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  1. 103 mph screwball

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    What if Price is smoke screen and the pitcher is Sale?
  2. 103 mph screwball

    Hawk Harrelson wins the Ford C. Frick Award

  3. I don't know what Eaton was like in the clubhouse, but he was cool to my kids at spring training and signed a ton of autographs for the crowd. Tyler Flowers too.
  4. 103 mph screwball

    GameThread: White Sox (Nova) @ Indians (Clevinger)

    Link to game recap for posterity. 4-1-19 game recap Baseball reference 2019 schedule and box scores
  5. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    Fair points. The similarity though is that they are high-demand, limited-supply workers that can make or break your organization. Also, more and more often they are millennials.
  6. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    This post is just the worst. This is a business. To attract the best employees these days, you have to treat them well. Companies like Google provide great work environments and compensation. To keep an employee from going to a competitor, it is best not to screw them over on a technicality that will probably be changed soon. If the player is special, treat him like you would want to be treated.
  7. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    It makes no business sense to buy your wife a wedding ring either. It’s the gesture! Eloy has the young guys envisioning a World Series with the Sox. He will be the leader. He will be the face of the franchise. Eloy is special and deserves the gesture. Hahn flew down to meet his family. It was a gesture of respect. If he EARNS It, start him opening day is the right gesture. White Sox talk about loyalty and being like a family. Prove it. Treat Eloy the way you would want to be treated yourself!. It won’t be a total waste of money. You will recoup money selling tickets in April. You might get him to sign an extension that gives you the year back. He might be more likely to stay when he is a free agent. You might get good publicity. You might make a work stoppage slightly less likely. You might gain the goodwill of future free agents. You will piss off Soxtalk. And I it might not pay off monetarily. But, it’s the right way to treat the man that we already call The Bess.
  8. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    The stupidest thing they ever did was invoke the diminished skills clause on Big Frank. Fine way to treat your first ballot Hall of Famer.
  9. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    It goes beyond Eloy. All players will take notice.
  10. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    Then plan on him leaving. Don't get too attached.
  11. 103 mph screwball

    Eloy opening day if he earns it

    If Eloy earns the starting job this spring, honor the player and have him start opening day in Chicago. I know about the service time. Do you want to attract free agents? Treat your people well. Pay them what they are worth. Give them what they earn even if you have the upper hand. If Eloy earns it, respect him and maybe he respects you when he becomes a free agent.
  12. 103 mph screwball

    If White Sox are sold

    I'll move to Vegas with them.
  13. 103 mph screwball

    Realmuto to the Phillies - Sanchez/Alfaro+ to Marlins

    Whatever, let me know when Harper marries his sister.