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  1. zisk

    Sonny Gray

    Fulmer does blow, but lots of teams would be happy to have Kevan Smith.
  2. Well, at least one guy on our team this year did some thing to make me happy.
  3. zisk

    2019 MLB draft thread

    does this guy have extra strong wrists? The real Dick Allen had tremendous power because of strength in hands and wrists, not size 5' 11" 175.
  4. don't sugar coat it. renteria is a stiff. fire him monday morning. i'm not as down on hostetler. coaches should be axed including cooper. start over and tell hahn he's 81-81 next season or sayonara.
  5. I'd gladly pick sixth if we could knock the Cubs into second place this week end.
  6. zisk

    Palka (again)

    I don't think he is as flawed as you think. In his minor league career he has always walked a lot and hit for a higher average. It wouldn't surprise me to see his OBP go up quite a bit next year. That being said, his home runs might turn back into doubles as well. Either way he's still a good offensive player. I totally agree about his flawed defense though. Maybe he should go play 1st base in the winter league.
  7. zisk

    Palka (again)

  8. zisk


    Why not center field?
  9. zisk

    The Dylan Covey Experiment

    pull the plug.
  10. zisk

    Nate Jones activated

    I honestly couldn't care less.
  11. Good luck, we hope to see you back sooner than later. Some times investing emotionally in a team can be really tough.
  12. zisk

    2018 White Sox catch-all thread

    Not me. If benintendi was in that trade we would have gotten less. Basabe might end up being a special player.
  13. zisk

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    Yes but he is also black.
  14. zisk

    Eloy's Camp Unhappy: Grievance Possible

    I'm sure it was. If they didn't say something, they wouldn't be doing their job. I said in another post that if I were in their shoes I'd ask RH if this has any thing to do with him being black. If you represent someone you have to do any thing you can to try and get it done. That way if it back fires, the agents can say it wasn't Eloys idea to ask.