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    5/26- Sox at Twins, 1:10, NBCSC

    Cool. There's a proclivity of "than/then," "their/there/they're," and other confused words here. That said, if you're suggesting that they should have traded Sale/Eaton/Quintana, then go right back to doing what they were trying to do from 2012 - 2016, I disagree. I think it was right to sell assets for future assets, but that every last turd in the front office should have been fired the moment the Shields trade went down. [And therefore, better decisions would have been made in terms of the "Tear-Down" phase, the "Asset Agglomeration" phase, and now, the "Youngster Development/FA Supplementation" phase of the rebuild.] I think that better/smarter decision-makers would have gotten this rebuild a lot closer to fruition than these ass-clowns have done so far. I also think that going right back to gap-filling would have been the wrong thing to do, at least with the extant FO. YMMV.
  2. Two-Gun Pete

    Embrace The Tank!!!

    I agree that this should put an end to mouthbreathing morons that think that this SHITTY roster, with this SHITTY coaching staff, and THOSE morons in the front office has a snowball's chance in hell of competing this or next year. But, this kinda was a AAA squad out there today: Tilson and Cordell starting in the OF? Rondon and Sanchez the middle IF pair? Alonzo, not only in the 25 man roster, but starting and hitting 4th? Zavala rushed up, because they stupidly protected some other scrub instead of Smith? Covey as SP? Renteria as manager? By my count, that's 6 position players that probably wouldn't start for ANY decent team, an SP that's probably a long reliever on a decent team, and a manager that shouldn't be a manager in MLB, and possibly, not even in MiLB. All I can think is, "Godspeed, Hostetler. Do better than you've done hereto fore."
  3. Two-Gun Pete

    5/26- Sox at Twins, 1:10, NBCSC

    Not trying to be a jerk, but I don't understand this post. Do you mean that they would have been better off trading Sale/Eaton/Quintana "instead of" [READ: THAN] getting right back..... OR Did you mean that they would have been better off trading Sale/Eaton/Quintana and thereafter [READ: the sequential "THEN"], getting right back to filling in the gaps... Thanks. And Modelo thanks Two-Gun Pete. [Announcer Voice] Modelo: Proud Sponsor of Two-Gun Pete. [/Announcer Voice]
  4. Two-Gun Pete

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    We said the same thing about the Blackhawks not too long ago. Keep the faith, my friend. Well, for the parts of the job that ARE on public display, Renteria sucks at them. Think lineup construction: Any one of us can Google "how to properly set a lineup," and decades of R & D, with mountains of data to back it up, can be had. Instead, it seems like Renteria stupidly prioritizes L-R-L-R in one of the more important parts of the lineup. Or bunting. The maths are easily available to know when to bunt (I.e. the odd speedster trying for a base hit, or Alonzo trying to break the shift against him), and when to NOT bunt. (I.e. ~90% of all the other cases where Ricky calls the bunt.) An optimist could say that these issues are easily fixable. A SOX fan will look at years of stupidity at all levels of this org, and groan.
  5. Two-Gun Pete

    Is Ricky the worst manager in White Sox history?

    This. Anyone who says Renteria is probably either a milennial, or simply wasn't paying attention. And, this. When Ventura was hired, that was the 1st moment I got into the mindset of "every fucking clown in the front office needs to be fired." I still havent wavered from that viewpoint all these years later. When a GOOD organization, needs to hire too talent, the interview teaches the org about themselves as much as it does about the interviewee. Having a thorough and competitive process is essential in a competitive industry. Otherwise, you end up with incompetence, ignorance, and failure among your decision-makers. The fact that this org hasn't had a competitive process for ANY of the major hirees (manager, scouting director, director of player development , etc...) is a big fucking problem. Its CENTRAL to why this org never seems to progress, when other orgs seem to make leaps forward. It's a massive part of why this team has been among the suckiest sucks that have ever sucked over the past decade or so. Again, I just throw this non-competitive process onto the mountain of reasons why every last member of the front office needs to be fired. Seriously, just blow it up, & start over. This fandom deserves better.
  6. Two-Gun Pete

    5/21 Games

    Who cares? In the time it took for us to type these posts, he probably already K"ed again. Wasn't he a pitcher in HS? Maybe he should try that, because he's never going to amount to anything as a hitter.
  7. Two-Gun Pete


    Doesn't Moncada generally start a season hot, before his bat goes to sleep for a few months, and then numbers-padding in Sept/Oct? At least, that's how remember him hitting hereto fore in his career.
  8. My favorite part about this thread is that the header has a question mark in it, but then the title ends with an exclaimation point. Is this a question poll? Or Is this a question poll! Carry on...
  9. Two-Gun Pete

    Time for some changes, Rick

    Ok, I'm game: Exactly WHO should spend money on this off-season? More to the point, who makes more sense than Machado or Harper? I'll hang up, & listen for my answer.
  10. Two-Gun Pete

    How many wins do you expect out of this road trip?

