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  1. Two-Gun Pete

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I struggle to come up with a better use of Free Agent money than a 26 year old stud. IMO, every other FA these idiots pursue will be either lesser players, older players, or both. With that in mind, I struggle to come up with a scenario where this org ends up in a better spot spending the money on lesser, and/or older players. Maybe they still stupidly think it's 2004/2005, with the old CBA, where "spreading the money around" could work. Alas, it's no longer 2005. And "spreading the money around" simply doesn't and simply hasn't worked in today's baseball industry. Opposing front offices are better and smarter than ever before. And still, these imbeciles are trying to execute as if the world and the league hasn't changed since then.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    Yes, I get that. But honestly, if you're afraid of/don't like the home/away splits, fine. But, in what galaxy is a .302 OBP vs. RHP a good idea for a leadoff man? [i.e. Leury's line for today: 0-3, w/a K] Just based on handedness, Leury is an excellent choice v. LHP, and a moronic one v. RHP, full stop.
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    Ricky Renteria Has Made Me a Lineup Scold

    I gotta disagree with you, and I have to wonder if Ricky can read, or if anyone in this org understands numbers. Now, SSS and all that, AND, unless we're missing something, check out Leury's splits so far this year: Leury's Splits V. RHP: .302 OBP V. LHP: .404 OBP! Away: .267 OBP Home: .383 OBP! Now, perhaps there's more to THIS particular matchup today, but for fuck's sake, can someone, ANYONE explain why Leury should leadoff today, given the numbers above? IN today's scenario: On the road, vs RHP, his OBP is a sparkling .258, his wRC+ is 40. Honestly, what in the actual FUCK?
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    When will Luis Robert be promoted again?

    I remember thinking the same thing about Eloy, but accepting the "service time" angle. Now, as we watch the comedy of him trying to play LF while hurting himself, and shuffling at the plate, I wonder if he couldn't have done with more time in AAA. With Robert, his health had been an issue, and I don't know how he is as a defender. But on this org, "learning at the big league level" oftentimes seems to lead to slower and incomplete development. We'll simply have to see with Robert.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    Colome drawing "ample" trade interest

    Wait, people still use ERA to judge a reliever's ability? In 2019? Are we also still using RBI to judge hitters? Or errors to judge fielders?
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    FS: Andrew Vaughn goes to White Sox at pick No. 3

    Probably. But, if this kid says he can play some 3rd, that adds so much value. Both him individually, and to the 25 man, whenever he arrives. To me, it's at least worth exploring.
  7. Two-Gun Pete

    FS: Andrew Vaughn goes to White Sox at pick No. 3

    Initially, I was a bit 'meh' about a RH, smallish-for-position, 1B. But, I've warned on the idea, given the reports on his bat. I would, however, prefer if he could learn how to play at a cromulent level @ another position, be it 3rd or a corner OF. Given the cavalcade of future 1B/DH in the system & in the 25 man, it would be a big help if he could play an additional position. Hell, if Bryant can play off his preferred 3B, why can't this org build versatility into the roster as well? If teaching this kid an additional position means him coming up next June vs him coming up sooner as a 1B ONLY, I'll gladly take the former.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    For one, if Keuchel signs a one year deal, it won't be for a team with a -50 run differential that he'd be expected to save singlehandedly. So, they'd likely have to overpay, most likely with years. Especially with THAT agent. Signing Keuchel to HOPE that he'd miracle this team to the WC is throwing good money away, Yonder Alonzo -style.
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Rumor: Cease will be called up "very soon"

    So what happened this past offseason? I'm genuinely curious as to your spin on them shitting their pants on the opportunity to sign a rare pair of star players that were available IN THEIR PRIMES. [In other words, for the purpose of this exercise, you don't get to conflate Harper/Machado with stoopid overpays for geezing geezers like Pujols.] Thanks.
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    Dallas Keuchel signs one year deal with Braves

