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    A Star is Born

    QUOTE (ron883 @ Aug 11, 2017 -> 07:54 AM) Regardless of what the board thinks, that is why He was traded in the first place. Unprofessional + the laroche saga is what started it all. FO was sick of him. Same with Eaton. This is very incorrect
  2. gosoxgo2005

    Luis Robert injured

    QUOTE (oldsox @ Jul 8, 2017 -> 07:47 AM) Now I remember. Tax savings. Robert signs a deal for $26 Million, Sox get another similar bill for some tax, and now the White Sox biggest concern is Robert's tax return. This tax saving concept sucked from day one. Here is what you do: 1. Pay the tax owed. 2. Move to the US. So, instead, this mega - wealthy 19 year old is hanging around the DR with money coming out of his pockets, dealing with whomever, playing once a week on some sand lot. He predictably hurts himself and goes to the local witch doctor for medical attention. He should be over here getting big league instruction, playing as often as possible, and getting better as quickly as possible. But No. We need to save taxes. What do we do to save taxes in 2018? Keep him in the DR again? Isn't this what crazy people do? Same thing over and over. What did Red Sox do when they signed Moncada to similar deal two years ago? They moved him the the US, put him on the Low A roster, and played him. Tax savings. $26 Mill is not enough. We have to save his taxes, too. I really like this response. Can't agree more. That said, just to play devil's advocate, he hasn't played organized baseball in over a year, so getting his feet wet for a few weeks isn't the worst thing in the world. Buttttt at the same time... he could be doing that in Arizona or Kanny
  3. gosoxgo2005

    Hall of Fame criteria for pitchers now

    I think wins do mean something if extrapolated over a long enough period of time. Take Mark Buehrle for instance... 200+ wins over 15ish years is a really, really good career. He put his team in a position to win games more often than not for a really long time. But yeah, Porcello winning 20 whatever games he won last year was more a product of playing behind an A+ defense and getting a ton of run support, not that he didn't have a great year
  4. gosoxgo2005

    Tommy Kahnle

    QUOTE (oldsox @ May 17, 2017 -> 07:40 AM) Just read a report that Kahnle got into it with Latroy Hawkins when they were teammates with Rockies back in 2015. Name calling on the part of Hawkins. Mike Recchia (ex-sox farmhand) sprinted to his defense and got into it with Hawkins on twitter today, says he was one of the nicest dude's he ever played with and everyone loved him, take it FWIW
  5. gosoxgo2005

