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  1. tray

    What would you have done ...

    Given that the buck should stop higher , at least as high as the GM. Rick Hahn should have done something about LaRoach instead of waiting for KW to confront him. Rick Hahn should have confronted Sale when he refused to pitch and cut up his jersey in defiance. This year, Hahn should have told Renteria to stop running Mazara and EE out there. Hahn should have offered to bring up Vaughn and Collins or should have just done that. Yes, the Manager gets blamed for a lot, but the guy that pulls most of the strings is the GM who is charged with executing the plans and policies of the Owner.
  2. tray

    Tony La Russa

    Y2JO: Hahn has no leverage and realistically he knows that the Sox would not miss a beat if he quit. I am enjoying the suspense created be the mere suggestion that JR might be meeting with LaRussa.
  3. tray

    Tony La Russa

    JR may not be done cleaning house.
  4. tray

    Tony La Russa

    Putting all posts and posters aside on the managerial issue, I would get a kick out of seeing LaRussa in the 1983 throwback uniform on Sundays. Realistically ,Tony is more well suited as an Executive in the front office at this point.
  5. tray

    Tony La Russa

    Dude, I don't appreciate you stalking my posts with sarcastic comments so I am putting you on ignore.
  6. tray

    Tony La Russa

    For Manager or for GM ?
  7. tray

    Tony La Russa

    Yes, perhaps JR just wants to meet with LaRussa to discuss something other than the state of the White Sox organization and the positions that have been or might be open. Personally, I would like to see JR complete the clean-up and get rid of Hahn and KW. LaRussa could find a new GM and Manager in consultation with Jerry. ....and if they make an "insular" selection for those positions so be it. Hahn, by his own estimation, is well qualified to get another GM job for the next 10 years.
  8. tray

    Tony La Russa

    Hypothetically, do you think it would make more sense for JR to : 1. hire his 76 year old friend to be an every day field Manager working under Hahn and KW, or, 2. hire LaRussa to replace/fire Hahn and/or KW with authority to pick a new field Manager and reorganize the organization as he saw fit. I'm asking.
  9. tray

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    Trump had a raspy throat in an interview with Hannity and reportedly suffered a drop in oxygen level after he was infected. Chris Christie spent several days in the hospital after admitting himself out of an abundance of caution. Other than that we have not heard much about other people who allegedly were infected in or around the White House or by WH staff. That has allowed Trump to maintain his narrative that "no one should fear Covid" and what appears to be his endorsement for a national herd immunity strategy. Unfortunately, I think Trump will be full speed ahead with that until the election, or until one of those in his inner circle get really sick from the virus. In short, he is not only doubling down on making Covid a partisan issue, he is now tripling down by using his claimed immunity and instant recovery as evidence that Covid is no big deal, .
  10. I suspect Keuchel was deep throat.
  11. I would like to know if Hahn questioned RR about continuing to put Mazara and EE in the line-up after they continued to fail. At some point a GM should alert a Manager when he sees a player or the team heading in the wrong direction. Instead Hahn waited to see how everything would work out (including Mazara, EE, Rodon, Csishek, etc) , and when it didn't , he laid all the blame on RR and Coop. That is what most bosses do to their subordinates, but it doesn't always make it right.
  12. tray

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    I began questioning whether Trump had even been infected when he went to Walter Reed, took a strange victory lap in a black SUV and announced that he would be released the next day. Now it seems like Trump and his D.O. would have us believe that Regeneron, Remdesivir, plus Dexamethasone blunted the virus (or at least any symptoms associated with it, even before the 10-14 day incubation period was over with. Is it possible that Trump , Giuliani, Christie and others were infected with a less virulent strain of Covid-19 than the one that has had other people with similar pre-existing conditions coughing and wheezing , gasping for breath, or eventually succumbing to it? Or, was the cocktail of antibodies plus steroids a magic bullet? Or, is Trump really Superman? Or does the stench of this lead to some kind of trumped-up Bulsh1t ?
  13. Add Cisheck and I can't forget Shields quite yet.. Hahn and KW better get things right this off season because the window of contention with this core is open. Fill the RF hole for chrissakes and get at least one TOR starter. Unfortunately, Hahn seemed to indicate that the Red Sox would be high bdders for Bauer.
  14. Why would Rick Hahn be fired for executing a rebuild and having it turn out - to date - exactly as planned? "Exactly" ? Who traded Tatis Jr. for Shields? Who acquired EE and Mazara and did nothing as they continued to flounder ? Who made no move to add to the pitching rotation after Kopech opted out? Who relied on Cease, ReyLo, Rodon and Dane Dunning coming off TJ AS 3, 4 and 5 starters? Why didn't they call up Vaughn and Collins? Why were they afraid to DFA EE and Mazara when they knew they would not be on the team next season anyway? ?
  15. The buck stops at the top but not with this FO. Hahn and KW are untouchable.