    The more I think about this idea, the more I hate it. In the Wild Card Standings, the SOX are behind Cleveland, Oakland, Boston, Texas, and Tampa Bay. Does anyone really think THIS roster, with THIS pitching staff, and THAT manager can overtake 4 of the aforementioned teams? Does anyone think that THIS team is better than any 4 of those teams? It would be one thing if: The SOX were already IN the Wildcard, and were trying to supplement an already strong roster, and The SOX already added Machado or Harper, and had extra ammo [i.e. Madrigal] to further supplement this team, and Kopech/Rodon were healthy & productive/reliable, thus necessitating ONLY one more SP to make 4 "reliable ones," plus an innings-eater, and There was more MLB-ready depth available in Charlotte, in case of injury/underperformance. But, isn't adding Keuchel, and HOPING he quickly shakes off the cobwebs/becomes a 2nd reliable starter for this club more like the stooopid James Shields trade? On top of it, even if Keuchel comes here, we're still HOPING for 4 of the 5 teams ahead of us to stumble. Oh, and we'd be HOPING that Giolito continues to pitch well, and we'd be HOPING that no more major injuries occur [due to a lack of MLB-ready depth], and we'd be HOPING that Jimenez breaks out, and we'd be HOPING that the AAAA types and McCann continue to overperform, and we'd be HOPING that Renteria's moronic managing doesn't become an impediment to this team. Did I miss any thing? Oh yeah: "Hope is NOT a plan." What's more, I believe the SOX have had the easiest schedule hereto fore, which may explain any over-achievement so far. June's schedule looks like it'll be a killer, with or without Keuchel. Again, if this team were ALREADY IN wildcard position, with a competent manager, and with depth from which to trade, and a more-reliable starting rotation already in place, and MLB-ready depth in Charlotte, I might be on board with such a move. But, since this is the dumbest front office in all of professional sports, I fully expect those imbeciles to overpay for Keuchel, and then he immediately gets hurt.
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    Well, your source compares a sabermetrically "optimal" lineup to a "typical" lineup. As I read that, an "optimal" lineup, in the '99th percentile' of lineups vs a '50th percentile lineup.' How far afield are rickys lineups from a theoretical "typical lineup," one that would fall smack-dab in the middle of optimization? I'd argue that Rickys lineup choices are inferior to a typical one; therefore he likely costs the team much more than the proposed 5-15 runs. Delmonico batting 2nd? Alonzo batting 4th? Hell, before Anderson was scratched, I think he planned to bat Tilson ahead of him the other day. (Likely due to his slavish adherence to l-r-l-r sequencing.) In Rickys case, his lineups matter much more than the average manager's lineups do, IMO.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    5/26- Sox at Twins, 1:10, NBCSC

    Cool. There's a proclivity of "than/then," "their/there/they're," and other confused words here. That said, if you're suggesting that they should have traded Sale/Eaton/Quintana, then go right back to doing what they were trying to do from 2012 - 2016, I disagree. I think it was right to sell assets for future assets, but that every last turd in the front office should have been fired the moment the Shields trade went down. [And therefore, better decisions would have been made in terms of the "Tear-Down" phase, the "Asset Agglomeration" phase, and now, the "Youngster Development/FA Supplementation" phase of the rebuild.] I think that better/smarter decision-makers would have gotten this rebuild a lot closer to fruition than these ass-clowns have done so far. I also think that going right back to gap-filling would have been the wrong thing to do, at least with the extant FO. YMMV.
  13. Two-Gun Pete

    Embrace The Tank!!!

    I agree that this should put an end to mouthbreathing morons that think that this SHITTY roster, with this SHITTY coaching staff, and THOSE morons in the front office has a snowball's chance in hell of competing this or next year. But, this kinda was a AAA squad out there today: Tilson and Cordell starting in the OF? Rondon and Sanchez the middle IF pair? Alonzo, not only in the 25 man roster, but starting and hitting 4th? Zavala rushed up, because they stupidly protected some other scrub instead of Smith? Covey as SP? Renteria as manager? By my count, that's 6 position players that probably wouldn't start for ANY decent team, an SP that's probably a long reliever on a decent team, and a manager that shouldn't be a manager in MLB, and possibly, not even in MiLB. All I can think is, "Godspeed, Hostetler. Do better than you've done hereto fore."
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    5/26- Sox at Twins, 1:10, NBCSC

    Not trying to be a jerk, but I don't understand this post. Do you mean that they would have been better off trading Sale/Eaton/Quintana "instead of" [READ: THAN] getting right back..... OR Did you mean that they would have been better off trading Sale/Eaton/Quintana and thereafter [READ: the sequential "THEN"], getting right back to filling in the gaps... Thanks. And Modelo thanks Two-Gun Pete. [Announcer Voice] Modelo: Proud Sponsor of Two-Gun Pete. [/Announcer Voice]
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    We said the same thing about the Blackhawks not too long ago. Keep the faith, my friend. Well, for the parts of the job that ARE on public display, Renteria sucks at them. Think lineup construction: Any one of us can Google "how to properly set a lineup," and decades of R & D, with mountains of data to back it up, can be had. Instead, it seems like Renteria stupidly prioritizes L-R-L-R in one of the more important parts of the lineup. Or bunting. The maths are easily available to know when to bunt (I.e. the odd speedster trying for a base hit, or Alonzo trying to break the shift against him), and when to NOT bunt. (I.e. ~90% of all the other cases where Ricky calls the bunt.) An optimist could say that these issues are easily fixable. A SOX fan will look at years of stupidity at all levels of this org, and groan.