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  1. Arizona in July. They'll have to play games at 3 AM.
  2. zisk

    Andrew Vaughn

    I agree with your take on this. I think they will end up having similar results career wise for OPS. They'll just have different abilities doing it.
  3. We are talking about Sam Long, not Codi Heuer.
  4. Winston-Salem should be his first stop this year. He's an older prospect, so the Sox will probably push him up the ladder quickly if he does well. He faces a numbers game on the 40 man roster and could be subjected to the rule 5 draft.
  5. I did the math. Him buying dinner for every one is like me buying you a snow cone! I remember Adam Dunn Suggesting to Scott Carroll a good restaurant to take his family and friends after his MLB debut. Carroll was a 10 year minor leaguer at the time. After dinner the waiter told him AD picked up the tab before hand. I know he flamed out early for the Sox, but lots of people have said he is a kind generous man.
  6. zisk

    Andrew Vaughn

    If he hits like HK, I'll be really happy.
  7. Sam Long saw something in the Sox. will be in the majors either this year or next. Sure hope it's with the WSox
  8. zisk

    White Sox Spring Training Thread

    Has there been an Alec Hansen sighting yet?
  9. zisk

    Your Top 30 Prospects

    Sam Long
  10. zisk

    FS: Dane Dunning throwing without issue

    TJ surgery is OK. Would have been better if we didn't waste a year delaying the inevitable. I realize no one owns a crystal ball about injuries though.
  11. zisk

    Andrew Vaughn

    And just as athletic.
  12. zisk

    FS: Dane Dunning throwing without issue

    Encouraging news indeed!
  13. zisk

    TA is the best

    I'd trade him for Marcus Semien in a second. To hell with the money and age difference.
  14. zisk

    National Anthem

    congrats! now do lamar Johnson proud.