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  1. Two-Gun Pete

    Offseason Targets

    I think this means that Bauer will definitely set the market among SPs. I'd still go with a 3 year deal for Stroman, with somewhere between $15Mm to $18MM/per.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    Offseason Targets

    Great work, and great thought put into this. Where I will differ is that I'd see Bauer getting a 9-figure offer, and more like 5+ years. He represents the top of the SP market, and I believe that the top FAs will get their money as usual. Also, at 30 years old, would he want to go back to FA at 34? I dunno. Spotrac had his market value at $21.7MM/per, but that was for last offseason. Bauer's reported market value a year ago. With Kluber, he's 34, and coming off a shoulder injury? [Or was it an elbow?]. NO thanks to him, or ANY geezing geezers who want to come steal money at the end of their careers. We've seen that movie before, and we know how it will end. I also don't know if McCann would take 2/$14MM. My guess is no, but its a guess. OTOH: IF Pederson can be pried away from the west coast, I'd love that contract. I also dunno if at 29 years old, that he's looking for a shorter or longer-term deal. I'd also love the Colome deal. $7MM/per would be less than what was squandered on a number of players in recent memory for the SOX. I dunno what he'll ultimately get, but Spotrac had his value at $14.7MM/per a year ago. Given what is currently available on the open FA market, I don't see other possibilties that will be as attractive as a 32 year old who still looks like he has his FB velo. I think I might go [and these are all wild guesses at this point]: Stroman 3/$54MM + option(s) [$18MM/per] Quintana 2/$24MM + option(s) [$12MM/per] Your Pederson Contract 2/$20MM [$10MM/per], or Puig 1/$7MM + KW's favorite, incentives to keep him in line + option(s) Colome, maybe 2/$24MM + options [$12MM/per] Totals: $52MM added Either way, JR will have to be talked into spending money, AND accepting the reality that no matter what, the White Sox will likely lose money, due to this pandemic. Here's hoping that he will, and that Assistant Team President TLR will approve such spending. Meanwhile, I'm sure they'll find something for RH to do.
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    It was a fair thought on your part, because Bochy has had some health challenges WRT cardiac conditions. And while these sorts of conditions are easily manageable, it wasn't "a nothingburger," in terms of Bochy's potential candidacy. The fvkcing problem is that there weren't any fvkcing candidates for this job, apart for TLR. Just like with Ventura or Renteria. With respect to the secondary coach hirings, they'll do fvkc-all to prevent TLR from making demands of JR that can fvkc this competitive window. Like stupid trades that are "win now" moves, but squander finite MiLB resources. I'm still in the "rage" portion of accepting White Sox stupidity, so it'll take me awhile to get to the "desolate from hope" stage.
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    Who would you have hired?

