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  1. Should be 5-0. I was at the only loss. Jose Q. was shutting them out 1 to zip in the 7th. Our only run scored on a homer into SF bay by Adam Dunn. Then Tyler Flowers was called for blocking the plate(the first one ever called after the rules change). The extra out opened the flood gates. Worst part about it was the runner trying to score was out by 10 feet.
  2. They probably have 2-3 weeks before it's too late. If the sense of urgency doesn't kick in by then they're finished.
  3. zisk

    I am old enough to remember…

    I remember tony and dave and jim going down to the tv station to threaten jimmy piersall and harry . very macho
  4. zisk

    These are not the Chicago White Sox

    I think you're stuck Lillian. I feel the same way though. 45 years ago I could always figure out some reason to watch even when we stunk. Now I just check the score before bed and shrug my shoulders.
  5. zisk

    GT 6/25: BAL @ Sox (1:10pm)

    Praying for a sweep. This has to stop. I was thinking of writing a book. The working title is: The Tony Larussa story; The death of shame.
  6. zisk

    Lenyn Sosa joins the White Sox (Update Pg. 5)

    I hope he has enough self confidence. He's making a big leap, and there will be some tough times ahead. It can be hard to keep focused on defense when you're having a golden sombrero day at the plate.
  7. Why is his defense so highly valued if his range factor and fielding % is league average? Also .313 OBA isn't good. TA hits for a high average which helps negate his free swinging ways. I do like players who hit the ball hard though.
  8. Low batting average. Never walks. good glove and good power. Really doesn't sound like anything special. Is there something else I should know about him? If that's all there is, I wouldn't mortgage the future for him.
  9. zisk

    Crochet hoping to be a starter

    Don't they replace the bad ligament with a larger ligament from the hip during TJS? Maybe he will be more durable after the surgery. So many guys have had this done now. Do any have improved durability going forward?
  10. Taffy and Bill co wrote "take me home, country roads" with John denver.
  11. He might end up taking Adam Engels place long term. A few years younger. He's had some success hitting in the minors. He is a pretty good outfielder at all three positions too. Of course, he could crap out just as easily.
  12. zisk

    What the hell is wrong with Giolito?

    Hasn't this happened to him every year for a month or so? Not gonna freak out yet.
  13. I like to watch Cueto pitch. No fastball any more, but can still get them out anyway. Probably won't work against these fuckers though.
  14. zisk


    maybe the injuries are giving false hope to everyone. what if when everyone is healthy and we still suck? don't want to think about it.
  15. Tony is a narcissist with out a doubt. A rational man resigns out of shame.