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  1. whitesoxfan99

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

  2. whitesoxfan99

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    Meh. The questioning of why women who were assaulted don’t come forward earlier is a dumb one that is used to downplay the seriousness of their allegations all the time. Why didn’t Sandusky’s victims come forward earlier? Nassar’s? Why do many people molestsd by priests not come forward? The bottom line is assault of a woman should not be a politicized issue. Anyone who has done that has no business being a judge, let alone on the Supreme Court.
  3. whitesoxfan99

    Your new Supreme Court nominee is....

    There is documentation of her talking to her therapist and husband about this years ago and she supposedly passed a lie detector (not that I put a huge amount of weight in those). This isn’t the first time she brought this issue up. Why she is going public now is obvious, she doesn’t think someone who tried to sexually assault her should be on the Supreme Court. Not hard to understand.
  4. whitesoxfan99

    Giolito is saving his season

    I hope he maintains this and the Fangraphs stuff is really encouraging but I can't stop myself from thinking that a lot of pitchers would have a pretty good month getting two starts against the Tigers, a start against the current Twins lineup and the Rays (noting that the Yankees shelled him).
  5. whitesoxfan99

    2018 Democrats thread

    Well considering the Pope has a hand in covering up sexual abuse of children not exactly the best example.
  6. whitesoxfan99

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    Sadly not really since Mollie Tibbets' murderer being an illegal immigrant makes all those items a footnote for his supporters and the GOP.
  7. whitesoxfan99

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    The Manafort and Cohen news is going to get buried by the Mollie Tibbetts news for anyone that is a Trump supporter so none of this is going to move the needle even a little bit.
  8. whitesoxfan99

    Nationals Fire Sale begins

    Damn, that would have been fun.
  9. whitesoxfan99

    Nationals Fire Sale begins

    Almost positive neither are and both would almost certainly be valued more than the 1st round pick the Nationals will get if Harper signs elsewhere this offseason.
  10. whitesoxfan99

    PA Catholic Church child abuse

    Yes, just about anywhere where there is a Catholic church this is happening. Chile is having major investigations into the church right now, a number of instances in Europe, Australia, etc.
  11. whitesoxfan99

    PA Catholic Church child abuse

    Is there anyone amongst the Catholic Church leadership that isn’t a criminal? Shut down the entire church, it’s remarkably corrupt top to bottom.
  12. whitesoxfan99

    **President Trump 2018 Thread**

    No posts about Trump admitting that the Trump Tower/Russia meeting story he and his family has been telling this whole time was completely made up? I’m shocked that the guy who can’t do anything but lie was lying about that.
  13. whitesoxfan99

    STAR WARS Everything

    Cast was announced today too. Mark Hamill returning and they are going to use unused footage of Carrie Fisher. Not sure how that will work but will be interesting to see.
  14. whitesoxfan99

    Gun Violence in America

    Agree on moving the car and if not taken out of context the girlfriend's statement that she has a right to park wherever she wants is absurd but at the same time that guy apparently seeks out conflicts like this and we have no idea what he was saying to the girlfriend. That guy is a raging asshole and I wouldn't be shocked if he was hoping someone was going to push him down like this so he could shoot them.
  15. whitesoxfan99

    Gun Violence in America

    That Florida case is disgusting. Somehow if the races of the two men were reversed I don’t think the charges come out the same.