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  1. Green Line


    This team isnt winning the world series - period. Probably wont for another couple decades. You have to take what you can get, and Division champs is better than sitting home in October.
  2. Green Line


    Sox are back, baby! The division is ours.
  3. Green Line

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    Those comments are a joke... you're the GM dude. If you're saying that you are unable to do anything to improve the ballclub, its time to step aside.
  4. Green Line

    Is the rebuild salvageable?

    Its not salvageable but they should keep trying anyway. Just go for making the playoffs every year and be content with 1st round exits. I watched too many bad years of baseball and Im not going to sit through another decade + of rebuilding.
  5. Green Line

    08/01 - Royals @ White Sox, 7:10 PM CT

    Grandal is a second half hitter. Last season he carried the lineup after the ASB. Everyone doubting him is wrong.
  6. Bad, bad trade. We got fleeced - FIRE HAHN!
  7. Green Line

    That's a Luis Robert is a Bad Man White Sox Winner

    We’ve got the Twins right where we want them. Playoffs are looking likely.
  8. Green Line

    Fire Tony Chant

    The whole bullpen is injured… nobody in the world could save this sinking ship. The ungrateful fans are probably hurting clubhouse morale, but keep it up!
  9. Green Line

    TLR 2022 Thread

    Leyland would have been a great hire, thats a shame.
  10. Green Line

    And That's a White Sox Winner !!!!

    You have LaRussa Derangement Syndrome, Ron.
  11. Giolito is gonna want ace type money but he is no ace himself. Trade him.
  12. Green Line

    GT 6-4: Sox @ Rays (12:40pm)

    The season is saved! Playoffs are back on the table!
  13. Green Line

    Sox vs Blue Jays 6:07, Giolito vs Gausman

    We need Ron Washington. Nobody knows fundamentals like him.
  14. Green Line

    Sox vs Blue Jays 6:07, Giolito vs Gausman

    The only time the offense scores a lot of runs is when the pitching sucks.
  15. Green Line

    Eloy rehab starts again 6/21

    Eloy is the biggest bust on the current roster. Why should we forget about him? Are you Eloy's cousin?