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  1. Well, wikipedia says you're wrong. Two 3rd rounders > 1 5th rounder.
  2. First, thanks for agreeing that Trubisky, while definitely an NFL-caliber QB, has shown nothing since the draft to have proved to be worth trading away 2 3rd rounders and a 4th, to move up 1 spot. Second, where are you getting the idea of "overpaid by a 5th round pick" from? Here are the facts, from wikipedia: "The Bears moved up from the third overall pick by trading the San Francisco 49ers two third-round picks and a fourth-round pick.[29][30]" Trubisky on wikipedia
  3. Ok, I'll bite: 1. Did you think on draft day that there was any valid reason to trade up for Mitch Trubisky? 2. Have you seen anything in the intervening years to convince you that it was a good idea since then? 3. The bears traded away two 3rd round picks, & a 4th round pick, NOT a 5th rounder. Before you say, "that's not much," I'll tell you that a 4th rounder probably could have secured Robbie Gould in trade last season. (And thus, he could have been kicking in the playoff game last season. )
  4. I've hated the way they handled the QB spot since BEFORE Trubisky got here: 1. Cutting Cutler/stupidly signing an incompetent glennon made for a poor choice as a bridge QB; I preferred Cutler for that role. (Cutler as a cromlulent "bridge qb" likely would have given Mitch more time to watch/learn than Mike glennon.) 2. Stupidly trading half the fucking draft to move up 1 spot when it was unneccessary increased the expectations for an inexperienced Trubisky. (I thought, "this guy better be Dan Marino" if you're going to trade away that much for him.) 3. Just drafting Trubisky, regardless of draft spot, appears to be a massive scouting failure when compared to other QBs. 4. Running a Club Med preseason, when TOM FUCKING BRADY took preseason snaps appears to have stunted Trubiskys development. He looked like a 1 read QB who's unsure of where to throw the ball. Club Med. Fucking backwards baseball caps on the sideline, instead of preseason snaps. Total lack of accountability. How does the special teams coach NOT call a return instead of a block on 4th & 5-1/2? How does the HEAD coach not ensure that on a 4th & 5-1/2 that the return team stay the hell away from the punter? Here's hoping Ricky Nagy can unfuck himself & this underachieving, undisciplined team. I have my doubts.
  5. So many stupid penalties. I'm starting to think this coaching staff isn't very good.
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    Who would still want Maddon?

    (Snicker) So, you actually want the geniuses who gave away Marcus Semien and Tatis to give Bunting Ricky "parameters?" Sounds like you want the blind leading the blind. For my part, if your problem with Maddon is his "ego," I say get over it. This org hasn't had a competent field manager since the 2008 iteration of Ozzie Guillen. I'd take Maddon any day over the three stooges of RH/KW/RR, and twice on game day.
  7. Two-Gun Pete

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    They also crapped their pants in free agency just one offseason ago. They also could have/should have gone for a MONSTER international signing class 3 years ago, but crapped their pants on that one, too. But, if you're falling all over yourself to credit this front office, by all means: Their dogged pursuit of Jay and Alonzo truly added to this roster.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    To be fair to Lillian, of the Japanese players she mentioned, Yanagita would be the one to try to acquire; He looks the most MLB-ready of the three, and would play a cromulent RF. Dickerson has a -6 DRS as a LFer, and hasn't played RF since 2016. Since LF is currently occupied, I don't know that he'd be a fit here. What's more, what would be his motivation to leave philly, especially if they can make it into the postseason this year? Not saying that there's even a snowball's chance in hell of signing Yanagita, given the potential of a posting fee, and this org's "thriftiness." But, there would be worse ideas than at least exploring him as an option, IMO. As a "bridge signing" to a more permanent solution, that is.
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Badler 2020 J2 Preview

    So when you state "0 results," it means that this org is not linked to any of the top prospects, and that we should assume that they'll [once again] try to trade away international bonus pool space for players, yes? After all, they're free, since the Reinsdorfs won't have to actually send money to another team, just the ability for another team to spend money on prospects in exchange for the Thyago Vieiras and the like...
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    2020 RF options

    Sure, every once in awhile a bad team can beat a good one. But over 162, the cream rises to the top.
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    2020 RF options

    Greg, do you really believe this? I mean, do you actually believe that this team could sniff the jocks of actual WS contenders? I certainly don't. Go watch the yankmees, dodgers, or Astros for a couple series, then tell us how many of the SOX everyday players would even be on the GOOD TEAMS' rosters.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    2020 RF options

    Agreed on this. Leury would/should be a nice utility player on a good-to-great team, were he given the correct amount of exposures to favorable matchups. [i.e. Vs LHP, his WRC+ is 109, vs RHP, it's 70.] He also was a very good SS in MiLB, and I think that he could be that again, if given the opportunity. Of course, a stupid org like the SOX have him [and his shitty .309 OBP] leading off, because those morons hate having players, you know, ON BASE for some insane reason. This same stupid org hates making the most of a player's potential utility, so I attribute much of Leury's up-and-down defensive performance to him not being managed well. [Neither here, nor in MiLB.] All in all, I think I'd bring him back to start until Robert arrives, and then as a utility player thereafter.
  13. No, I get what you mean. But it's a little weird for a grown man to "worship" a ballplayer, IMHO. When you're a teen/tween/grammar school kid, I can perfectly see someone of that age/experience "worshipping" a ballplayer. But as a grown man? "Worship?" I mean, all of us on these boards are SOX fans, and all on the more hardcore side of things. But "worshipping" another grown man comes off as creepy, dude. EDIT: I post this as someone who wouldn't mind Abreu being extended, and someone who finds ron's hatred of Abreu a bit bizarre.
  14. Not picking on you, but how old are you, Greg?
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    September Call Ups - Who gets the Nod?

    Yeah, I'd pretty much leave Charlotte more or less intact until they bounce out of their playoffs. But, I'd disagree that "now" would be the time to give the fringey guys shots. The time was, well, May, once Machado wasn't signed, and Rodon went down. In any case, none of the players on the 40 man in Charlotte are all that interesting, IMO; I really don't want to squander the service time of Robert/Madrigal, unless they sign extensions first.