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  1. Why are they waiting to promote Robert to AA? They are wasting his time and his career by having him down there.
  2. Ejection from the game was sufficient punishment. Suspensions were not warranted.
  3. As a White Sox fan, I no longer trust Joe West to be a fair arbiter of anything on the field that involves our team. If other Sox fans feel the same way, perhaps an on-line petition should be started where Sox fans can request the Commissioner to bar mean Joe West from umpiring any game involving the White Sox in the future. It would be better if this guy retires or leaves under other circumstances, but I for one am sick of that mofo fat cracker.
  4. Like Stone said, stop trying to get Castellanos out on low pitches. Has Fulmer been sent down yet?
  5. tray

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Collins ? You gotta be bleepin' me.
  6. Sox need a lot of pitching help plus Luis Robert and Madrigal. But as they sit now, they are better than Detroit and KC.
  7. Carson Fulmer has never demonstrated enough control over his pitches to be a legitimate major league pitcher. Not sure if he can ever change that, but unless and until he does, he is a minor league pitcher. Eventually, the scouting report on his wildness will get out and hitters are going to be waiting him out and wearing more protective gear.
  8. TA did not flip his bat. He threw it in the direction of the Sox dug out and reportedly yelled something like "Let's go!" If you take an emotional reaction like that out of the game, baseball will become even more boring than it is for many viewers. IMO, the line is drawn where a player looks at, shouts at, or directly taunts an opposing player or team. Timmy didn't do any of that. Sending Abreu from first to home was a joke and lost this game. There should be some accountability for that decision.
  9. tray

    Palka demoted

    I doubt Palka sniffs a major league roster again. I feel sorry for him because he gave it all he had but it just wasn't enough. The Sox should have deployed Palka in a more useful manner in Wednesday's loss to KC. Palka was put in the line-up after the kerfuffle. He should have been told that after he made an out in his next AB, to throw his bat in the direction of the KC dugout and to yell, "you wanna piece of me,,,,,who wants a piece of me?" Then he could have earned his pay by busting some Royal arse, and, at the same time, going off the roster with more dignity with a suspension as opposed to a demotion .
  10. Madrigal 4 for 4 Saturday and a Triple on Sunday at Winston Salem. Robert absolutely raking down there. Small sample size but you can just see the potential and of course the need for both of them to get advanced ASAP.
  11. Yolmer has made three game changing errors in the first 13 games. He isn't hitting a lick either. Something isn't right with hm this year. I never thought we would see him suck this badly.
  12. tray

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    Madrigal only has 25 at bats at Winston Salem and has 5 hits. I don't consider that terrible or a reason for concern.
  13. tray

    Sox @ Yankees, 4/12, 6:05 CT

    Just got home. Will this game be replayed on WGN later ?
  14. tray

    Josh Osich recalled

    That sounds arrogant and angry. I was simply asking a question.
  15. tray

    Josh Osich recalled

    So using that logic, would you want to see Luis Robert and Nick Madrigal come up to the major league club in the next few weeks?