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    4/22 Games (Covey, Adams, Flores, Henzman)

    I wouldn't sweat it too much yet. His FB% last year was ideal for power but he had an abnormally low HR/FB% (4.7%). That number is probably an aberration and should start to creep up over time even if the power hasn't really translated yet.
  2. username

    Home Opener Game Thread! White Sox vs Tigers

    Ian Happ and Sano were striking out at a 55% clip coming into today. Wilson Contreras is well above 40%. The sample size is way too small to take anything valuable from it.
  3. username

    Home Opener Game Thread! White Sox vs Tigers

    Giancarlo Stanton had 5 Ks in a 9 inning game the other day lol.
  4. username

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    We should also probably keep in mind that Machado might insist on playing SS, not 3B. That’s his preference, and it’s also conceivable that that becomes our biggest long-term need. If TA doesn’t step it up then we’ll need a long-term option there. And if he does, he’s a valuable asset we could move or shift to another position.
  5. username

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    I’d be completely fine with giving Mouse an opt-out after a year or two. We aren’t spending money now. If he’s playing well enough to opt out we just take the comp picks or trade him at the all-star break. You still maintain the payroll flexibility then to upgrade and can likely entice him on a lesser guaranteed commitment.
  6. username

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    I also wonder if scouts might expect some bounceback in defensive value another year from surgery. He had pretty significant knee surgery and was playing less than a year after.
  7. username

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Feb 21, 2018 -> 02:20 PM) A discounted Moustakas doesn’t prevent from adding Machado, it just locks you into a league average player who will need to move to 1B (where the value suddenly disappears) or will force you to move Anderson to CF. Plus you lose an important draft pick. I’ve said numerous times I would have added JD Martinez if I could get him a discount. I just think Moustakas is a less impactful player and we don’t need buy league average players this early into a rebuild. Well put. I’m in favor of Mouse at the right price but this is probably the best-said case I’ve heard for not doing it.
  8. username

    Moustakas linked to Sox again

    If Mouse is signing for less than $14 million annually you’re expecting from a market value perspective less than 2 WAR a season (open market is about $7 million per war with no inflation, in normal years). It might make more sense to sign a guy like him now at depressed prices, lock up 3B and give yourself a better long-term shot at re-signing the core guys down the road. Imagine trying to re-sign Eloy, Moncada and Kopech in 5-6 years with Manny declining and making $30 million. These things also don’t happen in a vacuum. If Burger tears it up and Mouse is cheap you have a good problem. Can flip either for other help. And it frees up resources to pursue other positions in FA when you’re not locking $300 million of future payroll in. Plus we are generally bereft of long-term lefty power, and the major 3Bs are righty.
  9. username

    White Sox interested in adding a DH

    Would love to see a 2 year deal for Morrison (depending on money). If his breakout is for real (his dramatically increased FB% suggests it was) he’s got a ton of trade value, and would provide lefty pop that’s sorely missed. Market is so saturated that I don’t see how the money could be particularly high.
  10. username

    2017 Offseason White Sox News, Notes, and Tweets thread

    White Sox supposedly in the market for a DH, according to Heyman. No names from what I can tell.
  11. username

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    Not sure I agree with the negativity on Cain. Fringe-CF guys with good arms often end up being spectacular RFs (see Eaton, Cutch to an extent) which can actually pump their value up a ton. Cain’s skill set is actually very similar to Eaton, with a bit more pop and slightly higher offensive upside.
  12. username

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    I think Yolmer actually makes a ton of sense. The brewers insider mentioned the second trade is a smaller one. I’m also just guessing that the Brewers would prefer to get a cost-controlled guy like Yolmer over paying Harrison or Kipnis $10 million a year.
  13. username

    Brewers Acquire Christian Yelich & sign Lorenzo Cain

    QUOTE (steveno89 @ Jan 24, 2018 -> 09:11 AM) We could fills gaps with a few key free agent signings^ We don't need to hit on every prospect, but our key guys need to pan out and produce Exactly. We have virtually zero guaranteed money on the books, which is insane and rare even for rebuilding teams. I also think everyone is overlooking the fact that even though we lack those ~50 FV guys we have an insane amount of guys that likely at least have a ML floor (Burdi, Guerrero, Stephens, Polo, Adams, Zavala, Viera, Bummer, etc.). Unlike previous years we hopefully won’t have those “black hole” roster spots where we literally have nobody even replacement level at areas of need. And we still have the #4 pick in the draft next year. Remember guys, the cubs signed 2/3 of their WS OF, Zobrist and Lester. You don’t need to have a prime prospect at every spot.
  14. username

    Brewers nearing trade

    Supposed Brewers insider was saying today was the day anyways. Personally have a hard time seeing the fit unless it’s as 3-way trade but Yolmer is definitely a match.
  15. Boston supposedly only offering him around 5 years $100M. No wonder the Sox are interested in that range. Even if he’s a fringe corner guy/DH he’s a top 10 hitter in baseball.