    Red Line Radio With Brian Anderson

    QUOTE (BrianAnderson @ May 3, 2017 -> 10:42 AM) I thought the interview with me went well. Good interview. He comes off as a guy who a) who doesn't take life too seriously and b) as someone who still would name drop Frank Thomas or Griffey to get special status into somewhere. Not saying I wouldn't name drop too, but you can tell he was probably pretty immature back when he was a kid with the Sox. It's too bad he wasn't more focused with the Sox and couldn't have a longer career. Even with a .250 batting average and 15HR a year he could have had a 2-3 year career as a starter and then 3-5 more as a backup. A lot of lost money. I enjoyed his stories though. On advice on the Podcast? I've been a Barstool reader and listener for sometime -you guys have gotten better over the weeks, but still seem to talk over each other a bit much. Also wouldn't mind more segments focusing on: The minor leagues Have better prepared questions - less about who could drink more beer, more on baseball -but I get the brand -half comedy, half sports. If I think of more ideas I'll let you know. Appreciate the advice. We do think we've improved, but there are miles of improvements to be made. We're both type A hard ass idiots, so the talking over each other thing is something that will be hard, but also something we absolutely have to work on. Again, we love hearing this kind of stuff because we want you guys to have a good experience listening for an hour twice a week and the better it is for you, the better it is for us on our end. Thanks for listening! In the coming weeks we will start having more away team guests on, as well as more front office people. Zack Burdi is gonna come on as well once he gets called up. Lot of good stuff lined up
  6. Hey fellas, asked Bilek for permission to post the show on here today. We had Brian Anderson on our podcast last night and the reception was great, Brian had a lot of great stories from his first call up in 2005, the brawl vs. the Cubs in 2006 (where he beat John Mabry's ass), the blackout game, and Bobby Jenks putting back 50 beers on cross country flights Wade Boggs style and yes, Juan Uribe's legendary wang. Thought I'd share it here for those who may be interested It was a lot different than the Hahn interview from a few weeks back, this was completely unfiltered off the cuff. Even I thought we shoulda cut some of it out because I wasn't sure if some of the stories were meant for public consumption but Brian didn't want us to, so we rolled with it. For anyone who listens, PLEASE hammer us with any and all comments and criticisms. We're really trying to make this thing big (and it's grown ten fold since we first started) and since we are so new and raw at this we gotta hear and absorb any and all critiques of us. Let us know what you think, thanks!!!! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/red-lin...1210156055?mt=2 PS - shout out to Bilek for the assist in putting me in contact with BA, always comes through in the clutch for me
  7. QUOTE (greg775 @ Apr 30, 2017 -> 09:35 PM) My responses 1.) I've said it all along. Move Robertson but everybody laughed at me said it was too early. 2.) Gonzalez and Holland will get you NOBODY. Maybe a Class A non prospect. I mean, cmon. 3.) Frazier is worth nothing to other teams. He's in his final year before free agency and a sub .200 hitter. 4.) I'd actually trade Q now (if we are really in a rebuild). Why wait? 5.) May is a nonfactor. He's not a big leaguer. Release him ASAP. I agree bring up W Garcia and Delmonico. Release Asche NOW. 6.) OK I'll buy that. Suggestion: Trade Robertson and Q now if you are committed to a rebuild. Melky is gonna bring nothing of note. Again maybe a class A non prospect. How do you figure this? Lucas Harrell returned Travis Demeritte last year who's on a lot of top 100 lists. This is just a few months after Harrell was pitching in Korea. James Shields returned Fernando Tatis Jr, also on top 100 lists. There are other examples too, I'm sure I know it's not apples to apples but saying Gonzales and Holland will get you NOBODY is incorrect.
  8. gosoxgo2005

    April 23rd Game Thread: White Sox vs. Indians

    QUOTE (greg775 @ Apr 23, 2017 -> 03:24 PM) His ceiling appears to be Alexei. Probably going to be much worse. He might consider choking up a bit. He takes that big hack like all the guys nowadays. .250 hitter at best since he wont take a walk; probably a .295 on base percentage guy. Not very good. You know he already hit .285 or something right?
  9. gosoxgo2005

    Barstool RedLine Radio

    QUOTE (shipps @ Apr 11, 2017 -> 12:44 PM) I kind of figured the NW thing was a 50/50 chance of being true. LOL Fellas, James just DMed me saying he posted this on here. Few things to clear some stuff up about what we are doing: A. Thanks for listening. We're obviously incredibly raw at this as we don't have much experience in radio/tv, but if you listened to episode 1 through the Hahn episode (9) we've def improved just from a vocal standpoint. We know we need to improve the "uhhs" and "f*ckins" and not use as many crutch words to improve the flow. It's getting better but there's still a ways to go. With that said, we plan on launching this to the MOON. Video, website, monetization, etc. We want this to be a grade A, legitimate source of info on the Cubs, Sox and eventually other teams that will fall under the RLR umbrella. This is the tip of the iceberg. We will not quit until it's the best podcast in chicago baseball. B. I obviously don't have a verbal filter on social media and say whatever (often stupid) thought comes to my mind, but I think it resonates with fans. I am lucky to have an extremely popular platform to "write" from as well that I kinda fell face first into. PS - Brian will be a reoccurring guest, and he is also a drunken buffoon C. I dont' really tell people I went to NU, people just don't realize one can be a diehard NU fan without having attended the school. Over the years so many people have assumed I went there that I just got sick of correcting them and just let them run with the assumption that I attended one of the best universities in the world. PS - Brian also assumed I went there when we first met Anyways, thanks for listening again, the reception was awesome and if anyone has any comments or critiques fire away, we know we have a lot of work to do to iron out the wrinkles. PS - sorry for those who hate me, I try not to be a dick but I know I am sometimes and if I ever pissed any of you off for whatever reason then consider this our internet hug it out moment
  10. gosoxgo2005

