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  1. LowerCaseRepublican

    3 Ohio Teens Sue High School for Facebook 'Parody' IDing Teach

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Dec 22, 2007 -> 09:39 PM) You called me out in your original post. You are such a hypocrite when it comes to teachers. If you bothered to notice, I said what the kids did was wrong and should be punished. But keep ignoring that statement. What they posted was wrong, just like Flynt. You talk about freedom of speech, civil disobedience, but when it comes to teachers WHOA!!!! Stay away, they are so maligned, so much stress. B.S. my girlfriend has been a teacher for twenty years and my best friend for almost thirty. I show them your posts and they laugh at your naivet├ęs and self righteous b.s. Talk about self righteousness. Look in the goddamn mirror (or perhaps at your previous post) But then, keep telling us how much better you are than others here.
  2. LowerCaseRepublican

    3 Ohio Teens Sue High School for Facebook 'Parody' IDing Teach

    QUOTE(knightni @ Dec 22, 2007 -> 08:46 PM) Slandering someone who is innocent should get you suspended. They could have killed his teaching career and his personal reputation; all because they "didn't like him". Teachers need to be able to be trusted and respected or they have nothing. Anyone who is a teacher or leader should realize that. Has no one learned anything from Duke LaCrosse about wrongful accusations? Slap the word parody on the wrongful allegations and some here will be right there defending Nifong and those other clowns.
  3. LowerCaseRepublican

    3 Ohio Teens Sue High School for Facebook 'Parody' IDing Teach

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Dec 22, 2007 -> 08:16 PM) Funny how a religious leader, something you have always mocked, gets torched and that's ok. But whatever. I feel better being consistent. I think what the kids did was wrong and should be punished. Someday you may see your hypocrisy and defend those you do not agree with. Someday you may hold everyone to the same standard. But I doubt it. The world according to LCR Teachers are not to be challenged or any outside oversight Teachers are not to be the subject of parody LCR is a teacher. LCR dishes it out but can't take it. Heil Teachers Ok, Tex. Give me a photo. Let me set up a site with your picture and it says you have inappropriate actions with children. Then, let's see how it affects your Boy Scout career. I am going by the legal standpoint -- parody does not exist when a reasonable person believes the false statements to be accurate and reasonable. While I applaud the ACLU taking the case, the parody argument, legally, doesn't hold water -- and the kids are damn lucky that they aren't getting hit with a defamation of character lawsuit. And nice job being a mod and personally attacking posters -- so much that you put words into my mouth to make the straw man that you have so much fun knocking down. How pathetic.
  4. LowerCaseRepublican

    Descendants of Sitting Bull, Crazy Horse break away from US

    QUOTE(CanOfCorn @ Dec 21, 2007 -> 04:06 PM) Errr...I think they would be adverse to that. Didn't work so well for them the last time. And Tex...it's Crazy HORSE not Crazy ASS. Hee Haw and Merry Christmas! Nice catch. If you didn't run with that joke, I was going to do so. Nice.
  5. LowerCaseRepublican

    3 Ohio Teens Sue High School for Facebook 'Parody' IDing Teach

    QUOTE(Texsox @ Dec 22, 2007 -> 06:53 PM) LCR What a hypocrite. I guess freedom of speech stops when it involves teachers. You supported Larry Flynt slandering Jerry Falwell that reached hundreds of thousands of people, but something that exactly 7 people had access to is a problem?! Seriously You are cracking me up. If if was just 7 people, it would have never leaked out. And if it is not a big deal, please provide a picture of yourself so I can make a profile of you with affiliations of NAMBLA associated to it and put it out on the net. Not so funny now is it? PS: Tex, Flynt said that Falwell had sex with his mother in an outhouse while drunk. No reasonable person would find that to be believable. However, given the insanity related to teacher sex stories being publicized and the fantastic attention being paid to any sort of accusations about sexual misconducts, a reasonable person could believe that this teacher may have been doing something underhanded. That is where the swift difference comes in with your false dichotomy that you so neatly created. But nice try.
  6. LowerCaseRepublican

