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  1. Embarrassing. Edit: I spelled embarrassing wrong, which was embarrassing.
  2. I didn’t even remember we had a Crick.
  3. Lol - c’mon, man… no one is scoring 3 touchdowns because of a couple inches here and there 😂
  4. dohnut

    08/17: Astros at Sox. 7:10, NBCSN

    I can't believe we're a game out of first. One game.
  5. dohnut

    That's a Come Back White Sox Winner !!

    I was all set to finish my summer off with no baseball. Then they reel me back in. Don’t stop now, boys! 😁
  6. dohnut

    GT 8/2: You'll get nothing and like it

    Pathetic and embarrassing.
  7. dohnut

    GT 8/2: You'll get nothing and like it

    $19M 1981 dollars is about $62M in today's dollars. The White Sox are worth $1.76B - so, yeah, I'd say he's made enough to get a star player or two.
  8. That was good. Let’s keep doing good :).
  9. Liam is a badass. Take the W and have a great end of the weekend.
  10. That was fun - Team Big Energy!
  11. Same - he’s pitching out of his mind for this team.
  12. Needed that DP :). I wish Kelly wasn’t so bad this season - he’s Southside through and through.
  13. Meh - he’s only allowed to work one day a week.