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  1. Moncada

    9/4- White Sox at Royals, 6:10

    Sox coaches: Kopech you were great early in the season when you were using your changeup and curve a lot more. Throw that out the window and listen to us bc we are fucking morons. Only throw the fastball and slider and get rid of those other pitches. Ignore the fact that everyone is just sitting fastball and just throw it and the slider. We know how to break pitchers so just listen to us and we will break you for the rest of your career (at least for this season)
  2. Seby can't catch, can't call a game, only thing he brings is a very bad bat as a righty Very bad decision by the sox
  3. Grandal returning means Seby.....
  4. So Billy Hamilton is the most valuable player. I feel vindicated
  5. Told you all repeatedly Zavala sucks and just cost us a much needed game 🤣
  6. Zavala is hot garbage behind the plate, that is all
  7. Make that 7 passed balls now as he dropped another one. He is very very very bad behind the plate.
  8. 6+ passed balls in a very short amount of time, horrific skills at catching balls in the dirt, numerous runners getting free bases, if he ain't gone sox will lose a lot of games down the stretch ans playoffs soley bc he sucks behind the plate
  9. The sooner the better. Zavala can't go down soon enough imo.
  10. Moncada

    Benetti out with breakthrough Covid

    It's quickly becoming no longer practical to call it a breakthrough case when the % of new infections from those vaccinated are approaching those that are not vaccinated. But that's another topic in itself. As to JB, sounds like he is feeling better bc he recorded a podcast I think
  11. Moncada

    Sox at Twins 8/9, 7:10

    Jose - never has an off day Moncada- never has an off day Cesar - never has an off day Don't give me an argument that he wants to rest players when he never rests players. The only players that sit are young guys. It has nothing to do with keeping the team fresh, just some stupid reason that the media and the blind eat up
  12. Moncada

    Sox at Twins 8/9, 7:10

    He will going forward (today is the first time with Robert)
  13. Moncada

    Sox at Twins 8/9, 7:10

    Ok so the first time you want him playing RF with Robert in CF is in the playoffs. Recipe for a collision and a L Same a Eloy Its laughable at you guys expecting them to just who up for the playoffs with no experience or rhythm with each other and expect things to go flawlessly
  14. Moncada

    Sox at Twins 8/9, 7:10

    Or cares more about player development and the future than appeasing 💩 players that demand playing time or will blow up the locker room thus causing a problem