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  1. 1 hour ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

    I have no idea what the Angels are doing.

    They just spent 250 million on 3rd base and completely neglected the teams actual needs; SP. I guess they feel confident with Heaney (always hurt), Ohtani (coming off surgery) Teheran (bad) and Bundy (bad). 

    They also have nothing at catcher, a black hole at 1B/DH with the Pujols contract, Upton is also bad and they have no proven RF. They are like the extreme of the stars and scrubs approach. They built a very expensive 4th place team.

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  2. 1 minute ago, oneofthemikes said:

    I started digging around a bit looking at the early career of Marcell Ozuna and Nomar Mazara (the hope being that maybe Menechino can help Mazara the way he did in the 5th year of Ozuna's career). Can someone smarter than me explain why the WAR values (specifically oWAR) are so much different between Ozuna's 2014 and Mazara's 2019?

    2014 Ozuna (3.5 oWAR) - 269/317/455 with 23 HR and 41 BB

    2019 Mazara (1.0 oWAR) - 268/318/469 with 19 HR and 28 BB (24 HR and 36 BB over a full season)

    What am I missing? Sorry to derail the conversation, but it bothered me

    Offense was up league wide due to the juiced ball.

  3. 8 minutes ago, Moan4Yoan said:

    Obviously Ozuna and Castellanos would be much more expensive.  A guy like Corey Dickerson would not be but could likely put up similar numbers to Mazara for two years.

    And it’s up to Hahn and his front office team to have all the answers, not me.  This is a piss-poor move and you should be questioning where all the money is going that they said they would spend.

    Corey Dickerson is at a .832 OPS for his career. Mazara hasn‘t come really close to this number once.