    Lopez/Giolito/Kopech/Moncada/Fulmer sent down

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Mar 22, 2017 -> 07:06 AM) That would make 3 lefties in a row. I watched Covey pitch in AZ two weeks ago and he couldn't be a more vanilla, average pitcher.
  11. gosoxgo2005

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 12:17 PM) The way things go around here is if people continually banter and attack other posters, suspensions are given out. Dick should know that, I know that, you may not know that. Sad - scary... just like puppies being kicked. Not really but poop. Edit: the bottom line is most of us are losing are minds and need some trades to go down. I won't continue with it.
  12. gosoxgo2005

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 11:41 AM) You're right, if it isn't on twitter, it isn't official. Why did you want to punch me in the face on twitter because of something I posted here that had zero to do with you? Why didn't you post something here that you wanted to punch me in the face? If rabbit or Kyle want to call me a dick, what do I care? They wouldn't know me if I standing right in front of them. But you are the guy that posted for all to see you wanted to punch me in the face on twitter for something I posted here. I was alerted to it. I don't follow you at all, although I did give you credit for things you did break. You are an internet tough guy. I read some of the stuff, and you want to punch a lot of people. I would love to get it on youtube because I am sure you would miss. As far as the punching thing, I don't even remember saying that but I'm sure I did. I'd advise you to not take things literally though. I read a handful of your posts and like I said, pinpointed And I'm not an internet tough guy. I'm as self deprecating as they come. I laugh at myself as much as anyone. I'm an idiot. All of that I admit. But I'll be the first to defend myself when people are talking s*** about me on internet forums
  13. gosoxgo2005

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 11:14 AM) He called me a know it all dickhead. Apparently he doesn't read his twitter. His entire post was him telling everyone how great he is. The video is there for everyone to see. If he wants to punch me in the face, we can have it arranged. I think when the moment arrives, however, the gum will fall out of his mouth. I have heard of can't walk and chew gum at the same time. That was the first time I ever saw someone who just can't chew gum at the same time. If you have a problem with me why not say it to me on twitter instead of b****ing about me to other people on a message board? And my entire post wasn't me telling everyone how great I am. I called myself a "joke" for getting the scoops that I do and also said the gum video was embarrassing. Again, the people that I do talk to that read these message boards called you the same thing. I wouldn't have said that on here until I get messages from multiple people "dick allen is talking s*** about WSD on Soxtalk" Keep picking at the low hanging fruit with the gum though, but just an FYI I made fun of myself on the internet for it more than anyone else did, so you're swimming up stream with it
  14. gosoxgo2005

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (hi8is @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 10:45 AM) Poooo-Ig Wish you'd post more - minus the dick references and insecurity based hootananey. ( you're right thou, it is a message board. ) Poop Once I say a name once that's how I'll say it for the rest of my life, regardless if it's the correct pronunciation or not. It's a big problem I have and I wish I could fix it. Dems da breaks. Also, it's not insecurity. I just don't like people making assumptions about me when they don't know the first thing about who I am or what I do. And I'll chime in here and there from now on I guess.
  15. gosoxgo2005

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (South Sider @ Dec 23, 2016 -> 10:33 AM) It's on him even though his source wouldn't let him? Uhhh? Ok... "That's on me" is an inside joke for people who read Barstool