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  1. SonofaRoache

    9/15- Sox at Mariners, 3:10

    Yep let fans tell it, losses are always great and players don't get upset with being losers. They love to tank. Good players hate losing games they should win, even if it is for the better good.
  2. SonofaRoache

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    He may want to stay but they may not want him. I wouldn't pay him to lose 100 games the next two or three years. We will keep Abreu because we can win the division next year. I think we only get one good starter and a Cole Hamels wildcard type. We may need to trade for some relief.
  3. SonofaRoache

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    I'd like to see us bring in JD Martinez Grandal Jake O or Bum or Stras or Wheeler Alex Gordon This will be expensive but I think you'll get a ton of value out of this group and can win 90 games. I don't think we have a shot at Cole, and I really want a second starter and would take a chance on Cole Hamels at the right price on a two year deal with an option. All of these guys would get 4 years or less and would be off the books when it is time to pay the core.
  4. SonofaRoache

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    It's different for foreign minorities. There is a bond/brotherhood, especially when they are on the same team. That's why Abreu became the instant mentor for Moncada.
  5. SonofaRoache

    JD Martinez

    That's fine, as some of our core guys deals expire in 2023. A bump in pay can be offset by expering deals.
  6. SonofaRoache

    JD Martinez

    Good hitter but I think he will be a .280 yo .300 hitter moving forward. There is nothing wrong with having dangerous hitters batting 8th or 9th. This would mean every inning has a potential for rallies and more runs to drive in for our 3 and 4 hitter.
  7. SonofaRoache

    Ricky missing next series for rotator cuff surgery

    I'm not surprised this surgery was needed after throwing crappy lineups out there all season.
  8. If we win 72 this year, that means we could have won 78 with better health. We can get to 95 if we go all in this offseason.
  9. SonofaRoache

    2020 RF options

    I agree with this completely. I'm looking at the last decade of WS Champions and participants and see a bunch of worthy teams, and a bunch of worthy teams who flame out. There are a lot of talented teams but only one can win, and unlike football and basketball, one player can't entirely control your fate. The pitcher comes close but they are defensive players and don't score.
  10. SonofaRoache

    2020 White Sox Season Ticket Changes

    In which case it would make sense to wait. People wouldn't question an increase after some big or key signings.
  11. SonofaRoache

    2020 White Sox Season Ticket Changes

    I'd be slightly okay with the price increase but pushing the payment up is a red flag. Seems like they are protecting themselves from a bad offseason.
  12. SonofaRoache

    9/2 Games

    Well we better buy bullpen pitching as well this offseason.
  13. I think we sign both and still get quality FAs on 4 year deals. It will work out for us. I don't think we get a Cole, but we will get some big talent.
  14. I think the Machado saga wasnt a dog and pony show but it was about waiting it out. I think it was like wanting a 1k TV on ebay in 2002. You only want to pay 700 tops, and wait til the final days hoping no other bidder sees your low bid and tried to jump it. Then on the final day, someone offers 1k and you are instantly out and close the browser. You wanted that product at a low ball offer only, not at face value. I can understand why people were mad about this saga when we all knew it would take 300 million to get done. So the FO's hard work was to get a great deal on him and it almost paid off. But they did eventually say 300 million was an expensive cost that they couldn't pay, which is where the big spenders backlash came from, as the going rate for these elite talents will continue to cross 300 million.
  15. SonofaRoache

    Free Agency - How confident are you?

    Had we signed B level free agents we wouldn't have needed a rebuild. Our FA track record is awful the last 7 years or so. Thankfully we only have positions that are red zones (RF and DH) and two rotation spots that must be locked up this offseason through FA.