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  1. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    that what happens if you bulid a farm system but sell it all later wiyhough thinking about saving it for later
  2. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    yeah true but who would they get to replace theo if he leaves?
  3. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    really if he does the cubs window has closed
  4. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    what happened to kimbrel he was such a good closer now he just a sgadow of his former self
  5. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    maddon going to cali
  6. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    The problem is Theo doesn’t like to keep young stars around like the astros doing or what the Sox trying to do
  7. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    Agreed they needed more then a closer
  8. timbo8

    Cubs thread 2k19

    I said it before when the cubs face the Sox kimbrel was questionable
  9. timbo8

    Field of Dreams Game: Sox vs. Yankees 8.13.20

    i hope our picthing rotation is not messup becase this game sound like a game for top pitchers
  10. timbo8

    Castellanos to Cubs

    are they though besides hamels and lester the rest of the rotaion is still questionable
  11. timbo8

    2019 Trade Deadline Predictions

    the cubs didnt do anything i mean who there back up catcher if wilson goes down but right as i say that
  12. timbo8

    7/18/19 - Sox/Royals Gamethread

    two sweeps that pathic excuse for playing baseball i don't care you tanking to have two sweeps back to back you now your manger isn't doing his job right
  13. timbo8

    Eloy going on IL

    okay then find a left fielder right now since robert going to center fielder and lord know who going to be in right fielder
  14. timbo8

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    why even activate corvey in the first place he wasn't that good before he got hurt
  15. timbo8

    7/13 GT - Sox @ OAK - 3:07 PM CST

    colome maybe abreu i think they going to keep