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  1. Yeah but what if you waited, and it meant you could lose the house and be screwed because of it?
  2. They can move to Portand for all I care. 😁
  3. I woke up this morning thinking today was going to be the day but got pissed because there weren't any early tweets from blue checks. None of the board insiders had nuggets so I started talking about Ariana Grande's lack of ass. We finally got some nuggets from people saying to be patient because JR was negotiating. If he doesn't get this done tonight his cheap ass can move the team to Oregon, and he can take weak Hahn with him. I'll be up the rest of the night waiting for breaking news, but I don't think we will get any. I already posted a mock lineup and rotation just in case it goes down.
  4. We are the type of org that should take a gamble on Pollock. Pollock, Robert, and Eloy could be an outstanding outfield. Jay, Pollock, and Eloy would be good if healthy from an offensive standpoint. Just add another starter on a short deal and try to win 81+ games to gain some momentum. Next Year a rotation of Rodon, FA, Lopez, Cease, Kopech should be good enough to compete for the division. A lineup featuring Moncada, Pollock, Eloy, Machado, Madrigcal, Yonder, Abreu, Timmy, Robert, and Catcher should be food enough as well.
  5. SonofaRoache

    Harper: Nightengale suggests Phillies are favored

    Good read. I always felt Harper was a Philly type of guy anyway. He fits the ESPN narrative there, but would have really changed how our team is viewed. He may not be the best player in baseball, but he is the most popular and recognized.
  6. Also after looking at the JR stuff, we shouldn't be shocked. It was stated early in the process JR was heavily involved and running negotiations. That's why I got concerned when he said he didn't think we'd win the bidding war.
  7. SonofaRoache

    Candidates for team friendly extensions

    The problem is, if they are good then they will not extend. Now is the time to extend Kopech, Cease, an Lopez and see if they bite.
  8. If we got both I'd give them my entire wallet and banking info. I'd even fall for Nigerian scams.
  9. The irony is, when we thought we had an in on Harper, the Machado thread couldn't get past page 5 for two weeks.
  10. Sox fans are pussies because this organization keeps getting dicked around by the rest of the MLB. Until JR, KW and Hahn pull their panties up and put on the big boy pants, this is our reality.
  11. Not necessarily. Maybe the opt outs, upfront money, position, etc were more to his liking
  12. 162 game averages for their careers. Heyward .263 BA .753 ops 16 homers 68 RBI's Machado .282 BA .822 OPS 31 homers 90 RBI's. Both play gold glove defense, but Machado is at a premium position. Also, inflation.