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    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (FloydBannister1983 @ Oct 31, 2017 -> 07:12 PM) Chicago itself is not an entry level job but managing the White Sox is. Why? ESPN can't remember they exist. They routinely have one of the lowest television ratings in the league. Every manager they've hired in the last 40 years has had no managing experience, except for the current guy who had a cup of coffee with the organization on the north side until a top tier manager became available. They are a small market team in the third largest market in the country. This is why managing the White Sox is an entry level position, for starters. But if you want to ignore all of history then I concede that Joe Girardi or Dusty Baker or Tony LaRussa or Joe Torre or Bob Brenley or any other top tier manager could end up here. I hope for your sake you get your wish. As far as 2, 3, 4 titles goes ... They've been to the postseason 5 times in the last 50 years and have advanced one single season. I don't want to dampen your enthusiasm but I'd wait for the crown jewel of your rebuild to average his weight before you have them winning four titles. It isn’t that the job is entry level; it’s that ownership has been cheap with managers; just like how we won’t pay big long-term contracts to players (not since Albert Belle), we haven’t broke the bank to hire a name manager. If the Sox are willing to pay, they can get whatever manager they wanted.
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    Our Next Manager?

    QUOTE (Iwritecode @ Oct 31, 2017 -> 04:29 PM) I'll give you points for enthusiasm but winning the World Series is really, really hard. Much less the same manager winning it multiple times with the same team. It hasn't happened much. Especially for teams not named the Yankees. Bruce Bochy — San Francisco Giants: 2014, 2012 & 2010 Tony La Russa — St. Louis Cardinals: 2011 & 2006 Sparky Anderson — Cincinnati Reds: 1976 & 1975 Miller Huggins — New York Yankees: 1928, 1927 & 1923 John McGraw — New York Giants: 1922, 1921 & 1905 Joe Torre — New York Yankees: 2000, 1999, 1998 & 1996 Walter Alston — Los Angeles/Brooklyn Dodgers: 1965, 1963, 1959 & 1955-x x-Brooklyn Connie Mack — Philadelphia A's: 1930, 1929, 1913, 1911 & 1910 Casey Stengel — New York Yankees: 1958, 1956, 1953, 1952, 1951, 1950 & 1949 Joe McCarthy — New York Yankees: 1943, 1941, 1939, 1938, 1937, 1936 & 1933 Not sure if that's an all-inclusive list. Just what a quick google search gave me. How could you forget 93!?! Cito Gaston, 1992 & 1993. Tom Kelly won it twice with Minnesota (87/91). Sparky Anderson won it with Detroit in 1984 in addition to his Reds wins and Tony LaRussa won in 89 with the A’s (and should have won in 83 with some ugly team).
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    Our Next Manager?

    Joe Girardi Out as Yankees Manager Assuming he doesn’t take the Nationals opening, could the Sox drop Rick Renteria after next season for Joe Girardi? He wanted to manage the Cubs if I remember correctly. Does that mean he’d be willing to manage the Sox? Is he a manager we should want? Would he be better than Rick?
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    Getting rid the American League and the National League would be foolish. Baseball is about history and it is the granddaddy of major leagues. The different conferences in the NHL and NBA are meaningless. When teams from the same big markets play either other in basketball and hockey, it's nothing special. The worst part about going to the proposed realignment, the World Series goes from being a special event allowing the best of the different leagues to play either other for the championship of baseball, it's just a team from the East versus a team from the west. I like the current separation. I like that the Sox and Cubs compete in different leagues. I don't want the Sox and Cubs to be divisional rivals. The Sox have three trips to the Pacific time zone two out of three years. Is travel really that big of a deal? They don't play one game on the road trip and head back.
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    QUOTE (soxfan2014 @ Oct 17, 2017 -> 02:34 PM) Nashville is the fastest growing city currently. Would Nashville be a plausible location if you are talking about in the next 5-10 years? Edit: I have no idea so this is a serious question haha I don’t think it is the fastest growing metro. Las Vegas surpassed Nashville in metro population in the last decade. Indianapolis and Charlotte are two major league teams cities that are bigger TV markets than Nashville. Raleigh, Orlando, Sacramento, and Portland are single team cities with bigger TV markets than Nashville. Nashville is about the size of Milwaukee, with an NFL team and NHL team. It cannot count on the surrounding region to prop up it’s limited local media revenue potential. Memphis has a rivalry with Nashville and is a Cards town. Bham is closer to ATL. So basically you are looking at a local TV deal smaller than Pittsburgh or Kansas City. In a city where the Titans will be first, the SEC will be 2nd, and the hockey team might be winning hearts and minds with a young competitive team. The two most sensible expansion candidates are Montreal and Portland. Montreal is as big as metro Detroit. It has baseball history and can be successful with a modern stadium. Portland has one team currently, has a metro bigger than Milwaukee, Cincinnati, and Kansas City, and brings another team to the western time zones. After that, Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Mexico City, or Vancouver, BC should be the choice.
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    The Sale Trade

    QUOTE (ChiliIrishHammock24 @ Oct 3, 2017 -> 11:13 PM) No we didn't. We offered a very raw, lottery ticket who happened to explode in to a top 5 mlb prospect. That's like saying the Sox one time traded a 60 WAR, 600+ HR monster for an old and washed up George Bell. How different would the world be if George Bell wasn’t obtained?
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    The Sale Trade

    QUOTE (Jerksticks @ Oct 3, 2017 -> 10:24 PM) My question is this- will a more VALUABLE player ever be traded? Basically the best pitcher in the game who is lefty, in his prime, locked up on a ridiculously cheap deal. Has the bar forever been set? Will a team ever have to offer more than the #1 position prospect and the arguably best pitching prospect? I feel like this deal may never be eclipsed based on value, right or wrong. Was the bar set low or high? Babe Ruth
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    Rick Hahn & Kenny Williams Sign Long Term Extensions

    QUOTE (Wanne @ Aug 16, 2017 -> 04:45 PM) What does Kenny actually do anymore?.... Isn't Kenny Williams basically over baseball operations? He's like the equivalent of the owner running the team on the baseball side. Rick Hahn is in charge of the personnel moves for players and coaching staff; but Kenny Williams is in charge of all facets of the team from the people who support the players to long term decisions like minor league affiliate agreements and determining budgets. So Kenny Williams is the boss of all the people who make decisions on the baseball operations side, only answering to Jerry Rensdorf.
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    07/25 GT: Sox @ Cubs game 2, 1:20 PM

    QUOTE (mmmmmbeeer @ Jul 25, 2017 -> 02:14 PM) 2IP, 6Ks 2BB 4H 4ER What an odd line. You left off the 2 RBI
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    Ghengis Hahn

    At what point does "Ghengis Hahn" become "Genius Hahn?" Ever gonna be "Goldie Hahn?'