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    5/16 Sox @ Royals 7:10PM CT

    Vaughn has not been that great against top RH pitchers. AV will get his chances this year to prove that wrong.
  2. Despicable ageism directed at Tony and cheap shots at our players is what one might expect from mindless angry fans.
  3. tray

    GT 5/13: Yankees @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

    No salary cap = noncompetitive baseball.
  4. tray

    Eloy Supposedly Back in Two Weeks

    I saw a Tweet claiming that Vaughn and Eloy were taking BP before the last two home games. I can't vouch for the authenticity of that Tweet, but if both of them are able to swing the stick, that's fantastic news.
  5. tray

    The Lost Art of the Squeeze Bunt

    Benetti's comment in Game 2 that the bunt was from "some other time" (i.e., TLR's time) and questioning it, proved wrong. That add-on run made possible with the bunt was important. Bunting in the appropriate situation will be part of baseball long after Benetti is gone.
  6. tray

    Cleveland at Sox-Game one, 7:10 CT

    All too often, Liam Hendriks challenges good high fastball hitters with high fastballs....and they crush it. He needs to use off-speed pitches more, and spot them around the edge of the zone.
  7. tray

    How Unconcerned Should We Be?

    A few posters here routinely castigate the WSox organization from top to bottom claiming inferior ownership and management and a failed franchise. Meanwhile, the last series instant the Cubs and BoSox provided a few counterpoints for those willing to notice.
  8. tray

    And That’s a White Sox 🧹

    TLR was brilliant. Martinez HR would have only tied the game. The problem in that JDM at bat was throwing a center cut fastball in that count, which TLR had nothing to do with. We would have won this thing anyway.
  9. tray


    A lot of positives from that game and only one BIG Negative - Super Joe. TLR needs to fire him.
  10. tray

    Crosstown Series Game One--6:40 CT

    Just to add to the preventative measures ptac has mentioned, I think that mandatory pre-game stretching and warm-up exercises should be put in place with team strength/exercise coach(es) out there to monitor it. Stretching out hamstrings is one of the keys. ptac knows much more about this than I do (as a former HS/ College football player who always had a warm-up regime) so I think his comments on this deserve attention. Digging down on this a bit further, perhaps WSox strength and conditioning protocols need ti be reviewed, even in specific instances. For example, did Eloy go through required warmups including hammy stretches before the game that he injured his hamstring? Warming up does not mean that yoi won;t be ionjured, but it reduces the chance., especially in cold weather games. Some of these guys should probably be on the stationary bike in the clubhouse between inning to stay warm.
  11. Pollack doesn't givvafvk. That route he took to the ball was nonchalant and pathetic.
  12. Sheets is not slow. If you see him play in person you would know that.
  13. tray

    Retooling / quasi-rebuild

    There is a lot of time left to make those calculations.
  14. tray

    Vaughn/Burger could see 2B

    LF: Vaughn has been terrible in LF, even since Eloy was injured last week. . I counted 3 fly balls that Vaughn could not get to in just a few games and a terrible off target throw to the plate from shallow left field yesterday. Stone did not say a word about any of those plays but come on, trust your own eyes. Trust facts, Vaughn is the slowest position player on the team. I could best him in a 40 yard dash. That is not someone you want in LF or at 2B. The guy is a tank....but he can hit. So, Vaughn has to be in the line-up every day.. He should start either at his natural position 1B or platoon with Abreu at DH. That would be an ideal platoon with Abreu, keeping him off his feet a bit and possibly extending his career. Playing Vaughn in the outfield only risks a season ending injury when he makes a lawn dart out of himself again or buldozes Robert or injures him like he did with Harrison. So who plays LF now that Eloy is out? I don't know, but please no Vaughn out there...for his own sake. RF I reserve judgment on Pollock, but so far, he hasn't showed us much for the 16 Million. Too bad Colas is not quite ready. 3B Burger has been decent defensively and his bat has added power to the line-up. Once Moncada comes back, though, there is no where to play Burger. Perhaps the suggested switch of Moncada back to second, although I doubt Yoan would agree to that. 2B I don't like any of the alternatives there. Closer and Set-up pitchers - Liam Hendriks and Bummer do not look like the answers at the end of the bullpen right now. If that doesn't get resolved soon, the season could start to get away from the Sox. Middle relief: Shaky as well. Catcher: Defense has bee shaky. We just lost 8 out of 9 to Cleveland, Minnesota and KC, but I am not going to blame LaRussa for it. Our defense has been terrible during that stretch and pitching has failed us in key spots.
  15. tray

