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    Eloy/Kopech could join Sox in mid July

    Poor command will get him lit up if he has no movement, sure. I don't know what would make you think he can't start. He has no issue going deep in games.
  2. soxforlife05

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    I don't see the rotation being the problem in the coming years. If we take a pitcher in the 1st round this year we may not need to sign any FA SP's once we hit our window. Left side of the infield and whether Zavala/Collins can stick at catcher are the only question marks in my mind. I think we can fill almost everything else within the system as it stands now. I would be taking a shortstop or a SP with our first round pick this year and next year. Then try to bring in Arenado and a couple elite bullpen guys. Not convinced we can get Machado even if we offer the most $$.
  3. soxforlife05

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    Or the player has consistency issues with mechanics? A lot of the fans are idiots. They've never been fans through a rebuild so all they do is crucify players who are learning a major league approach to the game. They think the young superstars they hear about on ESPN grow on trees. The leap from college to the pros is bigger in baseball than in any other sport. I won't be holding my breath. I don't think he will ever have a place on a contending roster. I'd love to be surprised. Fulmer on the other hand is capable of that, with time of course.
  4. soxforlife05

    Fulmer sent to Charlotte

    I think he'll figure it out at some point. He has major league stuff no doubt. I wouldn't cut him loose, give him time. Our AAA team is nothing special so there's no issue with roster space.
  5. soxforlife05

    Delmonico Out 4-6 Weeks w Fractured Metacarpal

    Delmonico's defense doesn't cut it. A lot to ask for a player to learn a new position they've never played before at a major league level though. Avi's really not much better overall aside from his fluke season. All are likely to end up placeholders until they young guys are up.
  6. soxforlife05

    5/12 Games

    He's a pitcher though....
  7. soxforlife05

    5/11 - White Sox vs Cubs

    So much dead weight on the major league roster. Is it Omar time yet?
  8. soxforlife05

    5/9 1:10, Pirates vs White Sox

    Watch the minor league games then if you need a baseball fix.
  9. soxforlife05

    Jake Burger

    Never relied on his speed to begin with. But a big developmental setback. And I'm sure risk of re-injury is high so he may become like Konerko on the basepaths just to stay injury free.
  10. soxforlife05

    Why not hire Ozzie? Make things interesting.

    Would rather see if Omar Vizquel has what it takes to be an MLB manager. The High A team is hitting pretty darn well right now. Not sure how much influence he has had in working with those young guys but it's an encouraging sign. Ozzie is too much of a loose cannon, I don't think he's capable of being a good long term manager. He will always wear out his welcome. Would rather find someone we could keep around for 15-20 years.
  11. soxforlife05

    Reds trade for Harvey

    We don't need this guy. Has a bad attitude on top of all the struggles. Don't bother. Please pass, he's done. Edit: Didn't read entire thread for the update, glad the Sox passed.
  12. soxforlife05

    05/08 Games

    Looking like a lot of promotions could be coming mid-season across the board if the high level of offensive play keeps up. Especially from high A and AA. Keep it up guys.
  13. soxforlife05

    5/2 games

    Plenty of space can be made in AAA. They can promote a bunch of AA to AAA and then A+ to AA.
  14. soxforlife05

    Rutherford/Dunning make Passan's hot sheet list

    Amazing how people just have zero patience at all. Half this forum expects guys to be instant superstars or something. This isn't basketball. It's not how baseball works at a fundamental level. He needs 2-5 years to fill out before you will see the power you are looking for.
  15. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    With how much young pitching talent we have in the minors and payroll flexibility I am stunned people don't want to sell high on Jones if the opportunity presents itself.
  16. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    Frazier was a throw in to get the deal done he had zero trade value. Robertson had very little value with what he was being paid.
  17. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    That's what we should be doing with Jones everyone knows Soria is done. That's why we were able to get him in the first place.
  18. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    I would be. Look what Kahnle brought back last year. Jones isn't Chapman, Miller, etc. If he can string together a good half season or year in the closer's role sell high.
  19. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    I have no idea why this wasn't done in the first place.
  20. soxforlife05

    Sox vs Cards @ Busch, 7:15pm

    They were sitting on his offspeed pitches that entire inning they didn't even make contact with a fastball once (foul or fair).
  21. soxforlife05

    Anderson to CF?

    No he won’t stick in the outfield. We have a ton of legit outfield prospects. If Anderson can’t handle SS he’s a trade candidate. Draft a SS with our first rounder this year or next year. Machado would be a long shot but makes a lot of sense.
  22. soxforlife05

    4/25 Games

    Well if this keeps up we should easily be able to fill 4 positions with outfielders from our system (LF, CF, RF, DH)
  23. soxforlife05

    Zack Collins Criticism

    Yeah I don't know how well his defense projects though. Hopefully he can be at least passable defensively. Maybe he can play 3B? Worth a shot if he can't hold up defensively at catcher.
  24. soxforlife05

    Zack Collins Criticism

    It's weird that he has shown fairly good patience at the plate for a minor leaguer yet hits for such a low average. You would think if he knows what pitches to take he would know what pitches to swing at. The hard part is knowing what pitches to take and he seems to have that down pretty well. They must have had him working on stuff with his swing. I have to think he eventually gets things figured out and makes it up to the majors. How good he will be ultimately is anyone's guess. He might have more on his plate learning wise right now that anyone else in the system. So I'd be patient with him.
  25. soxforlife05

    Lopez one of the best starters in baseball so far

    Might be lucky but I don’t see it as a Latos situation. He has good stuff. I thought his issue last year was that he’d fall apart after the 4th inning. Don’t remember.