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  1. whitesoxfan99

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    It made sense for a pretty short period of time but it wasn't that long before there was good data showing it wasn't effective and you still had nut jobs swearing by it, that is more what I was referring to.
  2. whitesoxfan99

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    And for which there is literally zero evidence of it being effective. These people are fucking morons. All over hydroxychloroquine last year and now Ivermectin but not over proven successful vaccines. It's too bad this stupidity didn't impact other people or I'd be perfectly content that we just have a bunch of Darwin award winners.
  3. whitesoxfan99

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    Yes, that is correct. This is a black and white issue. Laughable to say otherwise. Vaccinations are good, the arguments against them are entirely bullshit.
  4. whitesoxfan99

    2021 Soccer Thread

    Good second half but that was an unfathomably bad game plan and formation for the first half. We have good players now, put them in a position to succeed.
  5. whitesoxfan99

    2021 Soccer Thread

    Berhalter is an absolute joke who has zero business ever being considered for the job. Yay nepotism
  6. whitesoxfan99

    2021 Soccer Thread

    Berhalter needs to be fired. Completely asinine that the USA has its most talent group ever and the coach is a guy who got the job solely because of nepotism.
  7. whitesoxfan99

    COVID Thread Part Deux

    It is unfortunate, at this point we need vaccine mandates from all employers and governments with the sole exception being for medical reasons (there shouldn’t be religious exemptions for vaccines). And if someone still doesn’t want the vaccine then they can be ostracized from society and not get to take part in the benefits provided by it. I have zero sympathy for people who won’t get vaccinated unless there is a medical reason for them not to. Years ago people in this country would sacrifice for the greater good (and getting a vaccine isn’t even a sacrifice) but thanks to Fox News and social media one side of the aisle has decided science is bad and owning the libs is more important than public health or the country.
  8. whitesoxfan99

    Summer Olympics Thread

    Yep. Had 4 world champions in the sprints at 2019 world championships but Coleman suspended, Brazier banged up so didn’t make team, Holloway blew a big late lead and Lyles just wasn’t quite the same guy this year. The sprinters that made team are actually really young though so I’d expect them to be set up really well in 2024.
  9. whitesoxfan99

    Summer Olympics Thread

    Just completely destroyed Brazil that whole match. Was never really particularly competitive. And USA finishes with most golds, most silver and most bronze. Despite a number of disappointments before and after the games the USA still finishes on top.
  10. whitesoxfan99

    2020 NBA Regular Season Thread

    Just absolutely horrendous officiating down the stretch of this Suns/Clippers game
  11. whitesoxfan99

    COVID-19/Coronavirus thread

    This is really going to harm people’s desire to get the vaccine. Anyone on the fence is going to be far less likely to get the vaccine now and those who were already not planning on getting it will double down. Really bad news given that people don’t understand statistics or probability at all.
  12. whitesoxfan99

    4/4 GT- 7:37 CT- Sox vs Halos

    I mean the Angels are squaring up everything. 8 balls in play at over 100 mph exit velocity. Super lucky to have only allowed two runs.
  13. whitesoxfan99

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Does Will Wade do any coaching? He obviously does a great job buying players but man that defensive scheme is total garbage and on offense he has a great team solely because of talent. Cam Thomas, Watford and Smart are awesome in isolation.
  14. whitesoxfan99

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I think it’s as simple as Loyola executed exceptionally well on offense and Illinois didn’t make good adjustments today (on the coaching staff) and the blueprint against this Illinois team defensively is that if you get really physical with them and are disciplined you can get them out of their stuff since only Curbelo is truly a plus ball handler. Most games they still were able to make enough plays or their D carried them but the D wasn’t there today. Very similar game to Missouri and MSU on offense where the other team was extremely physical, not much was called early and then mentally they just don’t seem to recover well.
  15. whitesoxfan99

    2020/2021 NCAA Basketball Thread

    Agreed. If Curbelo develops a jump shot he is completely unguardable with how well he handles the ball, how creative is and his court vision. As good as Ayo is it is crazy how unable he was to handle a hedge on a screen today. Either just retreated and let the D recover or turned it over. Never made a quick pass or looked to Dump it to Kofi being guarded by tiny guards. If a team tried that against Curbelo a year from now he’d absolutely torch them.