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  1. tlongo81@gmail.com


    Okay. Thanks for clarifying. Thought we were just talking about this season. 550 at bats and only a 2.6 war is not that impressive really. Albies has almost an equal amount of at bats and is double that in fwar. The Torres kid from NY has 240 at bats and already has close to 2.0fwar. Some real good young blood at second base these days.
  2. tlongo81@gmail.com


    Where is Moncada nearly a 3 WAR player at? Fangraphs has him at 1.5 on the season.
  3. tlongo81@gmail.com


    Later dude. Also, that is not my name.
  4. tlongo81@gmail.com


    There are some downright delusional posters here. Below is an example. That projection would be one of the greatest seasons in mlb history. Members 100 1,788 posts Report post Posted Thursday at 09:32 PM (edited) I've been arguing with people on a different sports board about Moncada. This is the way I see it: Moncada has "Best position player in the game" potential. His potential is Who is better Trout or Moncada? His floor is Trevor Story. I don't know where he's ultimately going to fall on this spectrum, but if he hits his ceiling, I could see this as his career year .310/.405/1.085 43HR 45 SB 38 2B 13 3B 130+RBI And a GG
  5. tlongo81@gmail.com


    He was listed in the honorable mention column along with Tim Anderson and Eloy. You wouldn't know by reading around here, but Moncada's stock is way down with the national guys. The guy has over 550 career at bats and has ops of 735. That is nothing to write home about. The Sox don't have a single player in the FG top 50. Fernando Tatis is listed at #39. That tells me all I need to know about the state of the Sox rebuild right there.
  6. tlongo81@gmail.com

    2018 Home Run Derby

    Schwarber putting on a show. Dude is gonna crush Harper in the finals.
  7. tlongo81@gmail.com

    Revisiting the Q deal

    I know this is the Q trade thread, but I wonder if Soto was on the table at all during the Eaton trade talks. That kid looks like something extremely special. I doubt you could even get him for Moncada plus Kopech at this point in time.
  8. tlongo81@gmail.com


    Gleybar Torres and Ozzie Albies say hello.
  9. tlongo81@gmail.com


    I'm just commenting on the absurd and delusional hyperbole going on in this thread. Yoan Moncada is nowhere near the level of Mike Trout. Trout is gonna go down as one of the best players ever. Moncada isn't even close to being the best young second basemen in the game.
  10. tlongo81@gmail.com


    Yeah I remember when Gordan Beckham had the potential to be the next Jeff Kent and Joe Borchard had the potential to be the next Dave Kingman....
  11. tlongo81@gmail.com

    Race for the worst 2018 record (Top 5 pick) again

    Let's hope we aren't saying the same thing about Luis Robert and Eloy three years from now.
  12. tlongo81@gmail.com

    Losing Culture

    And now introducing your 2022 World Series Champions Chicago White Sox ( brought to you this evening by Bulleit bourbon ;} ) Nick Madrigal-Second Base ( Little Nicky becomes Chicago's version of Dustin Pedroia) Luis Robert- Center Field ( Shakes off injury prone label to become a poor mans Mike Trout) Nolan Arenado- Third Base ( Sox shock the world and sign Arenado to a 6 year contract after the 2019 season and all he does is rake rake rake...) Eloy Jimenez- Right Field ( RBI machine reminds Sox fans of an amalgamation of the Big Hurt, Jermaine Dye, and Jose Abreau) Zach Collins- First Base ( Converted catcher turns into an OBP machine with massive pop from the left side) Adley Rutschman- Catcher ( #3 pick in the 2019 draft wins ROY of the year in 2022 and resembles a young Buster Posey) Tim Anderson - Short Stop ( continues to be a perennial 20 20 guy and defensive games grows by leaps and bounds under manager Omar Vizquel) Micker Adolfo - Left Field ( Cannon arm unaffected by Tommy John surgery in 2018 and provides massive pop at the bottom of the order) MIguel Cabrera-DH ( Kenny Williams always gets his guy! RH part of a DH platoon with Gavin Sheets) Starting Rotation Patrick Corbin ( Given a 100 million plus deal after 2018 season and turns into the next coming of Chris Sale) MIchael Kopech ( Fireballer right recovers nicely from Tommy John surgery in 2019 and becomes a rock solid #2) Carlos Rodon ( chronically injured pitcher signs extension after 2020 and turns in career years in 2021 and 2022) Casey Mize ( acquired prior to the 2022 season from Detroit for Yoan Moncada in a bust for bust trade. Thrives under new Sox pitching coach Mark Buehrle) Reynaldo Lopez ( continues to eat innings and remind Sox fans of former pitcher Jose Contreras) Bench Laz Rivera ( Replaces Yolmer Sanchez as the Sox super utility man) Gavin Sheets ( LH part of the DH platoon and back up first baseman) Tyler Flowers ( Rick Hahn gets redemption and Flowers gets a ring before retirement) Steele Walker ( reserve outfielder with porn star name helps Sox forget the flame out of Blake Rutherford) Bullpen Closer- Dylan Cease ( flamethrower who couldn't stick as a starter turns into an all star closer) SetUp- Zach Burdi ( Failed closer turns into effective set up man) Set Up Lefty- Konnor Pilkington ( Reminds sox fans everywhere of Matt Thorton) High Leverage Righty- Alec Hansen ( Failed starter shakes off injuries to become dominant reliever) LOOGY-Bernando Flores ( every bullpen needs a good LOOGY) Long Relief- Jordan Stephens ( failed starter finds role in long relief) Jack of All trades- Lincoln Henzman ( Sox's Louiseville connection makes good with occasional spot starter Woah!!! Get it done Hahn! I know you are on here lurking and burning like Bryan Colangelo!
  13. tlongo81@gmail.com

    KW on the state of the rebuild

    I clearly understand what the Sox are trying to do. It is delusional to think that all is going to go according to plan, however. In fact, we are now 1.5 years into the rebuild and things are already going off track a bit. Luis Robert is doing his best Charlie Tilson impersonation and Moncada is striking out 35% of the time. The Sox are going to need to pony up for a couple big ticket FAs in order for this rebuild to succeed. Let's hope they can get it done.
  14. tlongo81@gmail.com

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    I never said "risking" anywhere in my post. I was in favor of a teardown but I wanted some fresh blood in charge of the rebuild. Some people around here seem to think that it is a foregone conclusion that this rebuild is gonna turn out like the Cubs and Astros did. That could happen, but the odds are heavily stacked against it. The people in charge of this rebuild are a couple tiers below the people in charge on the Northside and down in Houston.
  15. tlongo81@gmail.com

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    No. They weren't making the playoffs before the rebuild. Hence why I said another decade of no playoffs. Are the people responsible for the playoff drought still around making poor decisions? The fact that Hahn couldn't even trade Moncada straight up for Tatis Junior right now tells me all I need to know about the current state of the rebuild.