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  1. Sambuca

    White Sox Sign Robert to Extension

    Gordon Beckham looked pretty damn good when he came up.
  2. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    Side question: Is there a way to tell who “reacts” to your posts? Or is it always “somebody”? Or is there a poster named “somebody” who is my biggest fan?
  3. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    I feel Madrigal is the only option at lead off that makes sense. He’s the one guy who doesn’t have to sacrifice anything else in his offensive skill set to get on base. It’s pretty much the name of this game, although I do understand a lot of that will come from BA. If he can’t produce a high BA then he doesn’t really belong in the majors anyways. I believe the Sox will instill in him a more patient approach. Not only to draw more walks, but to ensure he’s making contact on the pitches he can drive. Which would in turn increase his BA. He belongs at the top of the order. Moncada belongs 2nd. Those are the main two spots I feel most strongly about.
  4. Sambuca

    Sox still looking at Puig?

    I really cannot see the Sox signing Puig. He’s not that good. They want to give Mazara at bats. And Puig isn’t going to sign to platoon, especially on the wrong side of it. I do not dislike Puig and he may be a nice guy. I just don’t like the potential disruption of a young clubhouse that looks to be coming together really well. I do believe if a team has enough talent, those kind of teams are the ones that surprise people. If he actually is a jerk, that stuff does matter. You’re not just on a baseball field with him, you’re pretty much tied to him for the majority of the year. In short, his production is nowhere near good enough to potentially have his attitude become an obstacle. I think the the Sox know this.
  5. Sambuca

    Steve Stone: more bullpen help is coming

    Not a huge Collins fan, but I really hope he’s not used to acquire a RP, especially one with only a year or two of control. Collins should be used to a acquire a more impactful player, probably in a package. If not traded, he can still be useful during the White Sox window as soon as opening day as a LH power bat. There’s also the small hope he can position himself to be a regular in 2021. I’d much rather just sign a RP. If it’s a trade, prospects like Basabe, Rutherford, Pilkington should be used. It’s shaping up that they will never serve any purpose in this rebuild besides a potential trade chip.
  6. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    And pretty decent RH-LH balance.
  7. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    I also liked the idea of having four above average runners batting in a row.
  8. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    Not really. He hasn’t seen one pitch at the ML level. He could definitely have some swing and miss issues for some time. If he immediately hits like he did in AAA last year, you obviously move him towards the top of the order. But I’m not counting on that to start the season and it’s not a bad idea to put him a spot with less pressure. We actually have the talent and depth to start him towards the bottom of the lineup. I understand that Madrigal hasn’t seen a pitch at the ML level either but they are totally different players with different hit tools. Madrigal will have not have swing and miss issues. He’s a much better lock to replicate what he’s doing in the minors fairly quickly.
  9. Sambuca

    Lead-off Man

    I like Madrigal Moncada Abreu Grandal Encarnacion Eloy Mazara Robert Anderson
  10. Sambuca

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Some of those randoms pretending to be insiders have slid into my DMs when I have sarcastically inquired on their inside information. I don’t even remember the conversations, but it was pretty weird at 2am. I’m not female, FYI, and no I’m not insinuating the DMs were of sexual nature. Goodnight.
  11. Sambuca

    Edwin Encarnacion

    Zack Collins is not someone who should be preventing the Sox from acquiring players like Encarnacion, who can easily provide 35+ HRs and a .350 OBP. Everyone who wants to compete next year should not be willing to roll the dice on Collins and potentially have a black hole in the DH position. You can’t survive in the AL that way. Especially with 80 games at Comsikey. A one year deal is not going to cause any harm to the rebuild. Collins should still be given a decent amount of at bats next season and Encarnacion will only be blocking him for a year. It’s Vaughn who pretty much renders Collins uselss.
  12. I see that now. That’s not a bad deal. Still not crazy about 5 years, but the AAV obviously lessens the risk/burden.
  13. Fine with this. He’s not worth 5/100+, and his last few years will probably be a disaster.
  14. Sambuca

    Successful Plan B; What’s Next?

    The 15 year authority sounds more like a 5 year old child throwing a tantrum because a someone proposed trading for Cubs players. The trade isn’t that bad, even when you tried your hardest to make it look completely one sided.
  15. Sambuca

    Sox and Sawks to see if the Price is Right

    There is zero reason to believe Eovaldi can be a starter for an entire season. And he’d be worth the gamble on a small contract, just not that monstrosity.