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  1. haiduk

    What music have you bought lately ?

    The new Haiduk album Diabolica [metal]
  2. haiduk

    2019 Music thread

    What are you blasting? Share good new music! But none of that boring Tool...
  3. haiduk

    2018 Music thread

    Death Portent
  4. haiduk

    2018 Music thread

    Far fans of metal & heavier stuff - new Haiduk album - Exomancer. Check it out.
  5. haiduk

    2018 Music thread

    QUOTE (Leonard Zelig @ Feb 2, 2018 -> 01:30 AM) The May Day Orchestra Not my usual thing but this is well done. Good musicianship, good guitar melodies. Any metal fans here? Check out Haiduk Haiduk - "Sarxas" Haiduk - "Nergion" \m/