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  1. zisk

    Sox steamer projections for pitching

    The 1 thing that will make the Sox good in 2020 is bringing up 7-8 talented relievers in 2019 and let them take their lumps. We probably have more quality relief prospects than any team in baseball. With Dunning, Kopech, Cease and others joining the rotation in 2020, pitching could soon be a strength.
  2. zisk

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    I hope #5 was in jest.
  3. zisk

    Top 5 Favorite White Sox of All-Time

    dick allen,wilbur wood,oscar gamble,richie zisk and mark buerhle. in some ways wilbur wood was more than a baseball favorite. the knuckle ball almost seemed to make life more fair for guys who weren't born with much athleticism.
  4. Compare these 2 players since turning pro. I hope I am missing something with Walker, because Alex Call dominated Kannapolis at the same age that Walker couldn't hit .190 there. Call is considered to be better in the field than Walker is as well. Call has shown that he belongs in AA, and going forward he has a real chance to reach the majors. I don't know Calls best outcome, but his floor appears to be a productive 4th outfielder. I'll admit I don't know much about Walker. Was he fighting a minor injury after playing all year in college? Is that the reason for his unimpressive debut? If anyone has info for Walker please let me know. All I've seen is his top 30 page on white sox.com . Going by this limited info I would have kept Call and traded Walker to the Indians.
  5. Yuck, YA at 32 will probably be terrible. I know we had guys ahead of AC but he does have a chance to be a really good 4th outfielder. Dick Allen is right about Machado angle.
  6. zisk

    Michael Brantley to Astros 2/32M

    If he is that cheap, he brings what Sale brought. The difference being Cleveland has better judges of talent.
  7. zisk

    White Sox tied for 19th in post Series LV odds

    Harry, you're hands are freezing.
  8. zisk


    6 years of this crap is almost more than I can handle. Next year looks terrible and 2020 who really knows. I've been watching for 50 years and the thought of 2 more seasons like this feels like a death sentence. I wonder what i'll feel like when my seasonal affective disorder kicks in.
  9. zisk

    Burdi removed from AFL "general fatigue"

    Would someone post some good news please? I wouldn't even care if it was made up.
  10. zisk

    Your Offseason Plan

    Fire everyone, including the janitor. We need new eyes in this organization.
  11. zisk

    Sonny Gray

    Fulmer does blow, but lots of teams would be happy to have Kevan Smith.
  12. Well, at least one guy on our team this year did some thing to make me happy.
  13. zisk

    2019 MLB draft thread

    does this guy have extra strong wrists? The real Dick Allen had tremendous power because of strength in hands and wrists, not size 5' 11" 175.
  14. don't sugar coat it. renteria is a stiff. fire him monday morning. i'm not as down on hostetler. coaches should be axed including cooper. start over and tell hahn he's 81-81 next season or sayonara.