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  1. I’m not really thrilled about it because I don’t like players calling the shots. But...times are a little different and Jerry cares a lot about his players. We’ve done this before for Ozzie and John Danks. But in this case, Alonso isn’t quite a blow off player. He’s another Todd Frazier—a capable MLB player and can contribute at a level that matches his market. It could very well be that we are on the verge of something huge—where a move like this, spending 9 million just to make it known how much we care about a player’s wishes...could trigger a domino of signings that could transform the franchise in a big way. Hopefully it will all make sense soon!
  2. It’s possible his agent told him to put together a wish list for his new destination because he knew teams would basically pour everything out to get him. If Machado is as family oriented as people are saying, it’s possible that playing with his brother-in-law was a desire of his. Maybe he was willing to defer the amount of Alonso’s salary off his new mega contract to fulfil that desire—who knows what’s all included in a contract like this. With both players sharing the same agent, it could have been a goal to try to make happen. Since it did, I’m liking that the Sox are the team trying to make it happen. Goes a long way in establishing the trust in a long-term player/organization relationship.
  3. The longer he waits to sign, the more he limits the team he’s signing with to add more pieces this winter. He’s effectively hurting his team’s chances to get better before he even goes there! If he could sign now, we could go to work on the next guy.
  4. FT35

    Billy Hamilton

    Jarrod Dyson has had a nice career as a role player on contending teams. Billy could follow a similar path.
  5. So maybe the next tweet we read will be: While the Phillies were serious about Harper and Machado, they spend stupid money on Yasmani Grandal. ? Maybe another team can be the idiot left behind?
  6. I also think that with this year's FA class being so strong and right at the conclusion of several expiring contracts for us and right at the beginning of a potential competitive window, many people factored in big spending Winter 2018 as being a big part of the overall rebuild. It was all part of the perfect storm that was aligning for us to pull all this off.
  7. FT35

    Corbin has become top target

    I agree that we need pitching...we have some talent but our SPs are a huge question mark. I guess there's a part of me that would like them to show more dedication to the current model of successful teams right now. When you don't have Boston/LA/NYY/Cubs money, the formula had been to try to stack your bullpen. I get you won't make it to a lot of late inning situations where your bullpen can win games for you if you don't have good starting pitching, but today's game has placed LESS emphasis on the starting pitcher and MORE on stacking your pen with guys who will give you dream match-ups in innings 6, 7, 8 and 9--lights-out work 90% of the time. There are SPs out there who could fit this model for MUCH less than Corbin. Guys who will keep you in the game for 4-5 innings most times out. Those guys are more affordable and tend to be more team-oriented. If they have a shot at a young, slam dunk ace for 5-6 years, sure, you take it and then start assembling your pen. I'm just not sure Corbin is that guy..I think he's more "best available" rather than "best for what we (should be) trying to do." You could make a case for SP, bullpen or SUPER STAR position players...just goes to show you how many holes we really have and how little identity we have. But you know...it's kind of exciting...it's a blank slate that could go any direction--just seems like I'd want to see the resemblance of one of the recent successful teams' blueprints taking shape...like Milwaukee's. Corbin suggests more Cubs' model and I'm not sure that's a good, sustainable plan for us.
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    Yeah, it seems strange that the more toolsy the player is, the longer it takes for him to achieve his full potential. It's not like with a slugger, who needs to work on cutting down k's and hitting more HRs, the 5-tool players need to work on everything and develop more parts of their game. It's like Moncada's talent has him stuck in a rut...trying to become the best contact hitter, power hitter, base stealer AND line drive hitter on the team EACH NIGHT. My advice to him would be to not try to showcase and be the 5-tool player he is each and every night, but to learn how to recognize and use each of his 5 tools in the most relevant situations to beat the opponent. Some nights he might beat you with his speed, others he might drive in 6, others a clutch hit...just not try to be everything at once--that result is usually an 0-4 with 2 k's. I think if he can do that, you can see him start to round into form.
  9. FT35

    Your Offseason Plan

    Oh I absolutely agree there are better ways to improve a team for Harper/Machado money. But I think we are way ahead of ourselves if we think we're ready to address on-field needs of this team. Honestly, we lost 100 games last year...I think we still have a foot on ground zero on this thing. We're not looking to necessarily improve our team for a solid "run at it", we're looking to define it and shape the next decade of White Sox baseball "The Franchise." We're looking for long-term pieces--building blocks--identity. I think you go big and go out and get a face. As much as I don't like him, I think of all the available pieces of the caliber we need to shape our franchise around, Harper is the guy. I think there are better baseball players and better contracts to chase, but we need a cornerstone to build on instead of putting all the eggs into a prospect basket (Moncada/Eloy). I think we are all in on one of the big 2 and I honestly believe they we get one. Not to jump-start the rebuild or to contend as early as 2019, but to start to put a face to this thing.
  10. Yes...agree that it's stupid and financially irresponsible, but the key to get Jerry to "OK" a multi-year rebuild might have been to dangle a couple LARGE pieces of candy at the end of the wait. Jerry doesn't like losing and convincing him to lose for several years was not easy--it's why it took them so long to commit to it. I'm sure watching the last couple years has made him grow uneasy about his product/franchise value. The fact that their payroll is down to almost zero yet in-line with one of the most lucrative FA classes we've seen in years might not be much of a coincidence. Even if it's not Machado AND Harper, it could be 1 of them, plus a couple other big names.
  11. FT35

    Hahn on The Score this morning

    It also allowed Jerry to kind of let Michael explore his (odd) baseball dream, while he still was under his control--laying the groundwork for his return to the Bulls. In other words...he didn't let Michael go play/develop professional relations with another franchise and risk losing him to another NBA team if he choose to come back to basketball. In Jordan's view...who WOULDN'T want to be a part of that 1994 Sox team!!?
  12. Not to downplay a player like Harper...but switching leagues is always tough on even the best players. Although he's a career .281 hitter in about 100 inter-league games, he hit .167 in inter-league games last year, so there's some hit or miss potential. He also has 1 career 100 RBI season to his resume...his 2018 contract year. Even throwing out his down year this year...his stats and defensive ability suggest he's a little over-rated.
  13. FT35

    Hahn on The Score this morning

    Re-signing Michael Jordan probably wasn't the most difficult decision he's ever made...