    I expect a 7-0 road trip, with Alonzo & Castillo in a 2-way battle for AL Player of the week. One will lead the league in HR during this road trip, while the other will lead the league in mound chargings. I also expect Covey to fall short of a perfect game, as he hits the last hitter with a pitch, leading him to be ejected. Ricky Renteria will then get a 5 year contract extension, based on general principle. Dallas Keuchel will then sign for the league minimum, & lead this team to the world series. Yolmer will be the WS MVP, but will have to hold off Carson Fulmer for the award. What?
  11. Two-Gun Pete

    Sox and Stros 7:10 Central

    Given that Eloy's in LF, and a rookie, and not exactly a plus defender, I could actually see where Leury's ability to speak Spanish could be helpful in the field. My impression on Tilson's personality is that he doesn't appear to be the type to be able to "take charge" when needed, as a CF must do a few times a game. For these reasons I'll actually give renteria a pass on this defensive alignment; I'll agree, however, that in a vacuum, Tilson is probably the better defender, while Garcia likely has the better arm. When it was Delmonico in LF, Tilson probably should have manned CF moreso than Garcia, IMO.
  12. Two-Gun Pete

    Palka time

    Charlotte is the most-favorable hitting environment in that league, & perhaps in all of MiLB. If Alonzo weren't here, sure. Kuechel isn't coming here; other teams that are in contention will be interested in him, so why would he sign here? Adding veterans to a middling squad is the thought process that got us into being "mired in mediocrity" in the first place. I don't want to go back to the bad old days of 2013-2016, in all honesty.
  13. Well, to be fair/pick nits, it's true that Rick Hahn was [snicker] "trying to compete in 2013, 2014, and 2015. However: 1. The disasterous/ruinous/moronic/idiotic, and dumb trade for James Shields occurred on June 5, 2016. I mark this the penultimate move in the "attempt to compete" era of Rick Hahn's time as GM. 2. The famous "Mired in Mediocrity" presser was on July 20, 2016, or roughly 6 1/2 weeks after the dumbest trade that was never, ever going to make that shitty 2016 team compete. I mark the "Mired In Mediocrity" press conference as being the start of the rebuild, at least philosophically. So, by the end of this season, Rick Hahn will have had ~3-1/2 seasons [snicker] "trying to compete," and ~2-1/2 seasons of trying to rebuild. Is that fair?
  14. Two-Gun Pete

    Hahn On Tatis Jr. Trade

    Everything you posted is correct, and true. However, what has bothered me about this stupid move was that those mouth-breathing morons in the front office thought: 1. The shitty 2016 roster that they dropped on us, AND 2. the shitty, moronic manager who never wanted to be here, and wasn't even a HEAD coach in HS, 3. Collectively had a snowball's chance in hell of competing. In other words, KW/RH/JR are all collectively too stupid to tell the difference between a GOOD team, and a poor one. So set aside that anyone with a 3-digit IQ and working eyes could have seen that Shields was one of the suckiest sucks that ever sucked. Set aside that Shields could have/SHOULD have been gotten for mere money/salary relief/NO prospect equity. The people still running this org are simply too dumb to do their jobs. They were dumb in 2016, and I see little to suggest that they've gotten smarter since then. FFS, the squandering of resources on turds like Jay and Alonzo and others, and then whining about the price tag for Machado reinforces the idea that they don't know a good player from a poor one. THAT'S what truly hurts about this idiotic, moronic, and dumb trade. RH/KW/JR ALL deserve a verbal beating for being fucking morons. And yes, Tatis' likely ascension to stardom will be the constant reminder that we have imbeciles running this team [into the ground].
  15. Two-Gun Pete


    Not picking on you, but can we FUCKING pump the brakes on this? FFS, he's hitting .235/a measly wRC+ of 107 in Birmingham. [Yes, I know about SSS, and the ballpark factor.] He Doesn't Look Ready-Yet IMO, nothing about his numbers in AA suggest to me that he's anywhere near ready, just yet. Can we let him get back to DOMINANCE in AA before we call him up? Eloy DESTROYED AA, and before the injury, he wasn't exactly JDM at the dish in the Bigs.
  16. Two-Gun Pete

    adam engel or charlie tilson?

