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  1. Green Line

    9/26- Sox vs Indians, 7:10

    Tonight I witnessed probably the worst and longest persistence of “the wave” that Ive seen at any sporting event in my life. We can do better, Sox fans!
  2. Green Line

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Holy Wow. The Bears are going to blow this game.
  3. Green Line

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    He wasn’t going to run that all the way in. There were plenty of guys in the vicinity. He was going down regardless, counting on them touching him. If they had just waited one more second, they’d have been fine.
  4. Green Line

    NFL Thread 2019-2020

    Wow. Eddy saved the season. Starting off 0-2 would have been perilous with their schedule.. No clue why Denver tackled him on that last play. All they had to do was not touch him.
  5. Green Line

    Congrats Chicago Cubs

    Im just so tired of hearing about it at this point. Ive accepted that theyve won, its over. Theyve won the city for good. But Im so tired of everything being Cubs, Cubs, cubs. Every channel, every article. All the small talk at work for the past 2 months, having to grit your teeth as you hear about how this was the greatest world series in the history of the world. It will never end. And all next season we will still have to hear about it Every. Freaking. Day. Just let us Sox fans be in peace. Stop the torment.
  6. Green Line

    World Series: Indians vs. Cubs

    QUOTE (fathom @ Oct 30, 2016 -> 10:54 PM) Been going off all postseason by me after wins. Sounds like Chapman's garage I don't even live in a Cubs area. Can't imagine how bad it is up North.
  7. Green Line

    World Series: Indians vs. Cubs

    They're all just so smug, it's unbelievable for the least successful franchise in sports history. They are losing the freaking series 3-2 and you'd think they just swept.
  8. Green Line

    World Series: Indians vs. Cubs

    Cubs fans are literally shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood. God help us, this franchise is a joke.
  9. Green Line

    World Series: Indians vs. Cubs

    Really getting in Chapman's head here.
  10. Green Line

    World Series: Indians vs. Cubs

    This long, long Fall nightmare could end tonight. Let's hope!
  11. Green Line

    The Decline of White Sox Fan Culture

    Something has to change in the next decade. I don't know how, and I don't know if it can happen under Reinsdorf, but all of a sudden in the past year I've began to doubt the long term future of the White Sox in Chicago. That's horrifying and I want to think I'm just being over dramatic, but it's a different era than it was back when the Sox were always awful. Ownership is not going to stay in that stadium, it's "old" and way less nice than every new field being built. They're going to demand the city/state help fund a new stadium, and with the current state of the Sox and politics in IL, no way in hell is that going to happen. Something has to change, soon. It's made me so freaking pissed this month to think about how Cubs fans never have to even think about this crap.
  12. Green Line

    Chris Getz to take over player development

    Smfh. This organization doesnt have a clue.
  13. Green Line

    NLCS: Cubs vs Dodgers

    Glad I was wrong. Work wont be so bad tomorrow. I still think this is the Cubs series to lose, Dodgers look lost at the plate.
  14. Green Line

    NLCS: Cubs vs Dodgers

    I feel like there is a 0% chance the Cubs go quitely in the 9th, and a good chance they walk it off. Hope im wrong but this game has that feeling to it.
  15. Green Line

    NLCS: Cubs vs Dodgers

    These fans dont deserve it.