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  1. This is some great original dumpster content here!! Who here didn't immediately picture the difference!?
  2. In my opinion, the Santana signing is a good one. 4.6 WAR in 2017, 3.9 the year before that. He's had several years where he's hovered around the 3 mark. Using the $9M/1WAR equation that everyone has been using for Harper and Machado estimates, that should put him in line for a 27-41M/year salary. We got him for $4M--IF he makes the team.
  3. FT35

    Grading Rick Hahn

    He's been very good when dealing with the team's assets. (Biggest hiccup was moving Tatis for Shields, but what many don't remember is that the team was off to a VERY strong start and felt it was unsustainable without another SP. He made a deal--which at the time looked like a buy-low on Shields who was some Coup time away from being a strong contributor, it just didn't work out). But he's made some nice trades and more importantly, negotiated several team-friendly contracts that have added additional value to those players' trade return. His shortcomings revolve around the budget restrictions he's been given to work with. In other words, Jerry. It's Jerry who I imagine is a GREAT person to work for but with his history on spending and activist stance on many Free Agent-related issues, it's a tough roadblock for Hahn. For Hahn and Kenny Williams' sake, they both did their job of convincing Jerry to blow away his limit for Machado--which I believe was right at that $250M guaranteed. Both he and Kenny stated that in their comments about "Jerry stepping up." Bottom line is...Rick Hahn has had to navigate a franchise with one of the lowest attendance records in MLB, and a tight-wad owner. In many cases, he (and Kenny) have been forced to "get creative" on ways to build the on-field MLB product and it often shows. In that regard, you have to consider his ability to even convince Jerry to scrap/rebuild as a major win as well--breaking the broken pattern of plug and play moves. NOW...I think the Machado situation is a MAJOR blow to the organization--not as much from a standpoint of us not winning the bid, but for what type of thinking has taken place afterwards. I see red flags looking into some of the comments Hahn has made since the Machado signing..."the money will be spent," "there are still players we want to sign." All those comments point to the OLD, BROKEN way of fielding a team. You MISS on your 2-year plan FA target, and automatically default to the plug and play cycle of "who's left available" on the scrap heap pile and let's just get them. All this while we have already filled 2 roster positions with plug and play type vets Alonso and Jay. I guess I'd like to hear more along the lines of "we had an opportunity to speed up the rebuild, it didn't happen, so we are going to switch gears and stick with our original timeline and continue to plan accordingly." I'd like to see AT LEAST Alonso on the move soon, (did you all see the comment by Alex Cora when he referenced the Sox signing Alonso and Jay as something that "wasn't going to work to get Machado, but at least Jay was a good player?!?" Yikes!) I think it's important to move him for 2 reasons: 1. he doesn't really belong on this team and we could use his roster spot, and 2. he reminds the world of our failure. I'd also like to see them back to flip mode on Colome and Herrera. I guess how he gets through the recent failure will help to define Hahn for me. Can he leverage it? Can he use it to motivate? Can he overachieve because of it?
  4. FT35

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    Who knows if this is an attempt to clear $ for Harper, but if it is, I still have to question the flip side... why a team would rather put THAT much $ into trading for Heyward, when they could just put it towards signing Harper.
  5. Well that’s my point, they want the fast games, but the fast games are pitcher’s duels and lack extensive offense.
  6. Double edged sword. Everyone wants to see more offense but great offense is where the extra time factors in. Long innings, pitching changes etc... Great pitching is where the time is saved--but no one wants to watch pitching duels anymore. Check out Buehrle's game times. His efficiency model--get it, throw it, induce weak contact that led to quick 1-2-3 innings. In other words...FAST = the new boring to baseball viewers. SLOW means giving the people more of what they want...offense. SMH.
  7. Is it just me or has LA inquired about Fulmer in the past? Keep getting this feeling like he's been on their radar.
  8. I know, I know...just seems like everyone has stolen itβ€”doesn’t make me happy to see it anymore because of all the false over-uses...
  9. Guys...we’re freaking out about eyeballs...do we know how crazy that sounds?! And they’ve been so overused at this point...people are just using them to get a rise out of people because for some reason it works?! There’s never a time when White Sox baseball fans’ eyeballs should out-trend LASIK. The ratio is now 900 eyeballs to 1 legit piece of info. And yet we still freak out as if it means something! 900:1. We’re getting close to Tim Anderson’s K/BB ratio and only we have the power to stop it. Time to get back to real-world reality. Let scrolling breaking news banners be the new eyeballsβ€”when something is ACTUALLY HAPPENING!
  10. Ha! True...I have noticed that they always seem to come in low. How a lineup with Manny, Jimenez and Jay would be calculate lower WAR than a lineup with Davidson, Engle and Delmonico I'll never know. Those would be the 3 most notable changes.
  11. I could get on board with this. The thought would be if they make a decent jump in 2019 through big FA adds and internal growth, that they will add more before 2020 crunch time--possibly giving them a push down the 2020 contending path. Like another stud SP, more bullpen specialists, another couple bat upgrades. I think if that all happens, you'll see the competitive team shell starting to form. One that might be clear enough that they can begin considering moving prospect assets to help the MLB cause.
  12. HA! Well...it's my understanding that they would prefer to contend at some point in the near future--next couple of years for sure! Otherwise...I'm not sure they would be going after guys like Machado if it wasn't the goal to contend soon. Judging by the timeline of things--if I had to guess, the plan would be to play well this year, and contend next year? Just sayin, I don't think Engel will have a spot on those contending teams when they arrive. Do you?