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  1. zisk

    andrew vaughn at kanny

    Every day he wastes at low A is another day that Yoan and Gio get closer to free agency. The goal is to get your good players all playing together at the same time. If Vaughn is what they say he is, we're the dumbest team in baseball. P.S. Madrigal and Robert appear to be ready. Lets go.
  2. zisk

    FS Podcast: Gavin Sheets

    .351 BA over last 6 weeks. Plays a good corner OF. Stays healthy. 2 years younger than LuGon. 1 years younger than Sheets. Took time to adjust to AA, but is killing it now.
  3. zisk

    2019 MiLB catch all thread

    Vaughn still in Kannapolis. What a waste of time. #9 prospect in mlb beating up pitchers of low quality.
  4. zisk

    FS Podcast: Gavin Sheets

    Promising season for Sheets. Doubled homer out put from last year with 8 weeks to go in a tougher place to hit. Has a real good glove at 1B as well. He and Blake Rutherford could be key pieces in a play off push in 2021.
  5. zisk

    7/16 Games

    One thing that bugs me. Most important team in development (AA) hasn't played in a week because of weather. For a little money the Sox could have used an empty park of a team playing on the road and kept playing. Sure, it would have been a hassle. It also would have been worth it.
  6. zisk

    7/14 Games

    Vaughn 3rd. high OBP
  7. teach him a splitter and he could be great out of the pen. if his arm only lasts 4-5 years, it'd be better than being bad for 7-8 years.
  8. zisk

    All Star Jose Abreu

    I think that will sound like an insult to Abreu. DH/1B types can be found on the cheap, But he's been real good for a long time and I honestly don't think the Sox will play hard ball with him.
  9. zisk

    Crowded at 1B

    Sox might have a log jam at 1B and DH in a couple of years. Gavin Sheets is actually starting to hit for power, while keeping his plate discipline intact. With Abreu, Vaughn and Zack Collins already in the mix, the Pale Hose might have a good kind of problem on their hands. I sure hope Eloy improves enough defensively to stay in the outfield.
  10. No, but the comedian in the film does examine the stages of death until finally accepting his fate.
  11. zisk

    2nd Tier Palehose

    alan bannister. good center fielder. too bad he was playing short stop at the time.
  12. zisk

    An unmitigated disaster

    Too pessimistic on Sheets, Rutherford and Gonzalez. mostly Rutherford. P.S. No one can control injuries. Although, it is a little bit nutty just how bad it's been.
  13. zisk

    Andrew Vaughn Signs

    Balta is once again the voice of reason.
  14. zisk

    Andrew Vaughn Signs

    I know, and it's not wrong to do this. In this case it seems like a waste. Best hitter in college in a long time. 21 years old. He should be asked to do more than 19 year old Bryce Bush.
  15. ALL THAT JAZZ is one of my favorite movies.