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  1. There’s a decent amount of players going on the list for a day or two due to vaccination side effects. Have a lot of players actually test positive as well?
  2. Sambuca

    The Yermin-Vaughn-Abreu Conundrum

    The last thing I would call this is a problem. When has the White Sox organization ever had too many good players? If every player in this thread is good enough at the same time to force some tough decisions, we are in a very good position and probably a WS favorite. We cannot possibly go from worrying about having zero depth to worrying about having too many good players in a few days span. We sound insane.
  3. Sambuca

    Royals vs Sox 5:20pm Home Opener GT

    Please explain rushing a player from High A to sit on the bench and burn a year of team control. If he's barely playing, the team is not manipulating service time by giving him reps at both the plate and at a new position at the alternate site, and eventually AAA. It literally makes zero sense and is beyond infuriating.
  4. Kopech. After that, whoever is throwing best in the minors between Stiever, Lopez, Lambert, etc. My money is on Lambert.
  5. Sambuca

    Spring Training thread

    I don’t see how he doesn’t become the backup IF when he’s back and ready.
  6. Sambuca

    Extensions You’d Like to See

    Wait, are you saying Jerry is using Bob as some kind of ploy to start the negotiations, or that Jerry is slow playing Bob on how far along the talks are?
  7. Whatever you think Mauer’s career dWAR tells you about his defense behind the plate, you’re still comparing Zack Collins to Joe Mauer. Just stop. You are being absurd.
  8. Sambuca

    I'm going to enjoy the White Sox this year

    So, uh, you guys believe in angels?
  9. Sambuca

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    I think this is the year Rodon, Lopez, Cease, Kopech, and Crochet all blossom into #1 starters. And also the year Stiever proves he can throw harder than 92, and thinks one of his breaking pitches moved a little, right at the end. You guys saw it, right?
  10. Sambuca

    Rodon vs. Lopez

    Rodón would have to look unhealthy or extremely horrible for him to lose his spot in the rotation to López in ST. It could happen during the season, but it’s Rodón’s spot going into the season.
  11. Sambuca

    Spring Training thread

    Yeah, if Crochet is dominating in high leverage late inning situations (situations that will generally restrict him to 1 inning max), there’s no way they send him down during a pennant race to prepare for next season. That only happens if they realize they might need him in a starting role this season and want to quickly stretch him out as efficiently as possible in AAA. Not sure what that situation looks like, but they aren’t sacrificing this year for next year. Whether that’s smart or not, it’s the plan. LaRussa didn’t agree to win a championship with a team who is refusing to let him use his best players wherever he can fit them. I was worried they’d be able to stretch out Kopech in relief more than Crochet, and that looks to be the case. He will be too good not to pitch in some of the toughest spots of the game. I get it, and it’s exciting. But at the same time, not only might it not be best for the organization, it would suck to limit his career not knowing if he could have been something much better. I expect Kopech permanently in the rotation at some point this season.
  12. Sambuca

    2021 Plan for Kopech and Crochet

    Is the minor league season starting on time?
  13. Sambuca

    Hendriks Really Wants to Play for TLR

    Definitely alluding to a few things, but they aren’t all black and white (pun intended, but I’m also saying there is a grey area in there). I don’t think the example of TA coming around on La Russa means anything in relation to potential free agents or even trade acquisitions. TA is already on the team, and there’s not much he can do about that, so he’s learning and trying to be opened minded about the situation. His immediate reaction was quite different. Which means, a FA who has a similar reaction won’t have the motivation and/or time to “come around.” Most people will not commit to a situation they aren’t completely comfortable with. Let’s face it, we won’t be handing out much bigger contracts than our competition to change their minds. This season could change some minds about La Russa, but I think it will always be a question mark for some players and an obstacle those same players might not feel is worth it.