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  1. tray

    Request for mods

    I would like to be to be a moderator. What are the requirements and where do i make the request?
  2. Maybe sacrifice defense for the HR power that Eloy, Robert and Schwarber would bring. They could combine for 100 HR which would win a lot of games in a 162 game season. If you get a late lead, you throw in a defensive outfielder or two. If you are behind late,. they could turn things around with one swing. SS Hitmen 2.022
  3. Schwarber would certainly add power and some swagger. Signing him would be a dagger into the Cub fan base. The more I think of it, the more I like the idea.
  4. That was what Steve Stone said on air almost every time Vaughn came to the plate last season. That eventually got old for me and when it did, I expressed that here. Some disagreed which is fine. IMO, former players/Announcers are sometimes right and other times their opinions are no more valuable than your own. Recall Hawk Harrelson promoting Brent Morel, Todd Frazier, Youklis, and others beyond anything that they eventually ended up contributing for our Sox. Outfield? I think Vaughn is too slow to be a full-time outfielder on any MLB team. 1B ? Abreu has than sewn that up for another few years. DH? IMO, Sheets has decent potential value as a DH. That opinion is based mainly on what I saw ("eye test") last season after watching most of the games at the park or on TV. . Sheets adjusted to outside pitches very well. Another thing was how Sheets performed in clutch at bats. That is an intangible that few players, like Eloy and TA seem to have and something I think Sheets has. As far as Vaughn, he likely will have another year on the WSox to prove doubters like me wrong (which would be fine with me). As of now though, I just do not think he has much trade value as an outfielder or as a 1B/DH. Vaughn's .235 BA and 15 HR in 417 ABs will not jump off the stat sheet for GM's looking to add power to their line-up. If the Dodgers or another West coast team want Vaughn (or if he prefers playing for a team closer to his home) I would try to make a deal.
  5. tray

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    Owners are never going to agree to any form of revenue sharing with players.
  6. tray

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    Perhaps Colas and the White Sox have not finalized all terms of their agreement and then decided where he will begin his professional career within the organization. An official WSox press release to at least update fans on the status of this would be appreciated.
  7. Pretty much agree with you but I suppose if Vaughn could learn 3B and hit 35 HR, then having him as a regular 3B and moving Moncada back to 2B could make some sense, even if not the ideal spot for Moncada. Moncada has been like a vacuum cleaner at 3B (That is what they used to call Brooks Robinson of the O's ) which makes you not want to see him moved. And speaking of message board fodder, consider that several posters here did not think it was a good idea to move Moncada to third, stating that second base was his "natural position." Of course with Madrigal slated to eventually become the regular second basemen, the move was made.
  8. Hypothetically, if the Sox had to choose among available in-house options, Moncada at 2nd would make some sense given that Vaughn and Burger are tanks that can't play 2b but might be adequate at 3B where their limited range and heavy feet would not disqualify them
  9. "As it stands" Moncada is the best internal option for second base.
  10. tray

    Burger working out at 2B

    Given the need to fill 2B and RF, I would hope the Sox explore any and all trade options. Obviously if you want to acquire decent talent in a trade, you have to give some up - maybe one or more of Kimbrel, Keuchel, Sheets, Vaughn or Burgur. Really no player should be untouchable for the right trade haul in return. You need to know what that return might be before saying you would not trade a player.
  11. tray

    FS: 2021-2022 International Preview

    Will Colas play in the US this year or next ?
  12. tray

    Burger working out at 2B

    Agree 100%.
  13. tray

    Burger working out at 2B

    This is where talent evaluation based on experience is relevant. Possibly Burgur or Vaughn could play 3B, but I don't think Moncada will move back to second. Maybe the Sox sign a FA like Trevor Story or trade for Lux or somebody for 2B. That Madrigal trade looks worse every day. A hole that Hahn created for nothing.
  14. tray

    Soxtalk Member Age Range

    I likewise try to to gain insights from the analysis of sabermetrics . Those numbers are a great way to evaluate player performance and trends. I admit though that I am still mostly old school when it comes to talent evaluation. That is more subjective, but after many years of watching major league baseball, you gain your own insights which can add to evaluating a player based on raw numbers. So, old school plus new school.
  15. tray

    Welcome to the MLB work stoppage

    The MLB lockout has very little to do with the typical issues involving labor unions or anti-trust laws. MLB is a monopoly but at the same time players have a monopoly on the talent that mlb needs to survive. This isn't like low skilled hourly employees trying to strike against Amazon. Here, both sides have a ton of leverage and one cannot exist and prosper without the other. If the two sides do not work this out before Spring Training, they will only be hurting themselves as well as fans of all ages who are waiting for this to be over with. Maybe more pressure from the media and from baseball fans around the country needs to be brought to bear on owners as well as the players union to get this thing done. Maybe a boycott of all advanced ticket sales until they resolve this.