    For me, the frustrating thing with this crop of AAAA types was the stupid and uneven way they were handled. Engel has 1 MLB caliber tool, but his complete and utter lack of any sort of ability to hit made his 857 MLB PAs seem to be a waste of time. Him being scouted by the Doug Laumann Clown College, and [snicker] signed in the 19th round by a failed front office meant that he was likely never a prospect in the FIRST PLACE. Tilson was actually scouted, drafted, and developed by a [then] successful and intelligent front office in St. Louis. Him being drafted in the 2nd round, and then his relative prospect status in a decent organization makes me more interested in what he might do with more of a look. His injuries aside, I can't understand why he's only had 123 PA leading into this season. Cordell doesn't seem to have any PLUS tools, but then, he doesn't suffer from an abject and crippling LACK of any one tool that would prevent him from at least having more of a look. Though, again, his injury history has also sidetracked him hereto fore. I suppose on balance, Engel's utter shittiness at hitting, yet him having 9,999 lives in the MLB roster was typical of a stupid organization like this one. In a rebuild, a team HAS TO get lucky with the odd AAAA type becoming a cromulent piece of the 25 man. Yet, 857 PAs were squandered on a 19th round no-hoper who could never fucking hit, when other, less flawed options are/were available. Were they too stupid to figure out that Engel isn't MLB caliber, or was it simply Tilson's/Cordell's health? Who knows. And yes, I recognize that Tilson and Cordell and Delmonico are all probably AAAA nothing burgers. But, they have to find out if any of them can provide more value than Engel's one MLB caliber tool, rather than wasting PAs on players who don't have the requisite level of OVERALL ability.
  17. Two-Gun Pete

    How Much Longer?

    OK, I'll bite. Exactly how is this "good news?" Is it "good news" reaffirming that this organization is dumb and incompetent? Is it "good news" that for a mere $5MM/year *10 years more than their stupid offer to MM, they could have signed an actual GOOD player, instead of the piles of crap they've signed? Or, is it "fuck the epic, ongoing failures in talent evaluation and the cavalcade of wasted resources, all I care is that a bad player who was stupidly given a contract is cut from my bad team?"
  18. Two-Gun Pete


    Moncada's start to the season is definitely promising. But, I doubt he'll enjoy the good fortune of a .429 BaBip all season long. Here's hoping that these numbers are somewhat real going forward.
  19. Two-Gun Pete

    Whats the plan, man?

    The fact that either this FO couldn't see the bolded coming, OR that they couldn't convince JR to open the checkbook BECAUSE of this eventuality is a giant turd sandwich that this org will have to chew on for years to come. Well, that, AND the fact that they couldn't figure out a way to make Machado work is another turd sandwich. But hey, they've got the cash to lock up the as-yet to be vetted "core pieces," right?
  20. Two-Gun Pete

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    Your back must hurt carrying the water for RH and the front office.
  21. Two-Gun Pete

    Predict the White Sox Record After 30 Games

    You might be right about the record, but you're wrong about "just" firing Hahn, Renteria, & Steverson. I pretty much believe that everyone on the MLB ops, scouting, player development, and MiLB side of things all need to be fired. Before he retired, I would have thought that Herm could be retained, but with the cavalcade of injuries among the youngsters, I'd be good with firing everyone in his old department as well. I suppose the gameday ops folks, the Sodfather, and ticketing folks can stay and help this turd of an organization turn it around, but fire everyone else. A "Red Wedding" style of firings is all it'll take to get this org moving the right direction, IMO. Or, a "Front Office enema," if you prefer. Just blow the baseball side of the front office up, and get competent people in to re-make the organization as a modern, competent operation. And no, this isn't a "two games into the season" overreaction. I've wanted everyone FIRED since those dumbasses had the moronic idea to even THINK that the 2016 team, with that manager, and that lack of MiLB depth had a prayer to compete, and then traded for James Shields. Carry on.
  22. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    So we're generally in agreement.
  23. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    No, Hahn should never state, "there will be no financial constraints," when there WERE CLEARLY financial constraints in pursuing a stud, THEN take a financial risk on an unproven player. In other words, a $43MM contract extension to a player with 0 PAs after screwing the pooch on Machado =/= "calling up a rookie."
  24. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    No. But, if you don't like the front office to be criticized, there's always WSI if you want polyanna-ish white sox commentary. IMHO, there is room for the "In Kenny We Trust" types, inasmuch as there is room for those who want to give this org the beating they so richly deserve in this part of the interwebs. YMMV.
  25. Two-Gun Pete

    Eloy officially got paid

    Is reactionary when you pay money to someone who hasn't faced an MLB pitch, especially after having promised the fans that there would be "no financial constraints" in pursuing a young star like Machado. We all agree that it is probably a lesser risk than most to extend Eloy, given Jimenez's MiLB record, but it is a risk nonetheless. For Hahn to state, "The money will be spent" after the Machado blunder, then giving a contract extension to Jimenez seems to be reactionary, IMO. 0 fWAR/= 30.3 fWAR