    As others have said, a comparative, competitive process in hiring allows an org to gain insight into their OWN processes, as well as industry standards, as well as finding the right person for the job. [Note the order in which these things were listed in the previous sentence.] They didn't even try to do a search. As usual. Had they interviewed TLR, Bochy, Hinch, Cora, Alomar, Quatraro, and hell, even Ozzie, they could have gotten a better sense of where THEY are as an org, and where other industry leaders are as well. But they didn't. Which will fvkc up this org about 10 different ways.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    This has nothing to do with this moronic move of hiring an ancient fvkc as manager. NO offense, but it may be best to go wank off to the flag issue elsewhere. And I say this as a Vet speaking to a Vet.
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    No. He said that he WAS interested, but hadn't heard from the White Sox.
  7. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    As you and I have detailed, this is EXACTLY what those dumb motherfvkcers do. They don't bother with a search, and they don't understand the value of it. I can't wait until the day comes that neither JR, nor KW, nor RH are involved in running this team into the ground. I eagerly await the day that modern, competent front office management comes to the South Side.
  8. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    OK, so I took overnight to cool down from the RAGING FIRE of 10,000 Suns' worth of hatred of this move. And, I still fvkcing hate this shit. First of all, this is "SO White Sox." Instead of having a competitive process, they [meaning JR] decided who HE wanted as manager, and they just "named him," without so much as a comparative process. Had they interviewed: 1. TLR and Bochy ["Elder Statesmen" group], AND 2. Hinch and Cora ["Cheating Cheaters" group], AND 3. Alomar and Quatraro (sp?) ["Up-And-Comers" group], and then decided that TLR was the "best choice," then I would somewhat be at peace with it. But, by all we now know, neither Hinch, nor Cora, nor Bochy, nor anyone else was interviewed. This is the SAME moronic process that gave us Ventura and Renteria as managers. There hasn't been a competitive, comparative process since Guillen vs. Gaston, now 17 fvkcing years ago. They've learned NOTHING, and this hire will likely result in failure. Secondly, I hate what hiring a geezing geezer will do to the team and it's processes. A 76 year old man shouldn't buy green bananas, let alone think LOGICALLY about this organization's future 3 or 4 or 5 years hence. In other words, he'll think about the NOW, and ONLY the NOW, not about an entire window of competition, much like many boomers think about climate change today. At the same time, him being BFF with JR means that the organizational structure will be as convoluted as a polygamist-mormon's family tree. Basically, TLR already has the ear of JR, whereas his [nominal] boss has to ask KW to ask JR. So, if TLR gets the moronic idea to trade Kopech for Matt Carpenter, straight up, Michael Kopech will be helping St Louis for a decade. This will fvkc up this window's duration. Lastly, YES, I think a blind, drunk monkey could be better at the tactical and strategic parts of the game than RR. I think a lifelong drunken 76 year old will be better than RR as well. But I don't know if he will be the BEST possible option, and we will never know that, because those @ssholes didn't bother to interview anyone else. At the same time, we know that TLR's teams feuded with each other, and he is out of touch as well. If it hasn't been started yet, there should be a poll for who will TLR feud with, and who will he try to run out of town. Because it is inevitable, based on 30+ years of his work history. On balance, this is "SO White Sox," in that they self-sabotaged themselves. Again. Sure, they'll "be better next season" than they were last season. But, in true White Sox fashion, they failed to make THE BEST choice based on all of the available information. And, the organization will suffer as a result. I won't stop following my lifelong favorite team. But I know I probably won't get a ticket package for 2021.
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Tony La Russa named Manager

    Yeah, they really suck.
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Who's higher/comparable to him among SPs THIS offseason? Often, what a player can achieve in FA comes down to timing, and the fact that he may be "THE BEST FA" in a given offseason. Also, Wheeler got 5/$118MM. IMO, if Bauer signs that, this club will be limited in what else they can do this offseason. For Bauer, he's 30 years old. This will likely be his one chance to cash in. For him to sign another 1 year deal is him risking his one chance to do so. Neither he, nor his agent (Boras) will give any discounts. So, he's going to want 5 or more years; any multiyear offer thats fewer than that is likely a non-starter. Given his age and where he is in his career, he shouldn't sign a shorter deal, if he wants to maximize what he can get in FA. And again, this org has yet to sign a $100MM+ offer to a FA, pitcher or not. And equally important, this org doesn't like to sign long term contracts to pitchers. For all of these reasons (and others), Bauer ain't signing here. Yes, the SOX "could," sign him. Maybe the SOX "should" sign him. And sure, for many posters, if they were JR, they "would" sign him. But it ain't gonna happen.
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    Is Ozuna the Answer in right field?

    Yeah, I had to re-check why I didn't want him. Ozuna hadn't played RF since 2017, and in that season, he did so for all of 1.1 innings. This year, he played all of 17 innings in RF, and he graded out poorly at the position. He's not a RFer. Agreed that I'd rather spend on TWO SPs, and a closer. Looking at the FA closers list, it probably should be Colome, since I don't really see anyone else who should be worth a premium at that position.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Nah, just tired of reading the same thing every offseason about every top FA year after year after year after year. Remember, "Harpchado?" Yeah, neither of those guys signed here, and Bauer ain't signing here, either.
  13. Two-Gun Pete

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    (Checks roster) Did he actually sign here, but change his name to Gio Gonzalez? Yeah, Bauer ain't signing here.
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Hey, live in the real world, or delude yourself. Its entirely up to you. Has this org ever signed anyone to a $150MM+ contract? Does this org like long term contracts for pitchers? Just asking.
  15. Two-Gun Pete

    Trevor Bauer Thread (Mazara Free Zone)

    Here's your Bauer update: He ain't coming here, any more than Gerrit Cole, or Harper, or Machado. Since it is an abject waste of time discussing Bauer coming here, some want to defend a below average player.