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  1. tray

    So who's the next manager?

    Yermin is not a prankster like Carlos Sanchez. I think he would fit in well with the team. Fielding a position is always an issue and that makes me worry about Vaughn. IMO he looked pretty shaky at third (especially footwork) and first base, and unlike Collins and Mercedes, he can't catch.
  2. tray

    So who's the next manager?

    Maybe revisit the Renteria issue after the Detroit, Cards, and first Cubs series. And yes, I do think Yermin would be good for the clubhouse. These guys look depressed to me.
  3. tray

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Keuchel can motivate Moncada, Robert, Jiminez Mazara? I hate to say this in some ways but right now, Ozzie would be the right guy to serve as interim Manager for the rest of this shortened season. Renetria can speak Spanish but he doesn't seem to be connecting very well with the young Latin players. And where has Abreu, El Caipan , been through this slump?? Where is his leadership? Maybe Tim Anderson can bring this together because right now it looks like it is unraveling.
  4. tray

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    See my earlier post.
  5. tray

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    This is why I would have liked Mercedes on the roster. He is something of a mascot and player all in one. Keuchel is not the right guy to lead this team and his criticisms might not be accepted well by some of the younger players. Not to worry, Tim Anderson will resume that role tomorrow.
  6. tray

    8/10 Sox vs Tigers GT

    Keuchel was on a team that was caught cheating. He knew about it and chose not to say anything. So now he wants to point fingers at players? OK Look, the team had their nuts busted by Minnesota and Cleveland to begin the season and the Sunday Night ESPN game was a downer. They know they don't have the arms to make a serious run and injuries are piling up with little time left. But I get it, these guys are making millions and need to play hard every day.
  7. tray

    Launch Engel?

    Thank you Ray Ray.
  8. That was a tough play since the foul line is only about three feet from a short wall on the third base line. It would be hard for any outfielder to stop on a dime there or to pull up on a fly ball that would end up being fair. Since that play, Eloy has already ranged to his right to make a good play and come in on a few balls to make some nice catches. He has surprising speed for a big man. I think he stays out there for a few years and that he steadily improves.
  9. tray

    Launch Engel?

    I think that the flat bat through the zone approach gets exploited by pitchers like Shane Bieber who have an array of pitches that sink. Against a pitcher like Bieber more of a golf club swing would allow a power hitter to dig some of those out and put them in the stands. It certainly would keep the head of the bat through the ball's trajectory longer. It was sick to watch all the failed contact and strike outs with level swings against him last night. So it isn't just hitting the ball in front of the plate against a pitcher like hm. Maybe get up in the box and practice your golf swing. And next time Bieber pitches, have Engel in there instead of Mazara.
  10. A couple of guys on the team look tired and the dugout seemed pretty dispirited and somber for much of the game. Moncada looked like he was either not feeling well physically or that something was on his mind outside of the game. Hopefully they shake out of this and Tim Anderson's leadership will get them back on track. That game was not fun to watch. It sucked.
  11. Leury isn't patient at the plate. In this situation maybe he should be.
  12. How about watching some Tatis Jr. highlights on ESPN? Geezus no...
  13. I did not hear the announcers mention Timmy, yet they like players like Mendick, who should be in Schaumburg tomorrow. If we are out of it in 23 days (at the trading deadline) and Cleveland is in it, I would consider trading EE to Cleveland for pitching. Tito loves him.
  14. It;s cloudin' up fast out here in the boonies. Are they going to have to dodge rain drops tonight?
  15. It might just end up that way but....if somehow MLB navigates through the pandemic without major delays, most of us will feel pretty good about watching competitive baseball during the final week of the season and the playoffs....especially if the good guys are still in it.