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  1. Yeah he was solid, but who cares... he'll hit 300 and not strike out, but 90% of the time hit singles.... his slugging will hover around 400 for his career... MAYBE
  2. Plot twist: We are trading for Story as well
  3. Madrigal and Heuer? I actually don't hate it
  4. Crochet gone though
  5. Color me surprised if this happens, but this is a total FU to the league and I love it
  6. This is all to get the anegls to trade us Iglesias.... This also reminds me of when Kimbrel was absolutely putrid during his first two years with the Cubs.
  7. Soxnfins


    From the buddies that have went to Miller this year, it's probably a 80/20 split card/cash
  8. Soxnfins


    MKE Staff have it down pat... Just be sure to tip them a bit, it'll be hot & they don't get paid much for the job they do really well.
  9. Soxnfins


    I used to work & live downtown MKE... Try the Broken Bat, they have mugs made out of wooden bats for purchase, it's pretty cool.... There's Cafe Benelux, and the Public Market is a nice spot, a little more north is Zaffiros, great pizza (on farwell, by brady st). Sobelman's is great as well on St. Paul. SafeHouse is fun, but can get loud. Swingin' Door is solid too, cost efficient as well. I'm going on Saturday!
  10. What I can't wait for is when we don't acquire someone at the deadline they will push "Eloy is coming back and he is our deadline acquisition."
  11. Soxnfins

    Blue Jays acquire Steven Matz

    Bauer to Mets, watch
  12. Madrigal, Heuer, Dalquist is what my gut says
  13. Soxnfins

    International Signing Day is Here

    If Vera can even become a solid back-end guy, he's going to be fairly useful. #4/#5 with #3 potential, no?
  14. Hahn had the biggest smile on his face on potential additions.... something else is brewing, you can tell.