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  1. I hope you're right. He's a lousy manager, but he seems like a good guy.
  2. Pitching,pitching and more pitching.
  3. zisk

    And That's Another Jimenez/Moncada HR's White Sox Winner

    Moncada missed by 10-15 feet last night, but Jimenez took another out to RF again. I think his last 3 have been opposite field. Where do you pitch Jimenez going forward? Next year he might hit 50.
  4. Again hire Ozzie. Jerry only hires White Sox alum. No kids ,no bunting. Thought Ozzie turned into a diva. 10 Years out of the game should have cured that. It will be his last chance. He's smart enough to know it. A slightly humbled OG is better than 90% of managers. Plus, to JR's delight, he'll work cheap.
  5. zisk

    Nick Castellanos

    And it's not like Jose has a mantle full of gold gloves.
  6. zisk

    White Sox final win total

    I hope they get great play from Yoan,Eloy,Leury,Gio and Abreu. I hope Ricky and the other stiffs on the roster do what they always do. Hopefully we hold onto a top 10 pick next year. Top 10's are still exempt from compensation .
  7. zisk

    Nick Castellanos

    I'll bet he gets at least 16 million a year. The years length is the question. If he accepted a 3 year deal he might get 18-20 MPY.
  8. zisk

    Nick Castellanos

    Castellanos sure had an incredible amount of doubles for the Tigers. He also led the league in triples once. He'll be 28 next year, and in the right park he could do some real damage. He doesn't walk enough, and his defense is lousy any where you put him. Who knows, maybe he could play a passable 1b. Seems the Sox have enough of those on the 40 man roster already. I once looked at stats for slugging 1B and OF guys and how their bats held up at their age 33 season. HOF guys didn't have a problem. Guys who were close to but not great plummeted. The obvious question is which type of player is Jose Abreu? If he had been born else where and made it to the Majors at 21-22. would his stats stack up? Defense aside, I don't know which guy he will be. If he's a close to but not great, he might crater next year and be out produced by Castellanos.
  9. zisk


    Excellent chart. actually a model of steady production. Add in last years missed september and the all star break and he'd be in Bernie Madoff territory. I know he's getting older, but better players tend to age better. He might be worth a 2-3 year extension.
  10. zisk

    wilbur wood redux

    Was wondering with all the high school and college and MLB pitchers with bad arms, if it 's time to look at knuckle ballers again. Seems to me if guys with sub 5.00 era's who can take the ball every 5 days have value, then Wilbur Wood's salary would be about 40 million a year. Do players even mess around with this pitch any more? Last one i remember is Tom Candiotti.
  11. bring back Ozzie. tell him to leave his sons at home.
  12. zisk

    For the Coop Haters

    No post season in 1918. Flu epidemic.