hoping it works better for this org this time around. And yeah, TLR needs to use Hendriks more aggressively.
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    Twins/White Sox in similar positions...

    Thats true for the 60 game sprint that was 2020. However, in the 162 game 2019 season, the average was 5.2IP/start. Since that includes both CG gems and Dylan Cease/Reynaldo Lopez 1.1IP, 5BB turds, a 5ish IP start should be the average. While I agree that the game is always changing, I also don't know that it'll ever be fully free of needing a guy to take the ball every 5th day, and give his teams 5+ IP. Tampa tried bullpenning it all season long a few years ago, and it didn't work. They found that to get through 162, they needed guys who could take the ball, & get them 5IP with regularity.