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    There's a Game on Today

    Crazy thing is looks like we might not have room for Dunning in the rotation with Kopech ready and Hansen following close behind
  2. soxforlife05

    There's a Game on Today

    Wow if we end up with 3 solid starters for Eaton that might be in contention for best trade in franchise history.
  3. soxforlife05

    Who is the 2018 Closer

    Start looking at Fulmer as a reliever Giolito and Lopez have flashed enough that we likely won't need him in the rotation with Kopech, Hansen, Stephens, Dunning, and others on the way.
  4. soxforlife05

    Gonzalez to Rangers

    Wow I guess kopech may actually get a crack at starting out of spring training after all
  5. What the f***? Take your fantasies elsewhere please.
  6. soxforlife05

    Giants interested in Stanton

    QUOTE (BlackSox13 @ Aug 28, 2017 -> 05:59 PM) Hard pass on all three. Harper and Machado will be in the same boat as Stanton once they get their contracts. Would rather use that money over the next five years or so to start locking up some of the young players long term. Would also leave money to fill multiple holes through free agency when the time comes. Agree with this. Don't start giving big money to FA's or other players in trades until we know where our holes are on the roster when all the young guys are up.
  7. soxforlife05

    Giolito named starter for Tuesday

    As many mentioned it is a tremendous benefit for Giolito to be working with Cooper every day for the last month
  8. soxforlife05

    Sunday Baseball for the Sox Faithful

    Entirely possible at this point that we got 3 of our 5 starting pitchers for our next contender in the Eaton deal. Looks like we are going to be flipping some of this pitching for young bats in a couple years.
  9. soxforlife05

    8/24 Game thread vs MN Twins

    QUOTE (elrockinMT @ Aug 24, 2017 -> 08:36 PM) Having issues with shin splints. I read that is can take a minimum couple weeks of rest and up to six Months to heal Then DH him
  10. soxforlife05

    8/24 Games

    QUOTE (ron883 @ Aug 24, 2017 -> 09:03 PM) Burger hits for the cycle Impressive. He's been running very hot and cold at times
  11. soxforlife05

    8/19 at Rangers

    We should get a shot at Turang. Don't worry about Anderson . If Turang is any good
  12. soxforlife05

    Covey to be recalled

    QUOTE (southsider2k5 @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 04:20 PM) There is no reason for the Sox to be giving even marginal players away. While he clearly wasn't ready this year, that actually is the entire reason he was available this year to the Sox. Get him his 90 days and they you own his rights for the next 5 years. That is the best way to handle this. Well yeah after giving away a guy who would be a top 5 prospect in our organization this year yeah, I guess.
  13. soxforlife05

    Covey to be recalled

    QUOTE (SeƱor Ding-Dong @ Aug 15, 2017 -> 02:29 PM) Even if we lost him back to the A's, would we really be losing much? He's already 26 and got shredded during his ML stint, has only 6 games of AA play and only 2 at AAA (both during his rehab assignment). I don't see him being a part of a contender even as a long reliever. So no I don't think it matters at this point
  14. soxforlife05

    8/19 at Rangers

    Not sure what they see in Covey. This is one of the worst bullpens I have ever seen on any team. Perfect for the tank.
  15. soxforlife05

    Your 2018 Chicago White Sox Opening Day Lineup

    Don't forget Tito Polo he could see some time next year as well if he can handle AAA. The bullpen should be complete trash again. The rotation should be improving and getting younger though. My pick for a surprise impact performer next year is either Polo or Cordell. And Kopech on the pitching side (but that's not really going out on a limb).
  16. soxforlife05

    Your 2018 Chicago White Sox Opening Day Lineup

    QUOTE (Dizzy Sox @ Aug 19, 2017 -> 11:37 AM) I hope Tilson or a similar fringy prospect can step up and at least be a platoon option for CF because Engel is not the answer. I wouldn't be surprised if we signed a low-cost reclamation project vet or two, with the idea of flipping them during the season. No Leury in CF with Cordell and other AAA OF like Liriano get looks in LF or Tilson in CF
  17. soxforlife05

    Kopech promoted to Charlotte

    QUOTE (ron883 @ Aug 18, 2017 -> 08:10 PM) Say the sox light the world on fire and make the playoffs next year. You have a problem with his inning count. That would suck. Don't worry that's not happening
  18. soxforlife05

    September Call Ups

    QUOTE (CaliSoxFanViaSWside @ Aug 14, 2017 -> 10:15 PM) What about our Soxtalk banner boy Cody Asche ? I don't even understand why we signed him to begin with. We aren't competing anytime soon we don't need to stash veteran depth in AAA.
  19. soxforlife05

    JR "Ozzie can't come back as Manager"

    Don't feel he's a good fit for a very young team anyway. He's better with a team full of vets.
  20. soxforlife05

    Clippard to Houston for PTBNL or cash

    QUOTE (GreenSox @ Aug 14, 2017 -> 08:43 PM) From what I can tell, they turned him into nothing. Not sure why the Astros deserved a giveaway, but so be it. Cash to keep the lights on another season
  21. soxforlife05

    8/11 Games

    QUOTE (Anderdale @ Aug 11, 2017 -> 09:06 PM) Hansen needs his delivery adjusted. Making his catchers look bad with all the steals. I feel like he needs to hide the ball a bit better in his delivery. As his delivery stands now I think a major league hitter might be able to pick up what pitch is coming when he separates the hand with the ball from the glove.
  22. soxforlife05

    Delmonico promoted to big league club

    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Aug 7, 2017 -> 10:39 AM) Anyone will to write off Tim Anderson after during his first full year in the bigs is in for a loooong rebuild. He belongs in AAA until he can bring a major league approach at the plate. Time to give him a wake up call. Draft Turang also to send the message.
  23. soxforlife05

    Delmonico promoted to big league club

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Aug 6, 2017 -> 12:14 PM) It is a rebuild, but of a pitching staff, too. And it's going to be difficult to do that if they run out a defensive unit each day that gives up 30, 31 outs. Gotta catch that baseball for these young arms! So he doesn't even get a chance to prove himself now? Where's that gif of the dog someone posted a while back that looks like Avi trying to play defense in the outfield.
  24. soxforlife05

    Delmonico promoted to big league club

    QUOTE (Thad Bosley @ Aug 6, 2017 -> 10:16 AM) Our shortstop and right fielder lead the world in errors at their respective positions. Our first baseman is up there in errors himself and is below-average defensively. I like Delmonico's bat, but not sure it makes sense at this point in time to introduce yet another such defensive liability into the mix on a regular basis, particularly when a guy like Rodon is trying to turn the corner on potential ace status, and with the young guys Lopez and Giolito soon to arrive. I thought this is a rebuild. The others who clearly don't look like they belong on a major league roster will never sniff playing time in a few years. With Delmonico it's possible so he gets looks. If Avi Garcia gets 9 lives Delmonico needs at least 3 or 4.
  25. soxforlife05

    Cocaine epidemic in baseball

    Guess they just moved from amphetamines to cocaine after the mlb cracked down on amphetamines