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  1. Saladino'sMustache

    Sox vs. Mets - Tues, July 30th, 2019

    Excited to see what Lopez can do tonight. Based on the numbers in this article, it looks like his success isn't a fluke https://therunnersports.com/four-reasons-why-reynaldo-lopez-is-finding-success/
  2. Saladino'sMustache

    Ten Year Anniversary of MB Perfect Game

    Here's a bit more on Buehrle's numbers compared to HOF pitchers: https://therunnersports.com/is-mark-buehrle-a-hall-of-famer/
  3. Saladino'sMustache

    Sox claim 1b A.J. Reed off waivers AND send him to majors

    A little bit of optimism about Reed here: https://therunnersports.com/aj-reed-is-exactly-what-the-chicago-white-sox-need/
  4. Saladino'sMustache

    All Star Lucas Giolito

    It's probably a good thing Giolito isn't getting the start tonight https://therunnersports.com/not-getting-all-star-game-start-might-be-blessing-for-lucas-giolito/
  5. Saladino'sMustache

    Cease Struggling in AAA Recently

    https://therunnersports.com/something-is-wrong-with-dylan-cease/ Are you guys worried that something could actually be wrong with him? Or is he just working on different pitches?
  6. Saladino'sMustache

    Machado signs with Padres 10/300

    I've reached the bargaining stage quicker by watching these videos:
  7. Saladino'sMustache

    White Sox have shown interest in Machado

    Not saying this means anything, but 14 minutes ago Delmonico posted a picture on Instagram with Machado that was taken in 2010....https://www.instagram.com/p/BcsqSiMnlQJ/?taken-by=nickydelmonico
  8. Saladino'sMustache

    July 5th Game Thread: White Sox at Oakland A's

    9 of the Sox' final 12 outs were strikeouts. Not how you want to end a game
  9. Saladino'sMustache

    July 5th Game Thread: White Sox at Oakland A's

    Make that 6 stolen bases against, 4 of them uncontested
  10. Saladino'sMustache

    July 5th Game Thread: White Sox at Oakland A's

    At least Smith threw it down that time. 5 stolen bases against is awful. Nice pick off attempt by Minaya there too
  11. Saladino'sMustache

    July 5th Game Thread: White Sox at Oakland A's

    Great piece of hitting there by Davidson. He killed that
  12. Saladino'sMustache

    Avi Garcia - All Star

    Kahnle got absolutely robbed. I know he's had some trouble lately, but look at his numbers compared to Betances. Kahnle: 0.9 WAR, 2.20 ERA, 0.918 WHIP, 7.86 K/BB. Betances: 0.5 WAR, 3.12 ERA, 1.346 WHIP, 2.29 K/BB. It's not even close.
  13. Saladino'sMustache

    Assessing the White Sox Future and Hawk's Announcing Future

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one that can't stand listening to Benetti. I loved listening to Podsednik or Rowand whenever they would visit the booth. Maybe we can bring in one of those guys?