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  1. GermanSoxFan

    Verlander getting an extension..

    I will always defend the Alex Rios claim. Dude averaged 5.5 war the three seasons before and was having a down year on a perfectly reasonable contract.
  2. GermanSoxFan

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    Of course he isn't good. Good players don't sign minor league deals without an invite to big league camp. However, there is some value to have a veteran as an emergency option. More so for a contending team, but whatever.
  3. GermanSoxFan

    Jake Burger taking grounders

    Sandoval had 6 seasons with an OPS+ above 110. We should be thrilled if Burger can do that.
  4. GermanSoxFan

    White Sox Sign Alcides Escobar

    Makes sense, Rondon will be with the big league club. They need a warm body in Charlotte. Could do much worse than Alcides. 🤷‍♂️
  5. GermanSoxFan

    Goldschmidt getting 5/110 extension

    Sale close to extension with Boston. Cross another name off the list.
  6. GermanSoxFan

    Trout about to sign 12/430 deal

    I am surprised Trout was so willing to re-sign with the Angels. They have been absolutely terrible at surrounding him with any talent.
  7. GermanSoxFan

    Eloy officially got paid

    Dude. 5/150? it's a player option, that money is guaranteed if Manny wants it. The Sox offer was a vesting option which meant the Sox would have been able to control whether the option vests. Just like they will with Yonder Alonso this year. Manny would have said the same things about the White Sox, the Reds or the Toledo Mudhens.
  8. GermanSoxFan

    Eloy officially got paid

    Everything that was reported about the Sox contract offer was a controlled leak by.....the Sox FO. They wouldn't leak stuff that doesn't fit their narrative-
  9. GermanSoxFan

    Eloy officially got paid

    Anderson, even if we assume the team options get picked up, signed for 8/50. 100 million for a pre arb player is ridiculous.
  10. GermanSoxFan

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    So Corey Ray is the reason the Brewers became a good team? You just present a correlation that does not exist. If moving the goalposts was an Olympic sport, you‘d be the favorite for the gold medal.
  11. GermanSoxFan

    Mlb experimenting with rule changes in independent league

    They should remove the juiced ball first and foremost.
  12. GermanSoxFan

    3/11 @ Brewers?

    Corey Ray was picked 5 picks before the White sox were able to pick him. 🤣 And he put up decent numbers last year for the first time in his professional career, Overreacting to ST games is ridiculous enough, but to invent a narrative that Corey Ray is a Sox scouting failure is just hilarious. Never change.
  13. GermanSoxFan

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    Concerns where to play someone if the Sox reach the WS are not in my top 100 concerns for the Sox future. However, Castellanos came up as a 3B and is athletic enough to play a decent 1B IMO. I don‘t think he‘d kill our chances in LF in that small a sample of games. Same for Martinez, minus the infield part. I think if Castellanos dedicated himself to work on playing 1B he‘d be better than Abreu, easily.
  14. GermanSoxFan

    2018-9 MLB off season free agency thread

    I would not hate Keuchel for like 3/40MM with an option.
  15. GermanSoxFan

    Who is your top 2019-20 free agent target

    Unless Moncada shows no improvement at all, I doubt they will be moving him back to 2B. If the Sox sign Rendon, something has gone terribly wrong. Castellanos would be a great fit as I said before, but I'm afraid that the White Sox will extend Abreu to be an average bat at a premium price.