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  1. Hahn had the biggest smile on his face on potential additions.... something else is brewing, you can tell.
  2. Soxnfins

    Sox & Gio Settle for $4.15M

    5/90 + 23M club should get it done, no?
  3. Soxnfins

    MLB 2020-21 off season catch all

    That seems cheap, 15MM AAV, wasn't he shooting for around 23MM AAV?
  4. Soxnfins

    Student Loan Debt

    Paid off mine this past year, actually paid off my car and then traded it in for a lesser vehicle and used the proceeds to have a paid off vehicle and no student loans. Just a mortgage here.
  5. Minus Giolito (if you exclude the arb), but I think he'll get locked up.
  6. Soxnfins

    Trade Whispers - Starting Pitchers

    Gut feeling that we are going after Woodruff. No source, just a gut feeling.
  7. Oh I’m not taking a shot, I just found it fascinating that they worked the “we can pay later” option in there and possibly keep the “Bobby Bonilla” plan alive
  8. 4th year is probably a burn year, uncle Jerry just didn’t want to shell out $15M all at once. Probably $5m over 3y or $1M over 15y, the new Bobby Bonilla!
  9. that’s interesting
  10. Soxnfins

    Old: Mega Hendriks Speculation Thread

    Beef retweeted the 4th year comment
  11. Soxnfins

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    I know that, was kind of just an off-kiltered comment.
  12. Soxnfins

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    Completely off topic, but man it would have been nice to have Dominguez.... Robert was worth it and I'm not complaining, but Dominguez is going to be a stud. Side note: I always make him 99s in the show, but even at a 69 rating, still can hit with him a bunch haha.
  13. Soxnfins

    Badler: Sox expected to sign Yoelki Cespedes

    It's the only way we can be greedy with JR running the show, and I'm ok with it. We've been a second-class team for so long prior to last year, that we finally can be in the drivers seat for something.