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  1. Polar Bear

    8/2 Games

    Borrero with his 3rd hit. I really want some video to see if my hype of him is legit lol.
  2. Polar Bear

    8/2 Games

    Borrero with 2 more hits so far tonight including an RBI double
  3. Polar Bear

    8/2 Games

    3 of Sox's draft picks debut tonight in Arizona Baldwin Burke Logan
  4. Polar Bear

    Hahn talking at 5:30

    It probably went like this RH: Jerry we have a deal in place to get us Jazz Chisholm JR: Tony said he plays Leury at 2B RH: Well we have another deal to land Joc Pederson JR: Tony said he like to play Leury in RF RH: Well what about Carlos Rodon to boost our rotation JR: Tony said he has Leury lined up for that as well RH:
  5. Polar Bear

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

  6. Polar Bear

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    How come, bc he's one of the best fits for our team?
  7. Polar Bear

    Trade Rumors Catch-all

    Slam the accept button
  8. Polar Bear

    So when/how will they limit Kopech's innings?

    I said 140-150 for him so that looks about right if he can stay healthy.
  9. Polar Bear

    08/01 - Royals @ White Sox, 7:10 PM CT

    99 mph on the gun for Kopech 👀
  10. Polar Bear

    7/29 Athletics @ White Sox 7:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

    He got 3 for pushing an ump last year Probably 5 as a repeat offender
  11. Polar Bear

    7/29 Athletics @ White Sox 7:10 PM CDT NBCSCH

    Just trade TA if he is gonna keep getting suspended
  12. Polar Bear

    Farm System Optimism

    I am somewhat optimistic in the depth of the our system and even a few in the DSL and rookie ball. The problem is that after looking into the DSL a bunch, there are so many more intriguing guys there on other teams that it almost can appear like a failure for the Sox, same with rookie ball. Most of the better looking prospects at both levels for the Sox tend to be older and not performing as well as other younger guys on other teams. I think it's really gonna take another wave or 2 of J2 signings to really get the depth of our system to improve to the levels of other teams unfortunately
  13. Polar Bear

    7/29 Games

    Herz is one of the top up and coming pitching prospects in the game. He ain't getting pulled because he is wild early
  14. Polar Bear

    7/27 Games