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  1. Two-Gun Pete


    Moncada's start to the season is definitely promising. But, I doubt he'll enjoy the good fortune of a .429 BaBip all season long. Here's hoping that these numbers are somewhat real going forward.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    Whats the plan, man?

    The fact that either this FO couldn't see the bolded coming, OR that they couldn't convince JR to open the checkbook BECAUSE of this eventuality is a giant turd sandwich that this org will have to chew on for years to come. Well, that, AND the fact that they couldn't figure out a way to make Machado work is another turd sandwich. But hey, they've got the cash to lock up the as-yet to be vetted "core pieces," right?
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    Your back must hurt carrying the water for RH and the front office.
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    Predict the White Sox Record After 30 Games

    You might be right about the record, but you're wrong about "just" firing Hahn, Renteria, & Steverson. I pretty much believe that everyone on the MLB ops, scouting, player development, and MiLB side of things all need to be fired. Before he retired, I would have thought that Herm could be retained, but with the cavalcade of injuries among the youngsters, I'd be good with firing everyone in his old department as well. I suppose the gameday ops folks, the Sodfather, and ticketing folks can stay and help this turd of an organization turn it around, but fire everyone else. A "Red Wedding" style of firings is all it'll take to get this org moving the right direction, IMO. Or, a "Front Office enema," if you prefer. Just blow the baseball side of the front office up, and get competent people in to re-make the organization as a modern, competent operation. And no, this isn't a "two games into the season" overreaction. I've wanted everyone FIRED since those dumbasses had the moronic idea to even THINK that the 2016 team, with that manager, and that lack of MiLB depth had a prayer to compete, and then traded for James Shields. Carry on.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    So we're generally in agreement.
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    No, Hahn should never state, "there will be no financial constraints," when there WERE CLEARLY financial constraints in pursuing a stud, THEN take a financial risk on an unproven player. In other words, a $43MM contract extension to a player with 0 PAs after screwing the pooch on Machado =/= "calling up a rookie."
  7. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    No. But, if you don't like the front office to be criticized, there's always WSI if you want polyanna-ish white sox commentary. IMHO, there is room for the "In Kenny We Trust" types, inasmuch as there is room for those who want to give this org the beating they so richly deserve in this part of the interwebs. YMMV.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    Is reactionary when you pay money to someone who hasn't faced an MLB pitch, especially after having promised the fans that there would be "no financial constraints" in pursuing a young star like Machado. We all agree that it is probably a lesser risk than most to extend Eloy, given Jimenez's MiLB record, but it is a risk nonetheless. For Hahn to state, "The money will be spent" after the Machado blunder, then giving a contract extension to Jimenez seems to be reactionary, IMO. 0 fWAR/= 30.3 fWAR
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    Well, I for one find it curious that this org couldn't find a way to make a highly-productive player like Machado work into their salary structure, but on the other hand, they're willing to take a chance on an unproven one like Jimenez. To me, it strikes me as a curious approach to risk management. In totality, it makes them look incompetent and reactionary. Carry on, then.
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    Can't wait for the minors to start

    I disagree. The geniuses in the front office recently picked up a top prospect from another org with a ~31% k rate in AA. (In other words, this prospect K'ed 31% to Carson Fulmer-caliber opposition.) Instead of remediating this prospect at AA, those dumbasses promoted him to Charlotte, where he piled up the Ks, despite hitting in a band box. He also couldn't hit right-handed very well, despite reputedly being a "switch-hitter." His numbers overall @ Charlotte were middling for a talent with his tools. Still, the geniuses promoted Yoan Moncada to the Bigs, where he needed a miraculous Sept/Oct WRT BaBIP, & sat out some games to avoid breaking the record for Ks. He still hits right-handed like a stroke survivor, & had to be moved off 2nd base, as he piled on the errors. On balance, I would say that this FO rushed Moncada up, which has harmed his development, & placed this rebuild at risk. I see evidence of these dumbasses prepping rush jobs @ catcher, & @ 2nd base as well. We'll have to see.
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Look, I'd be stoked about him coming here. But even if he adds, say 6 fWAR, what does that get this roster to, record wise in 2019? 70 wins, maybe? Sorry, but that ALONE ain't gonna make the attendance numbers hit >40k on an average basis, for example.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    Bryce Harper Updates

    It wouldn't be "franchise altering." To your point, there isn't a baseball player in his prime that's a phenom. Thus, marketability doesn't matter here. I read it. Its an opinion piece. I also read the SportsProMedia page that is central to the opinion piece, and its actually makes Harper [and ALL MLB players] look less impressive from the marketing angle. That said, this is a franchise that has never been to the postseason in consecutive years. Winning >>>>> any individual player right now. Winning is why you can find cubs gear with ease, even in the south suburbs. And Winning is what could be "franchise altering." 20 years ago, before the steroid scandal was in full bloom? Perhaps a Bonds-in-his-roid-prime FA signing could have been "franchise altering." But not in today's day and age of countless entertainment/sports options.
  13. Two-Gun Pete

    Bryce Harper Updates

    See? You said "franchise altering."
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    Bryce Harper Updates

    OK, now you're moving the goalposts: You said, "franchise altering," not drive significant interest. Hell, Manny Machado can "drive significant interest," but you said "franchise altering," which is beyond hyperbolic.
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    Bryce Harper Updates

    Hey, thanks for the insults, and thanks for playing. Let us know when you've bothered to come up with something to support your view.