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  1. Moncada

    Eloy Will NOT Be Called Up

    I was not talking about the act of keeping down but what the Sox have said to the media the last month or so. You don't say he is really close and he just needs to check all the boxes before he can come up and not tell him what the boxes are. Or even say anything. It's more what they said and how they said it that the Sox did wrong
  2. Moncada

    Eloy Will NOT Be Called Up

    It's odd how anyone can say that Eloy's agents have handled this poorly. I think they have handled it really well. They don't care about the team or appearences, just their client. He deserves to be up, everyone knows that. So they have to look out for him and that's what they are doing The Sox on the other hand have played this very poorly.
  3. Moncada

    The " Tank" is dead . Let there be Light !

    If Eloy doesn't come up now he loses the experience vs big league pitching and an entire off season to analyze, improve, and learn from those at bats. He would not get that chance until next off season which is a year from now, hence a year behind. I honestly see the Sox continuing winning and it's bc of the starting pitching. So it would be better if Eloy was up and learning instead of getting bored and not learning to adjust while in AAA
  4. Moncada

    The " Tank" is dead . Let there be Light !

    At the same time the Sox pitching could keep the roll going into September and kill our draft status. If that happens it would be better to have Eloy get the experience and start learning to hit big league pitchers now, instead of being a year behind
  5. It is interesting how as a society we went from "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" To this... People say and do things as kids, good and bad. They are kids, that's the point of a childhood, to learn and grow. No one should be crucified for what they did as a teen. This shouldn't be an issue but in today's society people make non issues such huge things. Everyone should learn from this and move on. Baseball players, adults, teens, even kids. If just one person learns something from this, then this will have a positive impact on society.
  6. Moncada

    Eloy Jimenez: I'm Ready (Players' Tribune)

    I get that. Are any of the minor league teams making the playoffs? They could send him there until the time comes. They also could bring him up and let him work out with the team etc. Just not debut until then.
  7. Moncada

    Eloy Jimenez: I'm Ready (Players' Tribune)

    Been saying it for a month or two.... If Eloy makes his debut this year it will be vs the Cubs.
  8. Really? I just saw the sox tweet and was hoping it was still short enough to bring him back out
  9. Expected to resume at approximately 8:30
  10. I saw the same thing. It was just odd that CB made no motion or anything until he started running to first
  11. Moncada

    Kopech called up

    7 IP, 2 ER, 5 H, 2 BB, 10 K's
  12. Moncada

    Kopech called up

    This should also be for Eloy. They both need to be up here and get a taste to learn what they need to improve on in the offseason. Destroying minor league pitching will not help him learn his where his weaknesses are. Both Kopech and Eloy need this time to learn what they need to improve on in the offseason. They can only get that from the major leagues That's why he is coming up imo. He needs to start learning how to attack stars vs prospects and scrubs.
  13. Moncada

    Kopech called up

    An extra year of control is not worth losing out on a month + of experience that he needs. If we are banking on having an extra year of control of both Eloy and Kopech to be good then we are doing something wrong. Pay them. That's all this crap about service time is. If they both are ready, and it appears like they are, then they both need to be in the majors to learn and get used to facing better players. You can't learn against the best until you are allowed to play the best
  14. Moncada

    Avi off the DL

    I'm torn on whether I want us to trade him or keep him. If we trade him I would really want a solid return for him. With his age and potential he could be a key piece for our rebuild. I want him to stay and be a good player in our future playoff run