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  1. The stadium and real estate would be large liability without a sports franchise, specifically the White Sox, to play games at GR. and share parking revenue. Meanwhile, the White Sox can develop plans to build a new stadium before the lease runs out. Good luck finding a new tenant for G Rate. My guess is that something will be worked out one way or another well in advance of 2030 and that the White Sox will be in the cat bird seat with those negotiations.
  2. I wonder if the IL Sports Authority or the White Sox ownership own the real estate surrounding GR field (primarily parking). The stadium itself would not be worth much without all of the parking North and South of 35th.. Ownership of surrounding real estate would be a way to leverage a purchase of the stadium (it would not be worth much if anything without parking for it). You know, Reinsdorf is a real estate mogul. If they add a bit more land, a new pro football stadium or basketball arena could be constructed that could use the same parking area. I am sure the Reinsdorfs have ideas for the short and long term. The things they have are golden and they are not going to let them go. Its a family sports dynasty.
  3. tray

    How about we get off the ledge.

    using Mike Wright in the 10th inning of the Boston game I think that was the game that Hendriks or Kimbrel gave up the tie run before the 10th. Wright got the blame for giving up a single in the 10th with the ghost runner scoring. he did not pitch badly at all. But neither Wright nor LaRussa are the problem with this team. The Sox have had more than their share of demoralizing losses, and too many of those are games where the bullpen imploded late. Remember we had a lead going into the final inning of the FOD game. Kimbrel can no longer be trusted in tight games. When guys get on first base they get ridiculous jumps off him and easily steal second...or he throws a wild pitch or hits a batter. Something is wrong with Kimbrel...maybe he is just tired and worn down physically. If so, there is probably not enough time left in the season for rest and recovery. Nice trade Rick...Mr. Executive of the year.
  4. tray

    The demise of the 2021 White Sox

    Dependable starting pitching and clutch relievers can set the stage for a championship run. So we need Gio, Lynn, Cease and possibly Rodon to give us 5-6 strong innings in every play-off game. Middle relief looks good with Tepera, Bummer, Kopech and Crochet. Hahn's plan in trading Madrigal and Heuer was to have a lock down 8th and 9th but Kimbrel and Liam have been touched up all too often. My current ire is aimed at Hahn for the Kimbrel trade. Frank Thomas excuses Kimbrel because he is pitching in the 8th. I think that is a bunch of baloney. In fact, if Kimbrel continues to struggle, maybe Kopech or Crochet should be used in the set-up role instead of Kimbrel. The Sox can't allow Kimbrel to blow key games with walks , hit batters wild pitches, and allowing every guy who gets on first to steal second. I wonder how he has had success Closing when he can't hold a runner on first. He can't strike everybody out any more so any single, walk, or hit batter becomes a double. What a flocked -up trade. Like I said, maybe demote Kimbrel to middle relief and see how that works for him. The stakes are too high to let one guy blow it for us and I have a bad feeling that is what he will do.
  5. I hated the trade, and still do.
  6. tray

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    The Sox announced roster moves on Sept 1 (like Lamb DFA, bringing up Sheets and Romy). I wonder if those moves were reflected on the 40 man roster prior to the Aug 31 deadline.
  7. tray

    Romy our 2nd baseman of the future?

    I don't know who said that, but the Sox called up Romy and Sheets on Sept 1 when they DFAed Lamb.
  8. tray

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    He was called up 0n September 1. https://www.mlb.com/press-release/press-release-white-sox-make-six-roster-moves-sept-1-2021 Romy has an unusual combination of power and speed that played well in the Minors. I would start him in RF for a few games and see if he can hit before making any judgments about him.
  9. tray

    Romy our 2nd baseman of the future?

    Who said that?
  10. tray

    9/18 White Sox @ Rangers, 6:05

    Ozzie is becoming increasingly insufferable as a regular participant in the post game show.
  11. tray

    Vaughn's legs are bothering him

    Romy Gonzalez is a lot faster than other alternatives for RF. If Vaughn and Engel can't come back at 100%, Romy might be an option out there. I have only seem him play a few games but so far he looks like a gamer. What is Getz feeding these guys in the Minors? This is another player few expected to advance to the major league club and be able to contribute right away.
  12. The rematch of teams that played in the '05 WS seems strange. I wish Houston stayed in the NL and Milwaukee in the AL. I hope Houston Astros announcer Geoff Blum still has vivid memories of his '05 WS game 3 shot that practically sealed the deal for the Sox.. Geoff is one of the players enshrined with a bronze statue off 35th street.
  13. tray

    9/15 GT: Angels @ White Sox, 7:10

    If Engel is healthy, he is a strong contender to start in RF. Hamilton is favored by LaRussa because of his late inning D and pinch running. Sheets is the best option for a LH power bat. Vaughn could hit his way back into favor when he returns. There will be decisions that have to be made.
  14. Houston wants revenge for 2005. Can't let that happen, Gio, Lynn and Rodon have to dominate until Sox thunder strikes and pounds the Astros into submission.