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  1. The reporters who pestered Lopez after the game to dig down deeper into what "flu-like symptoms" meant got there answer - diarrhea. The guy had the sh1ts . Let it go now .
  2. tray

    The game thread

    Detweiler is better in large measure because of McCann.
  3. tray

    The game thread

    You can almost sense Abreu is going to jack one here
  4. tray

    The game thread

    McCann has a gun.
  5. tray

    Cordell sent down

    I was hoping they send Engel down soon. It is painful to watch him flail at pitches and strike out , often in key situations or with men on base. Bring up Luis Robert and Madrigal now. Maybe the league changes the service time rules over the next 6 years making the little game they are playing to extend control moot.
  6. tray

    White Sox vs Twins 8/20/2019

    Too many low change-up pitches and sinkers that were killed by upper-cut swings. I think Gio has to go high and hard pitch inside on the hands, and if you hit one or two of them, oh well.
  7. tray


    Eloy threw a strike to the catcher from mid deep LF in today's game against the Angels. The commentator with Benetti was impressed at Eloy's speed on the bases and his closing speed getting to fly balls in the outfield. I agree with him. Eloy is going to surprise cubs fans and others who think he is a lumbering loafer with a noodle arm. They are wrong.
  8. Benetti is such a candyass and that has been further exposed without Stone in the booth.
  9. Engel is off the 2020 25 man roster or I am going to shoot myself.
  10. The answer to the question might have something to do with what kind of a line-up you want. If you want to play the HR/juiced baseball game that Minnesota has been playing this season, then forget Leury and Madrigal as well. Lead off with Yoan or TA. Get a 2nd basemen that can hit 20 HR , a RF that can hit 25 HR, and a DH that can hit 25-30 HR. Power up and down the line-up. Don't worry about traffic jams on the bases, Just swing for the fences.
  11. Sox need a DH that can hit 30 home runs.
  12. The Sox line-up in 2020 with Leury Garcia looks very balanced between speed and power. Leury followed by Tim Anderson has been working out lately. I like LG as a lead-off hitter. He takes a lot of pitches and is not that easy to strike out. Plenty of speed and arm strength. He gets better if you leave him in one position. He is not a big home run banger but you need a few guys who can get on base , steal, run the bases, and not strike out 200 times as they swing for the fences. There is plenty of power in a line-up with TA, Moncada, Abreu, McCann, Eloy and a DH. Leury Garcia RF Tim Anderson SS Luis Robert CF Jose Abreu 1B Eloy Jiminez LF Yoan Moncada 3B James McCann C Madrigal or Yolmer 2B DH ?
  13. tray


    Eloy he is taller, faster and has more reach than Kyle Schwhaber who is a liability at any position. Anyone who dismisses Eloy's potential given his age and lack of major league experience must have some other agenda.
  14. That sh1t is never going to happen again.