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    Sox holding talks "daily" on Q

    I'm increasingly tired of the argument the white sod can't develop positional players. Their issue is they are inept at scouting drafting and signing positional players. You can't develop when ability is zero which has seemed to be our criteria for drafting prior to our new team last year.even those who have succeeded elsewhere have been modest So the question isn't can we develop talent that never existed but can the current team maximize talent acquired. I'll take boa and hope Chris Getz locks buddy bell in his garage
  2. Soxcessful

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    QUOTE (Quinarvy @ Dec 11, 2016 -> 05:44 PM) Personally, Pint. With the amount of starting prospects on the team, I'd go for the one with the higher ceiling and longer ETA. We do know that the Sox loved Hoffman going into the 2014 Draft, so they may still see something they like. Outside of Melkiy I don't see Hahn trading for prospects with a projection later than 2018,especially not for Quintana who he has thru 2020. Both trades to date have early projectables outside of basabe and Diaz. The pressure is on the buyers who want to win now but there is subtle pressure on Hahn to win soon and a 2020 projectables like pint Rodgers etc won't guarantee Rick a job after three losing years
  3. Soxcessful

    The "other" prospects in the Sale deal - Basabe & Diaz

    QUOTE (Dam8610 @ Dec 11, 2016 -> 11:36 AM) The only thing I don't like about these two is that the White Sox took another chance on an athlete with a sketchy hit tool when they've had a difficult time developing those players. The white sox have had a difficult time developing those players because they scouted and drafted bad players. I'll trust the red sox scouting to acquire basabe in the first place as reason enough to believe he will develop just fine. Some how I think the position players drafted by hostel tear last year will develop just fine as their scouting was far better
  4. Soxcessful

    Quintana Rumors: Round and round and round we go

    I must admit I'm a bit nostalgic for all of the sox front office is overmatched and incompetent posters..🤓What has impressed me the most about Hahn is that in this era of advanced metrics and computer enhanced scouting down to high schools almost everything about a player is known prior to a transaction. Major Trades are no longer simply an exchange of talent but more often exploiting need or finance to exploit and enhance already known value. Hahn has done a masterful job matching 2 or 3 teams against each other to meet his high but long established value of his players to get the uncompromised return he seeks.Quintana is worth the price established with Houston Atl Colorado etc but that price was known to those teams for some time. As Hahn has no financial or need to win pressure he can wait for those pressures to build on the buyers side and ultimately get his desired return. Simply by trading with the red sox and Nast he has subtly increased the need to win pressure on almost all in on Quintana and Robertson. Color me impressed with the team as a negotiator. Now we have to find out exactly who has been in charge of the recent major league talent evaluations and somehow include them in the package being sent off