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  1. ScooterMcGee

    ALCS- Yankees/Astros

    Not sure if anyone else is watching this, but a pretty horribly announced game so far.
  2. ScooterMcGee

    Madrigal Wins Gold Glove

    As it stands now, it's not strong 1-9. They still need to find a DH and a RF, and who knows how Robert will fare when he arrives. He could struggle out of the gate. Same with Madrigal.
  3. ScooterMcGee

    Team USA 2020 Olympics team has 2 Sox prospects

    Wonder if this means Girardi won't be signing with the Cubs
  4. ScooterMcGee

    Frank Thomas will be on WWE Smackdown tonight

    My sentiments exactly. I live near Grand Rapids, MI and they have an arena in the city. A WWE event was being held there the other day and I was like...that's still a thing??
  5. ScooterMcGee

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    If Stony left, I would LOVE to have AJ in the booth. He would be more of a homer than Hawk though lol
  6. ScooterMcGee

    Steve Stone not returning to the booth next season???

    I don't understand. Anyone who listens to Stone knows he is extremely knowledgeable of the game, and is just a very wise person in general. What if Reinsdorf really has done so much for so many people that never gets publicized and now one false claim is put out there against him and it blows up, and now this is what everyone thinks of him? What if Stone is just defending the truth? I would commend anyone for doing that. Hell, the people that work for Jerry are the ones that know him the best, which happen to be the Sox employees. Who the hell else is going to speak against these comments? Hope Stony stays in the booth. I know he's getting older, but I have a lot of respect for him.
  7. ScooterMcGee

    ALDS- Twins/Yankees

  8. ScooterMcGee

    Will the Sox be able to retain J Ben?

    I'm already starting the petition for Bill Walton. We're going to hit all of our balls over the moon and through the stratosphere.
  9. ScooterMcGee

    9/28- Tigers vs Sox Game 2, 6:00

    Say what you want about Nova, hes got some nasty movement on his stuff today
  10. ScooterMcGee

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

  11. ScooterMcGee

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    He actually had decent stuff and pitched a scoreless inning.
  12. ScooterMcGee

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    The pitching injuries just keep piling up
  13. ScooterMcGee


    Insane that Bellinger was taken that low in the draft
  14. There goes whatever value anyone thought he might have.
  15. Story of Fulmers career. Fantastic stuff, cant control it. Fulmer is a victim of the times when the Sox rushed the prospects through the system and didn't develop them properly.