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  1. Soxnfins

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    My question is if TLR is hired.... who replaces him in 2 years once he retires???
  2. Soxnfins

    Tony LaRussa rumors running wild as of 10/28

    Jerry doing TLR a favor here
  3. If you hire Hinch/Cora, I think you might say goodbye to Bauer as a FA option... Just food for the thought
  4. Yep, Hahn is in fuck it mode
  5. Stiever is a trade chip is what I got from this
  6. Hahn pretty much saying what we need.. RF/DH/Pitching
  7. crochert good nice, flexor strain
  8. Soxnfins

    Ozzie not a candidate

    as he shouldn't be
  9. The look on Hahn's face when asked "Rick I know you are probably upset about not winning the division and those last 7 games....." He looked livid
  10. Honestly - the more telling thing this is saying while getting rid of RR is that the Sox will keep buying and it should be a FUN offseason.
  11. Similar to what Dave Duncan is for us