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  1. Green Line

    Need McCann and Grandal next year.

    Omg lol we're not resigning McCann. This team has major needs going into next season and signing a SECOND starting catcher is not one of them. Listen, I love McCann. He doesn't want to come back and share the limelight with Grandal. The money spent on McCann needs to go to signing another good starter. Grandal has got a lot of shit on here and much of it is undeserved. He's an above average catcher and will be fine next year. There are plenty of better ways to spend the money.
  2. Green Line


    Happy we won - FIRE RICKY!
  3. Regular season. We beat the Rays in Game 3!
  4. The A's crowd noise is more annoying than any other stadium I've watched this year. Not sure if its just ESPN picking it up more, or what.
  5. They showed the broadcasters at the start of the game. They are in different states and the woman looks like she is sitting in her bedroom. For the playoffs can we not at least get some damn announcers to sit in the press box? They're beyond horrendous and sound like they don't want to be here.
  6. These announcers are awful. Is there any way to listen to the radio broadcast online?
  7. Green Line

    White Sox/A's-- Pre-series Discussion

    Well, lets at least win one of the first two games to assure that there will be a SOXTOBER this year on Thursday.