    3 Ohio Teens Sue High School for Facebook 'Parody' IDing Teach

    Let the kids come back to school. Then, let the kids get hit with a defamation of character lawsuit. 1) We wonder why people don't want to go into the teaching profession and then get stories like this. 2) The parents of these 'precious little snowflakes' suing because their children nearly ruined a man's professional career and put a chilling effect on the career of other teachers in that building -- as 14 have asked for their pictures to be removed -- What balls! 3) Have a meeting with the kids, the parents, their lawyers and a few sweet smelling tort litigation lawyers. Tell the parents that if they win their lawsuit, to expect a huge demand in a libel/slander lawsuit. The idea that this was parody is laughable (not a pun). This is a malicious attack that they started. This could have put the guy in jail & ruined his teaching career forever. It would follow him forever & this guy's life would have been ruined because 7 kids have a problem with studying & authority figures. 90 days is not harsh enough. Nothing dies on the internet. 90 days is a f***ing joke and a lenient suspension for what these children did. The fact that these parents are trying to tell their children that "crying wolf" and alleging that a teacher is a pedophile/pederast is okay + that the punishment is too strong is f***ing ridiculous. /waits for Tex to defend these parents as being involved in their childrens' educations + wanting to have their voice heard in the district since they help to pay for the district to work. //that previous slashie would probably only be half-green
  7. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    The Major Brothers are now known as "The Edge Heads" and their gimmick is being huge Edge fans. My brother got me WrestleMania 23 on DVD (3 disc edition) for my birthday. Just got done with the MITB ladder match. That was pretty entertaining. The Jeff Hardy/Edge ladder spot was pretty freaking awesome to see and I loved the sequence between Hornswaggle and Kennedy on the ladder with the "short right hands", haha. And the dance segment -- IRS randomly showing up dancing along with the Reverend Slick was gold. And for the ROH'ers, has anybody seen the 2007 Survival of the Fittest or the Cow Palace show? I want to know if they are any good -- I may get 07 SotF because I am a huge Hero mark. But I wanted to see if the shows were good first before I get stuck with another stinker like Live at Osaka which was pretty lackluster. Also, there was a recent interview done with MVP. They talked about how time in jail and how he got out when he was 26. He seems like a very humble guy who is happy to have a job + willing to do a lot to improve and get better with the job that he feels lucky to have given his history as an ex-con.
  8. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE(Gregory Pratt @ Dec 19, 2007 -> 07:04 PM) What is the problem between McMahon and Randy Savage? Where does it go back to? What is it all about? **unsubstantiated rumor** Randy Savage supposedly deflowered Stephanie. **/unsubstantiated rumor** But really nobody knows for certain except for the way they conducted business in the early 90's which was fairly acrimonious after Macho left.
  9. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    Making my way through the WWE Ladder Match DVD. The Jake Roberts/JYD ladder match is pretty brutal. Especially because Jake looks like Gabe Kaplan. I do have to say, it is great to hear Gorilla and Judo Al Hayes on the mic doing commentating. A lot of these WWE documentaries and tape library DVD's are awesome.
  10. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE(The Critic @ Dec 17, 2007 -> 01:16 AM) Just thinking about the "grateful make-out" surely upcoming between Edge and Vickie Guerrero is giving me the heebie-jeebies. Now wouldn't it be great if Edge pulled the evil heel card and turned on Vickie after winning -- playing her feelings so he could get his title shot quicker and now that he got it, he doesn't need her any longer?
  11. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    Edge becomes World Heavyweight Champ of SD with the assistance of an Edge impersonator.
  12. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE(Brian @ Dec 16, 2007 -> 08:56 PM) Wrestling back in the day was more ring psychology than risks and athleticism. There is no realism to it anymore. Ring psychology has its place with the new risks being taken -- it's the fine art of selling the big spots and pacing them appropriately that seems to be the problem. A giant 45 flips over the top rope corkscrew senton hits and 10 secs. later, both men are up ready to fight more. And a few questions: In Japan, if they do a Japanese arm drag or a Japanese stranglehold, do the announcers just call it a "arm drag" or a "stranglehold? Does the same go for the use of European uppercuts in European wrestling? Or a Russian leg sweep in Russia?
  13. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    Armageddon results so far: (1) Mysterio beats MVP via count out. MVP got himself counted out it appears. (2) Big Daddy V and Mark Henry beat Kane and CM Punk when BDV hits a Samoan Drop on Punk. (3) HBK beats Kennedy with Sweet Chin Music.
  14. LowerCaseRepublican

    Official Squared Circle Thread

    QUOTE(Mr. Showtime @ Dec 16, 2007 -> 05:07 PM) I could understand that. Need to get some older DVD's my friend. I love Mania 4, I know most folks hate it because it was so long and to some folks boring. But I love that era. What I wouldn't give for the older KotR, In Your House, That Tuesday in Texas, etc. to be put out on DVD. I still remember watching Prime Time Wrestling on USA before Raw was even on TV. Then, watching the early Raws at the Manhattan Center, etc. The world of Gorilla Monsoon, Jack Tunney, Taker locking Warrior in the casket, Demolition, Strike Force... Mania IV was probably my favorite early era WM. Gimme some old Clash of the Champions on DVD and I'd be a happy camper. If Vince would open up the vaults more for a lot more documentaries and release the old PPV's from other promotions on DVD, he could make a ton of money -- the old WCW, ECW, WCCW, AWA, etc. shows would be great to watch on DVD. I needs me some early 90's Great Muta! And I guess we all can't be around to watch the 2 out of 3 falls match between Gotch and Hackenschmidt like you and Critic, now can we?
  15. LowerCaseRepublican

    What does everyone want for Christmas?

    Well, I got one thing I wanted for Christmas early. The school's food drive had a goal of getting 1,000 lbs. of food -- a sizeable task for a school with 70%+ low income/poverty. The final tally was, according to the director of the food pantry, somewhere between 4,000 and 5,000 lbs. of food that our school donated.