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  1. For the passing of his grandmother. I know his grandfather passed away recently, I think after he got traded to the Sox. 😢 Eligible to return Friday. 3-7 days is the period for which he can be absent. Delmonico called up to replace him in the meantime. https://670thescore.radio.com/chicago-white-sox-eloy-jimenez-bereavement-list
  2. Cordell definitely making the most of his opportunity
  3. Haha dude got knocked tf out by Moncada om that tag. Great throw by McCann
  4. Struck him out on the same pitch lol
  5. Wide zone today boys. Be ready.
  6. As long as he calls it for both sides. Banuelos reminds me a bit of Quintana with the delivery and rolled up sleeves.
  7. Was probabky not wanting to make 2 outs on 2 pitches.
  8. Scoots

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Same with me but with Konerko. I had the Paulie vs Derek Lee arguments lol. Crede vs Aramis Ramirez were always fun too.
  9. What is up with this dude's hands. Hasn't that been the only area of injury for him?
  10. Happy Easter! Won't be able to catch the game today but I love the lineup. Hoping for a good outing from ReyLo and a bat chuck or two by Timmy. Love the new Banner, btw. 😂😂
  11. Scoots

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    Are you in a position to tell him he's not in a position to make a certain decision?
  12. Scoots

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    Got it, thanks for clatifying. So, again I stand with Anderson, but here is my response to that. MLB is a business, yes, but I don't think they made this move based on concern for the business. I think they made the suspension move because of the use of the word and them not wanting it used on the field. However, I think it was poorly executed. It happened too fast and they should've considered the situation and who was involved, and yes the cultural nuances, more carefully. I see a lot of people on here who are defending the use of the word and why it is used the way it is used today by blacks. I also see Micah Johnson's response to it. I also know blacks who hate the word and don't think it has a place in any group in our society. Do they get a say in this?
  13. Scoots

    Stroman: I stand with Tim Anderson

    Did they interview the fans? I haven't heard that Anderson has refuted the claim that he said it. I am on Anderson's side, but the claim this article is making seems to be poor at best.
  14. This lineup actually makes a lot of sense. Only concern really is Abreu in the 3 hole woth his recent struggles, bit he did drive in a couple yesterday with a double so maybe he'll start coming out of it. That being said, radar looks gross. Might not get this in until this evening. Tomorrow for Detroit looks beautiful though, sunny and 70s
  15. Probably remembering what happened the last time he sent Abreu lol, except this time under completely different circumstances
  16. Abreu not driving in runs is getting really annoying.
  17. I mean the pitches werent even close, not sure what he is gawking about.
  18. Stay hot kid. Now Abreu needs to put his words into actions and clear the bases. Ronnie is gone.
  19. Yoan doing what Leury couldnt do...laying off the breaking pitches outside the zone