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    From Rick Hahn: "Jiménez suffered what was originally termed a right hamstring strain during the second inning of Saturday’s loss to the Twins while running hard out of the batter’s box to beat an infield grounder to third in the second inning. If this particular procedure sounds familiar, it’s because catcher Yasmani Grandal had the same one done last season, and right-handed starter Lance Lynn went through a similar process before the start of the 2022 campaign. Hahn understands there’s a certain level of depression that sets in for any player who deals with a season-altering setback, something Jiménez discussed last year concerning his time away, but he isn’t worried about Jiménez with the knowledge of the 25-year old’s tremendous makeup.* Hahn was not happy with Jiménez being characterized as injury prone, which he caught wind of at some point prior to Tuesday’s media session. He referred to such a statement as “some lazy analysis.” “Couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of the fact he’s missing significant time this year and last year, that’s the extent of you can call the guy injury prone,” Hahn said. “He made a bad decision last year trying to make a play. This year, trying to get to a level he barely accessed all year, that’s more a guy trying to do everything he can to help his team to win, even if it’s perhaps not the right decision at the time. “That’s not a guy who is injury prone. That’s just a moniker that, again, people try to besmirch a guy’s ability with an unfair label to put on someone like that. Whether they’re spouting stuff told them by others, it’s just unfair.” https://www.mlb.com/whitesox/news/rick-hahn-talks-about-eloy-jimenez-white-sox * Note on the approximate age....Stone said he recalls way way back when Eloy (appx 25 years old) was a young player , blah-blah.. but then refers to Vaughn (appx 24 years old) as a young player with unlimited potential and would not trade him for anyone short of Ohtani. Stone is also the one that has spouted off about Eloy about being injury prone and besmirched him on numerous occasions. That has been spouted here and regurgitated like vomit in peoples mouths.
  16. tray

    Hendriks tipping his pitches?

    Hendriks is emotionally out-of-control at times on the mound. Hard to tell if he is serious or not about anything. In the prior inning after striking out a batter Hendriks yelled some expletive starting with F. What was the speed of the pitch that Buxton jacked? Without knowing the speed, it looked like a typical Hendriks high fastball, the kind that has been pasted by good fastball hitters like Buxton. Buxton gets the credit. That was not a get me over fastball. It was the best Hendriks currently has in his arsenal. ...a fast but flattened out fastball. Ruiz probably would not have fared better, but , as with most other quibbles with in-game decisions, hindsight is always 20/20. I wonder if Hendriks will be available for the next game. No word on that yet.
  17. tray

    Hendriks tipping his pitches?

    The calculation may have been that Liam Hendriks at 96-98 mph with a sore back may have been better than whoever was left in the bullpen, plus Hendriks did not want to be taken down. It was clearly not some major injury, like an injury to his arm or elbow that would jeopardize his season by continuing to pitch. That was not a "managerial mistake." More like managerial discretion that you and some others can feel free to disagree with. Hendriks was the best option at that time albeit not a very good one. The Sox may need to look elsewhere for a Closer if this guy continues to struggle. Listen, Hendriks is very emotive on the mound so it is hard to tell where he is at. Recall Hendriks "huffing and puffing" before he gave up a home run to Aaron Judge....and then wincing before he gave up another one to Stanton.
  18. tray

    Hendriks tipping his pitches?

    Did Hendriks complain to Tony that he was having back spasms before or during the game? If he did, I agree that he should not have been employed or should have been pulled from the game. Sometimes players tell coaches and managers that they some issue but tell them it isn't impacting their performance. If Hendriks was throwing 98, it is hard to discern from the bench whether it had any late movement. Setting that aside, the issue with Hendriks control and/or getting mashed seems to predate back spasm complaints (Recall the Field of Dreams game for one, or his struggle closing out this years Home Opener). I see the same pitcher Liam has been for the last two years. He needs to get ahead in the count and if he doesn't, even 98mph strait as an arrow could get turned around by the better mlb hitters. That ball was pasted by Buxton. Mercy.
  19. tray

    Hendriks tipping his pitches?

    That was Tony's fault? Come on. IMHO, Hendriks has given up HRs because he gets down in counts to good fastball hitters and needs to throw a strike,. Unfortunately, Hendriks fastball no longer seems to have movement. When it is center cut up in the zone, it gets mashed. OK, let's assume Hendriks has some physical issue or that his fastball has just flattened out for whatever reason. .What are Tony and Katz supposed to do for a Closer now? Bummer? ReyLo?
  20. tray

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    I don't really care what some think of Eloy or his injuries.. Without him in the line-up, this team is less interesting to some fans (including those who go to a lot of games, like me) , and more importantly, Eloy will be missed by certain WSox players including Abreu, Moncada, and Robert.
  21. tray

    What The Actual F# Is Wrong With This Team?

    Sox may have been overrated coming into the season while other teams in the division have improved more than some expected.
  22. tray

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    It's always been pretty clear that you hate Eloy Jiminez.
  23. tray

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    We don't know that. It is a different kind of injury.
  24. tray

    Eloy Out 6-8 Weeks

    Feel terrible about thus. Eloy is my favorite player on this team and also I think his bat was critical to any chance the Sox have to go deep in the playoffs. Set aside the numbers, the guy has been a clutch hitter. So Eloy was busting it down the line. He did that on Opening day and was safe on an otherwise GIDP which then allowed the winning run (Robert) to score. We have have seen countless MLB players, including guys on our current roster, who hit first base awkwardly and sustain hamstring and other injuries. Going all out to make a play is not always the best idea. I saw Vaughn coast in LF today and allow a bloop to drop instead of charging t and diving to try and catch it. I was not mad about that at all. In fact,, I thought Vaughn showed good judgment. He looks like he has learned a valuable lesson about self-preservation vs making one play. Eloy hasn't or maybe he has now. Having said all that, players should practice how they hit first base according to their stride to avoid that common injury. Maybe make first base flatter or let the runner run past it and have a video ( like they have at horse tracks) to see if a runner got past the base in time. Absent some physical changes at first base, this kind of injury will continue to be part of the game.
  25. tray

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Why didn't the Manager pinch hit Grandal for McGuire or Burger ? Yes, of course, now that you know they didn't get a hit maybe Grandal would have. Maybe anybody would have.