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  1. GermanSoxFan

    How Much Longer?

    And if you look at the soxtalk thread from 2016, it seems like nobody was concerned about giving up Tatis, even though they all knew he would be the #1 prospect in all of baseball. 🤔
  2. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Is there a way to look up how many fastballs Abeu has pulled so far?
  3. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Ervin Santana starting to bring that ERA down by allowing only one run. 🔥
  4. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    How long did they let Johnny Danks get shelled before they released him? IIRC it was mid May.
  5. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Give me Covey over Santana every day. With Covey‘s stuff you can see a quality mid-rotation guy if you squint hard enough. Santana is toast. Wouldn‘t have hurt to have him start a game or 2 in Charlotte before calling him up and paying him $4 Mil.
  6. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    Look where McCann set up, that was meant to be face high.
  7. GermanSoxFan

    Better Late Than Never Gamethread

    You think they are calling for high changeups in the dugout? Santana just sucks.
  8. Nicky Delmonico also makes me hopeful for Eloy in a way. Nicky was a disaster in the OF, but became a passable defender.
  9. The Sox prefer mediocre vets over fringy prospects. Sometimes you can strike gold with these, but the Sox never even try.
  10. I‘ll leave this here before I turn off this game: Nicky Delmonico when healthy belongs on the big league roster. Sox kinda gave up on him in favor of Palka although Nicky‘s rookie season was way better.
  11. He is there to eat innings, not to win the game. Same for Ervin Santana tomorrorw. I wish the Sox would take more chances on young pitchers like Oakland does. Chris Bassitt was a fringy prospect here and has been a decent back end starter when healthy. Why not try someone like Jordan Stephens and see what you got? Signing these stopgap veterans is a waste of everybody’s time.
  12. This feels like one of those 60 games you lose every year.
  13. Cashner must have performed some dark magic ritual before the game. Two more well hit balls result in outs.
  14. Cashner hasn‘t been feeling anybody. They will get to him.
  15. You‘re just like one of those twitter bots.
  16. Sox are hitting Cashner hard. Both outs were rockets.
  17. Banuelos reminds me of Tom Glavine. At least as far as the size of his strike zone is concerned. 🤣
  18. If Banuelos is a mid rotation starter, he could pay two Santanas and still come out ahead.
  19. Before people get too excited about Banuelos: This O‘s lineup would struggle winning games in AAA.
  20. Sox 3 and 4 hitters really making Hess work.
  21. Sox making Greiner look like Mike Piazza the last couple of days.
  22. He gave up some hard contact the inning he gave up the home run in. Other than that hey had no chance.