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  1. ScooterMcGee

    White Sox vs Twins 8/20/2019

    What do you mean he's finished
  2. ScooterMcGee

    8/19 Games

    I wonder if it has anything to do with Charlotte being a contender for a playoff spot?
  3. ScooterMcGee

    White Sox vs Twins

    Josseeeeeeee hit that a long ass waaaaaaayyyyyyy
  4. ScooterMcGee

    White Sox vs Twins

    Soooo wheres the K zone
  5. ScooterMcGee

    Sox v Angels: Schur thing

    Eloy has no cheapies ever
  6. ScooterMcGee

    Cubs thread 2k19

    Aren't the sox like perfect in that category?
  7. It really is actually. I started out annoyed now I'm enjoying it lol
  8. The fact that Merkin tweeted this...
  9. I am actually starting to laugh
  10. Haha thought the same thing
  11. Would rather listen to bad Hawk
  12. Um, waaaay worse. He just loves to hear himself talk
  13. Woooowwwww man who tf is this guy
  14. ScooterMcGee

    8/16 Games

    Madrigal K'd 😯