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  1. I would argue the Pirates are.
  2. ScooterMcGuire

    Tim Anderson Suspended Three Games - Has Appealed

    The way he's playing rn who cares
  3. Welp, winning ugly. Good thing our pitching is nails rn.
  4. At least TLR put the best outfield defense out there.
  5. Does Grandal have another year on his contract?
  6. Part of me doesn't want this team to make the postseason to save them.the embarassment
  7. Lol Yoan. Just go home. Take Tim with you. They can call up Lenyn Sosa and Montgomery.
  8. He got hit in the wanger too
  9. And Anderson struggles continue
  10. The big head or the big game
  11. Just sounds like a lot of accusations are going on and all I've seen is some chick posting about being Tim's "side piece" on social media. That holds no water...