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  1. zisk

    WHITE SOX SIGN Grandal 4/$73, Palka DFAd

    Wow! If Wheeler and Hamels follow,2020 will be the start of something BIG!!!!
  2. zisk

    What about Collins?

    Sox protected YMercedes today. what does that mean for Collins and Grandal going forward?
  3. I'll bet Ozzie wouldn't mind having a chat with him. Does any one remember him yelling at Frank to work on his 1st base skills instead of goofing around taking grounders at SS?
  4. zisk

    What about Collins?

    Sox have always been skittish about using rookies. They'll probably trade him for nothing and then sign an old bum for 50 million.
  5. zisk

    Jimenez doesn’t want to DH until mid 30’s

    He was fine in the field the last 3 months. Lots of people struggle in a new job at first.
  6. zisk

    Trade Candidates: SP

    Don't waste resources via trade. Free agency is better if a team is smart enough. Oh wait, did I just say that?
  7. zisk

    Predict the Market: FA Contracts

    I do.
  8. zisk

    A Realistic Offseason

    I'd be OK with Wheeler, Hamels and Avi.
  9. Avi Garcia won't cost a thing but a few dollars. The thing I see on this board most are clowns who say average players are terrible. Avi is a league average right fielder. He also won't cost you prospects or Major league talent. Give him 1 year with an option and then focus on pitching. Cole Hamels and Zach Wheeler would make us an above average team to start next year.
  10. zisk

    Edwin Encarnacion - DH

    do any FA's available really mash RHP? I'd roll the dice on Zack Collins for LH DH if we had a guy who could handle lefties.
  11. zisk

    Hawk in the Hall!

    The question was about Hawk being in the HOF. The guy was a mediocre homer who would sit in the booth and kiss JR's ass. The best thing about him being gone is I'll never have to hear about Carl Yaztremski anymore.
  12. zisk

    Hawk in the Hall!

  13. zisk

    Hawk in the Hall!

    No offense intended, but the Sox let Harry go in his prime to bring Drysdale and Hawk in. Neither one was in Harry's league.
  14. zisk

    Hawk in the Hall!

    One mans opinion. He was as good an announcer as he was a GM.