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  1. My condolences, EJ. Manny will come
  2. God bless you, saufley.. we're pretty much still at the same place we were yesterday
  3. FWIW WSD on red line radio says his guess is that the current offer is 7 years 210 million. He has no update and has no idea when this will end. But he is 90-95% sure that we're gonna sign machado. I think it was recorded on Sunday night but it was just released
  4. I dont think rabbits tweet about Kenny liking Wednesday last week, his tweet today about this saga nearing an end, and now these tweets are a coincidence. But then again I've been wrong about this too many times to count
  5. But it seems like there's only one team left
  6. Exactly this. They're either telling him to wrap it up or they know he's going to the white sox
  7. Feels like a plant from the Phillies camp telling machado to make a decision
  8. it feels like it'll be down to us for both players
  9. One, I don't trust that guy and two, even if I did it's just a timetable, they're not saying anything for either team in that tweet
  10. Man today has sucked even more than yesterday..hopefully something happens tomorrow
  11. I'm thinking there's another two weeks of this
  12. I hope so, although we've been saying this for a week
  13. "Far more experienced" that's definitely jerry