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  1. FT35

    Trade Proposals

    Shields for Sonny Gray? We flip Shields and bring Sonny in to see if we can Coop him. If not, we're really only out a wild card prospect from an August Shields waiver deal. If it works though...hmmm...
  2. This has been the year of the bullpen. Everyone seems to be trying different things...starting closers, mix and matching back end arms in earlier innings, teaching the mindset of "preparing for a lineup--not an inning." Lots of "experimenting" going on. Has anyone noticed a playoff-caliber team doing these kinds of things on a regular basis? It seems to me like all of these experiments are coming from teams who are desperate for bullpen outs. The liberal use of bullpens seems to strongly correlate to the bad teams! Personally, I think the mindset is just another illustration of why a team is bad in the first place--bad decision making bleeds over into all areas of the game. If bad decision making happens with the bullpen usage, it's probably happening in several other areas of team management and costing the team wins. But look at the playoff-caliber teams this year and you will see nearly all traditionally opperate their bullpen and have a dedicated lights-out closer. LA, Boston, NYY, Seattle, Oakland, Cubs (although injuries), Washington, Arizona, Atlanta, Cleveland. The exceptions are the Phillies (who have had a revolving door for closers) but it's been more performance-based and due to the lack of consistency with any one player over time...and Houston--who went through a time of uncertainty because Ken Giles decided this was the year he would lose his mind. Both those teams are reported to be in talks on all the trade tumors concerning closers. Just think the correlation is too strong to not pair some logic with.
  3. FT35

    Trade Proposals

    It makes sense why the Twins wouldn't want to sell everything becase of their mediocre year--I think they have a promising core that will be competitive for a nice chunk of years. However, it would make too much sense to them to move Fernando Rodney--who's 41 and on a 1-year deal. I know Boston has shown interest in Rodney, but I think a potential deal involving Rodney could compete with a deal involving Soria (to Boston). Just don't know if I were the Red Sox if I'd want Fernando Rodney or Joakim Soria in there for a 2018 playoff run, but both seem to be pitching well and have a strong recovery time from nights in which they get bombed--which in fairness...hasn't been too often this year.
  4. I was at this game. Mind you, I live in Fort Wayne, IN--that's in Northeast IN. That would be a 4 hour 1-way trip (using the trains). I make it to a game every couple years or so...that was the one.
  5. FT35

    ESPN ranks White Sox rotation worst in baseball

    Welp...he did it last year with MiGo amongst several similar posts as yours! Maybe he can pull it off again? Obviously he won’t get much for either of them if he’s able to get something done. I’m thinking if he IS able to move them, it would not be to a contender, but to a team who DOES move a SP to a contender.
  6. FT35

    ESPN ranks White Sox rotation worst in baseball

    Rodon, Lopez, Covey, maybe Kopech in the 2nd half. Looking at possible minor deals for Miguel Gonzalez and Shields I’m sure. Giolito might need some AAA time to get right again—although I’m not sure he will ever live up to the hype as a TOR starter. Sometimes guys like that ultimately land and find success in the bullpen though so I’m not writing him off. I think he has the stuff to be successful but I’m not sure it will be as a starter.
  7. FT35


    This is true. You're right reps would help, but so would some lineup help. RIght now he's at the tail end of the Engel/Tilson, Narvaez, Trayce trio. Yoan hitting in front of Sanchez really only benefits Yolmer (actually think Yolmer has the best possible position for success in our lineup). You think Moncada would be producing better numbers in Benitendi's position in that Boston linup? Uh yeah. Might see a pitch or 2 with Betts and JD Martinez waiting. Right now, he's very exposed and pitchers really don't need to show him anything. Except for maybe 1-2 times per game that he's leading off an inning, he's up with 2 outs and nobody on. So does that make him less talented? Are Moncada's skills lacking or are they just not fully applicable yet? Does that mean that Yoan Moncada is the one with issues? He's far from perfect, but I think you will see eye-popping numbers put up when we start packing our lineup with MLB-caliber hitters. My dad always said the famous line while playing Eucher..."when you learn to play with the cards you're dealt, you'll get better ones." Kind of think that's where Moncada is right now...Learning how to play with nothing around him. If he can learn and continue to push through and develop, I think this will only benefit him down the road. Great guys can have good years in bad lineups. However, a great lineup can take someone good and make them great.
  8. FT35


    Absolutely. Eloy will soon join that group. These are the guys that are a cut above the rest no matter what the numbers suggest at the current moment. If they suddenly lose their ability to play baseball, then we can talk about lowering the expectation. That is simply not happening with Moncada or anyone else from that group. This group (and some not mentioned here may join this group) has the best chance to become full-blown super stars. Will they? Who knows...but people have to start looking at these players for what they are and not that they are striking out a lot in some split matchups. Benintendi is hitting .211 vs. lefties while in the midst of an MVP caliber stretch of baseball. He had 1 HR and 9 RBI against lefties last year for the SEASON--PROSPECT BUST. Albies is hitting .228 vs RHP with 43k's--TOTAL PROSPECT BUST. No one is good.
  9. FT35


    Yes...Yoan Moncada is one of the young stars in the game right now. Superstar? No not yet...it's important to keep the terms straight though. Moncada belongs in this group--solely based on what he has shown already: Albies, Acuna, Benintendi, Moncada, Hoskins, Torres, Bellinger, Bregman... Not a single guy hitting over .300 on that list--yet all young stars based on ability/performance.
  10. FT35


    Say what? That's the most backwards way of interpreting that I've ever heard! Who implied what you said? Who said he wasn't good now? Go back and read the post...the little words are the big words...the 4 letter word that looks like "peak" is the key word to focus on. With that in mind, now go back and read it while thinking of what the word peak means. Now apply that comment. Would you want a player's development to peak at age 23 then be all downhill from there or be strong at 23 and continue to improve?? Would it worry you more to see him go through a rough patch now or if someone said we have seen the best from Moncada already and then if Moncada followed that downward trajectory (away from his peak) from here on out?
  11. FT35

    How eventful will be this years deadline?

    Typically if you have a contender at the deadline, they have plenty of stars already. For evey team looking to land an impact player, there is another looking for smaller pieces who could fill holes. Obviously there are mega stars who could be available and they would make a larger impact, but don't underestimate the impact that a few "upgrades" could make to an already contending team.
  12. FT35


    I think it would worry me more if a 23 year-old top prospect's game was at its peak at age 23. The guy's a star now with so many ways to improve.
  13. No joke. I'd take the game part though...Swish had some baller years.
  14. I felt the same way about Walker...he seems like a very "safe" pick--nothing really seems to stand out about him and normally with a 2nd round pick, you see a reason why he's a 2nd rounder. An OFer to boot--in a system who loaded with OF prospects. Just through there were better options on the board for US--shoot, I could see Pilkington picked there in the 2nd round--luckily he was still there in the 3rd. I did read somewhere that people believe Walker is one of the most likely to contribute to a MLB team this season....but there are a lot of ?? about that statement...
  15. FT35

    Draft Day 2 Thread - Rounds 3-10 (Tracker in OP)

    Figured they'd go college RHP.