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  1. Still only the 2nd most embarrassing DH loss in teams history. Ask Steve Dahl about the 1st.
  2. zisk

    Kopech update

    You're a tremendous slouch Judge.
  3. zisk

    Kopech update

    I some times wonder what kind of person i'd be if I had a skill that made me invaluable. No way to know.
  4. zisk

    Jonathan Stiever Discussion Thread

    Next year we add Dunning, Stiever, Crochet, Kopech and Vaughn. To me, that looks like a roster to contend for the World Series. Could be a 5-7 year run better than any this team has ever had in 120+ years.
  5. zisk

    Do you keep playing EE or Mazara?

    Vaughn can't get here fast enough.
  6. zisk

    Do you keep playing EE or Mazara?

    Moncada looks to be just about back. Mazara got sick later than YM. It probably is too late for this year for NM. It would be a foolish thing to release a guy his age because of an unusual illness. Time will tell if he bounces back.
  7. zisk

    Do you keep playing EE or Mazara?

    I've seen Eloy make a few good plays in left this year. Decent arm and he runs OK. Leave him there for a few years. 40+ homers makes up for the rest.
  8. zisk

    #3 Starter for Playoffs

    DD is apitcher. Cease is still just a thrower.
  9. zisk

    ReyLo to start on Saturday

    He's about 3 bad outings away from being released outright.
  10. zisk

    AL MVP Race

    A valid point. If Bieber continues this for every start though, it couldn't be ignored. He's putting up 1968 Bob Gibson numbers in a lively ball age.
  11. zisk

    AL MVP Race

    Bieber deserves it hands down. His WAR is almost 3 times higher than Trouts. TA is a close second IMO. I love JA too, but Timmy does it in the field as well as at the plate. I understand about separate awards, but once in a while a pitcher dominates the game.
  12. zisk

    The Final 17 - Guess the W/L

    10-7 will probably be good enough for the division title.
  13. zisk

    You have to start McCann for now

    give McCann some extra dough to stay. The injury rate for 30+ year old catchers is high. Sox will have $$ galore for 5-10 years. One other thing. Watching McCann hit now is weird. He doesn't look like the same guy that he was in Detroit.
  14. lito keuchel dunning kopech cease rodon and stiever for spot starts.
  15. I just watched the replay in slow mo. Roberts eyes were locked on the ball all the way into the mitt. Don't know how he can run so fast and still focus on something else at the same time.