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  1. SonofaRoache


    I don't think he'll be a .300 hitter because of the power and strikeout rate. I think .275 but with good power, speed, and solid fielding could make him a seven year all star caliber player. I want to see high average and power from Eloy and Robert though.
  2. SonofaRoache

    How to Win the World Series in 2019

    Not a chance. Teams will bid for him like crazy. No money will be lost.
  3. SonofaRoache

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Those two WS teams came a few years ago. They waited forever and got to compete in back to back years recently. Now they will wait again.
  4. SonofaRoache

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    The Royals were trash for 30 years and then played in consecutive world series'. I think their fans are okay.
  5. SonofaRoache

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    You have some great points. The problem is we care about baseball so much and there is no other sport to care about until September. It's not easy to just take time off. I think another issue is Moncada and Anderson are probably the only two guys who will be a regular during our competing years. Lopez and maybe Gio will be as well. So we're watching a bunch of guys who won't be here suck it up. I'd rather have our fans vent and complain to endure these times than for them to lose interest and become Cubs fans.
  6. SonofaRoache

    Irrational fondness of a player who completely sucks

    I stated that exact thing in my post. Mike Cameron was good defensively for us but turned his offense into another gear when he left.
  7. SonofaRoache

    Irrational fondness of a player who completely sucks

    My disappointment team, maybe they didn't completely suck, but I was hoping these guys would kick ass for us 1B- Greg Norton 2B- Tonny Graffinino/ DeAngelo Jiminez 3B- Herbert Perry SS- Gordon Beckham C- Brook Fordyce LF- Ryan Sweeney CF- Mike Cameron RF- Joe Borchard SP1- Danny Wright SP2- Jon Danks SP3- James Baldwin SP4- Estaban Loiaza SP5- Jim Parque RP- Neal Cotts RP- Keith Foulke CL- Billy Koch Manager- Jerry Manuel
  8. SonofaRoache

    What is up with Lucas Giolito?

    I still look back at those arguments I had with everyone saying I'd trade him for a rental of Machado. Even for a year of him I'd send Gio away. I thi k he will be a below average starter but maybe a nice long relief option if he can rev up the FB again.
  9. SonofaRoache

    GT: Detroit @ Chicago, 1:10 CT, 6/16/18

    Well sure but if that helps fans get through rebuild then I'm okay with it. Better than having our fans start cheering for the Cubs, which I'm seeing a lot of when I venture to the south side.
  10. SonofaRoache

    GT: Detroit @ Chicago, 1:10 CT, 6/16/18

    Although I agree with you, just because we are rebuilding doesn't mean our prospects should look this awful. It's tough to deal with losing, even if you know bad times are coming. I'm not expecting them to be great right now but I want to see significant progress towards the end of the year.
  11. SonofaRoache

    White Sox vs Indians

    The games won't matter until these guys become good baseball players. You think wins just come out of thin air?
  12. SonofaRoache

    White Sox vs Indians

    Nothing will take the air out of the rebuild like key pieces looking absolutely awful. ReLo has been impressive but we need for of the big boys to step it up before this season winds down. It's frustrating because the talent is there, but positive signs need to take place.
  13. SonofaRoache

    Our Sox vs their Sawx game #2

    That Davidson at bat sucked bad. Swing the bat bro.
  14. SonofaRoache

    Rodon to return this weekend

    Lol at Covey VS Sale.
  15. SonofaRoache

    James Shields comment...

    Albert Belle was signed because JR was sticking it to the other owners. He was pissed and overpaid him by a mile to prove a point.