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  1. Ever since the Chicago Blackhawks turned things around, you don't hear much about the Chicago Wolves anymore. However, they are finishing up another great regular season and they have clinched another playoff spot. https://www.chicagowolves.com/
  2. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/d/davidma02.shtml In my opinion, the single worst blunder by Rick Hahn during the offseason was getting rid of Matt Davidson. To be clear, the reason for this is not Davidson's hitting such as his 20 HR's last season, but instead his pitching. If you click n the above link to Baseball Reference and scroll down to "Standard Pitching," you will find the following: Davidson pitched 3 innings in 3 games giving up zero hits and only 1 walk. You would think that given all the team's bullpen problems last year, that Hahn would have decided to go about making Davidson a true utility player who could both pitch and hit for the team. Instead of having Davidson pitch 3 innings a season, Hahn could have tried it make it at least an inning a week if not more. It was pitching that should have given Davidson the edge over Palka in determining just who gets to stay on with the team. Instead, Hahn opted to drop Davidson while keeping the likes of Palka and Nate Jones on the team and now we are paying the price for that poorly thought out decision.
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    Thus far this season, Alonso has 3 walks in 3 games. If he keeps it up, he could set a new team record for the most walks in a season and by so doing provide the high OBP player that the Sox have needed ever since Frank Thomas left the team.
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    And that’s a White Sox Winner!

    Team MVP thus far this season: Alonso. If the team can both dump Palka and bring back Davidson as a bullpen member/pinch hitter, then the team will be on the right track.
  5. Insp

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    You missed the part about the family reunion.
  6. Insp

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    The Sox offered Machado both big money and a family reunion. What's unfair about that?
  7. Can the White Sox avoid being swept this series? Can the likes of Alonso & Palka avoid being nothing more than dead weights to the team? Can Eloy prove himself worthy of the superstar money that Hahn decided to lavish upon him instead of going out and getting much needed free agent help? For the answers to these questions and more, tune in today's game.
  8. Alonso has gotten 3 walks in 3 games. If he keeps this up, he could set a new team record for most walks in a season.
  9. Eloy batting just .200 Great use of the team's money, Hahn.
  10. Good news: Engel in, Palka out.
  11. Lucas out. Let's see if the bullpen can nail this one down.
  12. If McCann can stick to the approach that he showed in his last AB, then he might prove to be a worthy member of the team.
  13. Of course, Palka swung on the first pitch like a drunken retard.
  14. Allonso with his 2nd walk this season. He might have the best approach to the plate of anyone on the team this year.
  15. Thus far this game McCann is KC's best player.
  16. With our beloved GM, what else did you expect?
  17. Why stop there? Why not get a hold of our nation's scientific leadership and do what's needed to clone him so future generations of Sox fans can experience the wonderful hitting that we're all seeing right now?
  18. How long will it take for Palka to get a hit?
  19. You do have a sense of humor after all.
  20. Eloy starts the game off 0-1. Hahn should be so proud of him.
  21. The dreaded leadoff walk.
  22. Insp

    Whats the plan, man?

    What you are advocating is an awful lot like what the Sox did following the 2004 season when they focused on picking up quality players regardless of how obscure they were. The end result was winning the World Series. However, for some strange reason, they dropped that approach and instead tried to get big name players like Adam Dunn and James Shields to say nothing of Harper & Machado. One wonders just why the Sox have refused to return to the route that led to the World championship.
  23. Insp

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    If Davidson If Davidson has indeed been released by the Rangers, now is the time for Hahn to sign him up to a minor league contract so he can be assigned to a bullpen and we can all see just how good or bad a pitcher he can be.
  24. Insp

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    The thing is though that the Rangers did not allow him a chance to pitch and give him a fair shot.
  25. Insp

    Why was Matt Davidson Dropped?

    How many of them can pitch?