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  1. SonofaRoache

    Palka time

    I'm good fam.
  2. SonofaRoache

    Banuelos leaves game with shoulder soreness

    Injuries suck but most of the guys getting hurt are not solutions to our problems moving forward, hopefully our key guys remain relatively healthy for next year.
  3. SonofaRoache

    Rodon TJS

    Carlos is a bullpen arm, hopefully he can be Andrew Miller. Time to find his replacement.
  4. SonofaRoache

    2019 MLB draft thread

    I think with Collins he may expect him to stick at Catcher possibly if the White Sox drafted Vaughn, or he could be traded to fill other spots. I don't like drafting the first base types but if you think he can hit .275 and 35 Homer's you draft him.
  5. You make some great points. I don't mind the haul we got for Eaton. My only problem is that Hahn and the FO has put us in a spot where every prospect must reach their potential. For instance, had we signed Manny, then we could afford for Moncada or Anderson to bust. I would like to see them bring some guys in to either be long term solutions or at the very least push others to be good. Having too much talent is a good problem as you can always make consolation trades. I really want McCann to work out as he's only 29. That would alleviate the need for Collins to be the guy.
  6. SonofaRoache

    Boston @ Chicago, 5/4/19, 6:10, GT

    We should of had a shot at the playoffs next season. This rebuild should have ended next year.
  7. SonofaRoache

    Boston @ Chicago, 5/4/19, 6:10, GT

    Well fans here have said the contention year will stay in 2022 and to think any sooner would be unrealistic.
  8. SonofaRoache

    Covey to Rotation (for Rodon)

    Maybe not, but adding them with an improved Anderson, Moncada, Jimenez, and with Kopech, Cease, Robert, Madrigal, bullpen help, and any improvement from Rodon, Gio, and Lopey will help get them over the hump.
  9. SonofaRoache

    May 3rd | Sawx @ Sox | 7:10pm CT | Sale vs ReyLo

    This game is feels like one of those games that we will lose.
  10. SonofaRoache

    May 3rd | Sawx @ Sox | 7:10pm CT | Sale vs ReyLo

    I'm sorry but if Vaughn can hit .270 with 30 to 40 homers I'm taking him over the ability to be flexible.
  11. SonofaRoache

    Rodon to IL; Giolito activated

    We need to take a more serious approach to our rotation, especially with free agency lacking. Which is why we need to call Cease up soon. 1. We need to pray Cease and Kopech can be a 2-3. 2. We need to pray Rodon/Gio/Lopez/ every other farm arm can net us a very good 4-5. 3. We need to find a veteran pitcher on a bad team with a bad deal who we can trade for, and pay the entire salary for to limit prospect compensation. Like a Verlander type. This guy will need to anchor our staff until guys improve. We can have a great lineup but if we can't pitch we are going no where.
  12. I don't think this is true. The FO will make sure their famed rebuild isn't ruined by a bad coach.
  13. If we switched divisions with them they would.
  14. The problem is fans thought, and rightfully so, that this rebuild would be over in 2020. If we lose 95 games next year......