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  1. zisk

    And That's a White Sox Triple Play and Granny Winner !!

    Maybe it's too early to tell about Tilson, but it sure looks like he's a MLB player. With Leury and McCann around also, the Sox could actually end up with a real bench. If we can get Palka or Collins to play a passable 1B, we might be ready to go in 2020.
  2. zisk

    Minnie Minoso for Hall of Fame

    I used to call into sports radio shows every time some one would call to whine about ron santo not being in the hall. Both were great players with HOF numbers seasonally speaking. Their career numbers are a little less HOF like. Santo had Type 1 diabetes and flamed out early. Minoso got a late start due to racism. He would be in the Hall if he hadn't missed 5 seasons due to the color ban. I hate to say this, but Reinsdorf really screwed up using his influence getting Bainesy in and not the much more deserving Minoso.
  3. 5-2. wild card bound! This is some excellent WS cool aid.
  4. In 3-4 weeks this roster will change quite a bit. The tough part is waiting. Collins is back from concussion protocol. Cease is coming ready or not. Eloy will be back tomorrow and(dare I say it?) Palka and Mendick are coming. Just waiting for Alonso and Castillo to be DFA'd.
  5. zisk

    5/19 Games

    Don't look now , but Gavin Sheets is pushing .250
  6. Touche. P.S. Call me when you want to get a new posting name.
  7. zisk

    Future White Sox Lineup #GetExcited

    Where's Palka? Damn, I'm on fire today!
  8. zisk

    Palka time

    I'm not so sure about that. .800 OPS last year in first year in majors. He also improved as the year went on. As a properly used lefty bat, he could be quite useful for a few years. He'd need a manager smart enough to use him in the right amount.
  9. zisk

    5/18 Games

    Seems like his command is getting back to normal. Hansen outings are rounding into shape as well. It's still possible the Sox will have the best pitching in the league in 2021. Add Dunning, Cease and Kopech to these 2 guys and pray for a little good health.
  10. zisk

    5/18 Games

    Season ending injury last season. He'll be moved up very shortly. Probably be joined by Steivers and Varnell.
  11. zisk

    Palka time

    Eloy should go back to LF. Tilson and Garcia split CF, late inning defense etc.
  12. zisk

    Rainy Day Poll: Evaluate the Big 3 Trades

    Is it possible we win all 3 trades? Yes it is. If so, the anti Hahn crowd will be sad and happy all at once. P.S. Don't forget the Luis Robert signing!
  13. zisk

    Palka time

    1.098 OPS at charlotte. Bring him back. 35 AB's is too small a sample to bury a guy. He should DH against RHP's. Abreu at 1B. With Tilson and Garcia around there isn't really a need for Delmonico. 3 weeks to the draft. Bring up Cease as well. If things get rolling, then take a chance on Kuechel after it doesn't cost us a pick. Twins went from worst to first. Maybe we can too.
  14. Either way Lucas is done. Is he really going to be this good now? His 2017 late season call up went extremely well also.